The Legacy of the New Deal ~ Internet Assignment

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The Legacy of the New Deal ~ Internet Assignment
*Complete this assignment on a separate sheet of paper OR on a Google Doc & share it with me.
The New Deal = Relief, Recovery, & Reform
A major goal of the New Deal was to put people back to work by constructing massive amounts of infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools, & structures) that would modernize and improve society. These government projects are still with us today, and the “Living New Deal” organization is attempting to map out and document all of the projects across the nation. Even here in the Pacific Northwest, we still benefit from projects built during the New Deal Era. Let’s explore & learn more about it!
Go to:
At the top, click on the tab “The New Deal” & go to “The New Deal Programs”
From each of the following subcategories, select one program that was created & explain its goal:

At the top, click the “Home” button, scroll down slightly & click on: “List sites by state or city” (it is highlighted in gray)

Find Washington State & click on it to explore. Look at the list of New Deal Projects in Washington State. Find two projects that were completed by each of the following New Deal Agencies:

For each category, record two projects that were completed, what it did, & the location of the project in WA
Return to the top of the page & click on: “Resources”

Click on “Films & Videos of the New Deal”

Scroll down & watch the video clip: “WE WORK AGAIN” & answer this question:

Why do you think the government created films like this?
--The End--
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