The Knight’s Tale: Study Questions

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The Knight’s Tale: Study Questions

  1. As the tale opens what is the setting? Where is the story located? Who is the ruler/leader there?

  1. How did Theseus come to find Arcite and Palamon? Who are these characters? And what happens to them?

  1. What discovery do the two knights make? How does each of them respond?

  1. Who is Perotheus? What does he talk Theseus into doing?

  1. What is Arcite’s reaction to being set free under Theseus’ conditional release? What is Palamon’s reaction?

  1. How does Arcite get back into Athens?

7. How does Palamon escape?

8. What role might the prison play in the tale?
9. What do Palamon and Arcite talk about when they meet? What do they decide to do?
10. What does Theseus tell the two to do in order to resolve their conflict?
11. Describe what Theseus does to prepare for the battle?
12. Where does Palamon go before the battle? What does he ask for? What response does he get?
13. Where does Arcite go? What does he ask for? What type of response does he get?
14. Describe the rules that Theseus tells both sides before the battle.
15. What happens to the winner of the battle?
16. What does Arcite tell Emily during their last meeting?
17. How does the story end?
18. In The Knights Tale there are several possible main characters. Who do you consider to be the main character? What do you think the tale is chiefly about?
19. What characteristics of chivalry are present in the tale?
20. In your opinion, why do you think Chaucer had the knight tell his tale first?

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