The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

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Yong-su Lee(1928)

“The Korean government did not even discuss with us even though it was having a meeting with the Japanese government on the ‘comfort women’ issue. Are they civil servants of our country while they do not listen to the victims themselves, relieve Japan of their legal responsibilities and review the possibilities of getting rid of the Peace Monument? With the Agreement as the excuse, Japan already is claiming that ‘There is no more apology.’ I will fight until the end for the sake of 238 victims who have passed away already.”

“We do not need money. It’s not a matter of money. We want official apology and legal reparations.”

Il-chul Kang(1928)

“We were dragged into the war. How come no one asked for our input?”

Ok-seon Lee(1928)

“I can’t accept this [agreement]. We did not see or hear anything, then the governments claim that apology and reparation are done. They made an agreement just between themselves then lied to us. How comes is this just? I believe the governments are wrong.”

Gun-ja Kim(1926)

“This is unfair. I cannot accept the Agreement just between the two governments. We are the victims, and how come they just make such an agreement? We cannot accept this. We want reparations and official apology on individual basis.”


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