The Lady or the Tiger?

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Name__________________________ Period______ _____/40 points
“The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank Stockton

Argumentation / Lit. Analysis Essay

Due Date___________________________
Essay Prompt:

In Stockton’s short story “The Lady or the Tiger?’ the king’s system of justice included the princess and her lover. When faced with the two doors that meant life or death, the young man looked to his beloved princess for his decision. After doing so…“Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right and opened it.” Write a 5 paragraph essay that supports whether you think the princess chose the door with the lady or the door with the tiger. Be sure to support your position from the text.

Essay Guidelines:

  • 12 font, Times New Roman script, double spaced

  • Header in top left, double spaced

  • Last name and page number in top right of each page

  • Title centered – “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank Stockton

  • Works Cited page attached

Submission Requirements:

  • This rubric

  • Essay Worksheet

  • Essay Outline

  • Final Paper

Mechanics/Grammar/Spelling Conventions

18-20 Few, if any, spelling/grammar errors. Paper set up correct. Thesis paragraph complete. Attention-getter.

15-17 Errors present in spelling/grammar. Some errors in set up. Thesis paragraph contains some errors.

12-14 A number of errors that detract from the essay. Major set up problems. No thesis paragraph.

9-11 Too many errors to make the paper understandable

8-0 No effort put into this essay.

_____/20 points

18-20 Prompt is fully addressed and evidence is provided with quotes and page numbers from the text

15-17 Prompt is adequately addressed, page numbers or quotes are not always provided

12-14 Prompt is somewhat addressed, but points appear illogical, page numbers not provided, no quotes

9-11 Prompt is not addressed, points make little sense, no quote or page numbers

8-0 No effort put into this essay

_____/20 points
_____/40 total points
Note: -5 points off the total for a missing Works Cited page or one with more than 2 errors

Download 26.5 Kb.

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