The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

II. Conclusions and/or recommendations

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II. Conclusions and/or recommendations

147.145. Recognize its legal responsibility for the issue of the so-called ‘comfort women’ and take appropriate measures acceptable to the victims, as recommended by the relevant international community (Republic of Korea);

147.146. Face up to and reflect on its past and present a responsible interface to the international community by making apologies on the issue of comfort women and giving compensation to its victims (China);
147.147. Acknowledge its responsibility for the issue of "comfort women" used during World War II, and take steps to restore the dignity of victims and compensate them adequately (Costa Rica);
147.148. Accept legal responsibility for and address, once and for all, the Japanese military sexual slavery and other violations committed in the past in other Asian countries including Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea);

147.158. Ensure that future generations continue to be informed of all aspects of their history, by taking measures such as the introduction of the topic of comfort women in textbooks for school children (The Netherlands);

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