The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

Statements from the Korean survivors on the Agreement (from interviews)

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2. Statements from the Korean survivors on the Agreement (from interviews)

Bok-dong Kim(1926)

“Do they think we’ve been doing this for this long for money? We’ve been getting living expense support from our government and NGOs are taking care of us. We’re not asking for money. What we want is a legal reparation. That is to admit that they committed the crime as a criminal state.

Without even talking to us victims about what the two governments have discussed, I really can’t understand how they can say that they came to an agreement. We are not beggars. We live decently with the living expense support from the government. We are not fighting for money. About what Japan had done wrong in the past, it would be acceptable only if Abe apologizes and settles things legally and educate their students the truth and fix their textbooks. However, without even a word, they talk amongst themselves and now this? Are they giving pity money to the poor? Giving kids candy money? And it’s not even a reparation. I really don’t understand why they are doing this. And about the Peace Statue, both of the governments should leave it alone. The citizens erected it across the embassy on the peace street to teach our future generations of the tragedy that our nation once suffered. They have no rights to say anything regarding the Statue. And I can’t accept this kind of apology. Why would we have been fighting until now if it was going to be settled ambiguously like this? If they are going to apologize, then do it properly, and if the Korean government wants to resolve the issue, then do it properly. If they are doing this for peace, then I hope they will do it the right way instead of hurting our feelings."

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