The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

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82. The Government should revise history textbooks in order to better reflect, with objectivity and accuracy, the history of minorities and the relations with neighbouring countries. The Special Rapporteur noticed with concern that the parts of the history books dedicated to the history of the Buraku people, the Ainu, the people of Okinawa, the Koreans and the Chinese have been particularly reduced, and therefore urges the Government to proceed to the revision of such textbooks in order to include a detailed section on the history and culture of these groups, in the perspective of the long memory of history, the relations and interactions with the people and communities concerned, and the origins and reasons of the discrimination to which they were subjected. Their important contribution to the construction of the Japanese identity should also be highlighted. Textbooks should also include explanations of the crimes linked to the colonial era and wartime committed by Japan, including a recognition of it responsibility, and for the establishment of the “comfort women” system. The Special Rapporteur is concerned that decisions on the content of the school textbooks can be taken locally without any capacity of control at the national level. He therefore recommends the adoption of a legal provision at the national level which guarantees that the above-mentioned minimum content requirements be included in school textbooks. Moreover, given the fundamental impact of the drafting and teaching of history in the actual and future relations between the countries of the region, the Special Rapporteur recommends that, in the spirit and the scientific methodology of the drafting by UNESCO of the regional histories of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean countries and Central Asia, Japan in consultation and with the agreement of all the countries of the region invite UNESCO to start the process of drafting the general history of the region.

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