The king of the jungle

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The king of the jungle

It was a scorching hot day in the jungle. All the animals were gathering round the watering hole to cool down while they were listening to lion telling his stories. Elephant was saying to him self “why the lion is always king of the jungle? “

“ I should be because I am bigger and stronger.” Elephant came crashing through trampling everything beneath him.

“Ithink I should be king” said Elephant.

“Why do you say this” Lion asked

“Everyone knows the lion is the king of the jungle” All of a sudden everything went quiet. The other animals could sense trouble. Elephant said “ I think its time for a new king”

Monkey who was sitting on giraffes neck at the time said “ Why don’t you have an election?”

“ Oh yes, that is a great idea,” said Giraffe

Hippo and his babies wandered in at this. What is all this racket?”

Lion wasn’t hearing any of this. It was just going in one ear and out the other. He still thought that he was the rightful king of the jungle. Elephant was furious with lion. The lion honestly thought that it was always going to be him. Flamingo Walked in to the argument and said “I think lion should be the king of the jungle. It’s always been that way, why should it change. Weve not had a change in this jungle since I was about two and believe me that was a very long time ago “ said Hippo.

Giraffe and Monkey hear the arguing and come back. The elephant was not taking any more of this. “Stop fighting” said Giraffe.

Elephant took his trunk and squirted water into lions face. Lion roared as loud as he could. Lion scrapes elephant’s trunk. Elephant’s trunk is scraped and lion is soaking wet. The other animals are all backing away slowly.

“That’s it! I have the hole jungle to chase you elephant and belive me If I have to I will”

“You don’t have the guts lion and you now your faster than me”.

“See that’s why I should still be the king . I can chase any unwanted visitors out of my jungle”.

“Its not your jungle I told you” said elephant.

Elephant said “well I suppose that is one good reason but I am stronger”.

“you think your stronger ha!” said lion. Giraffe came in and said “ I have counted the votes and the winner is…………


Elephant apologised to lion and said” lion you should be the king off the jungle”


The Lion May be the smaller animal but he will always be king of the jungle.

The End

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