The Life and Times of Michael Staines’

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4.7 National Aid Association.

On his release from prison Michael Staines also got involved in the National Aid Association, which also acted as a cover in re organising the volunteer after returning home he took up employment with the Association traveling the length and breadth of the country, administering the aid to families and dependants that had suffered during the rebellion. Immediately after the 1916 executions, two national organisations came into being to provide for the dependants of those killed or imprisoned. The two organisations amalgamated into the National Aid Association.

The aims of this association was to compensate the families of the men who were executed, who fell in action, and these who were imprisoned in connection with the 1916 rising, and to compensate others who suffered in various ways due to the insurrection.

The association administered £138,000, in payments in a business-like manner. It also allowed Staines who worked for the organisation, to make contact with all those active in the nationalist cause and helped to re-organise the I.R.B [Col15]. Staines does not have much to say about his time working with the Association he recalls in his interview;

After the election I was kept busy with the National Aid Association. I remember being present at a Volunteer Convention in Barry's Hotel in March 1917, but I did not take much interest in the proceedings and do not remember decisions reached [Sta55].

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