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Board of The Khom Loy Development Foundation

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Board of The Khom Loy Development Foundation

President Ratri Chaichumba - Bachelor of Education; Former Head of Child and Youth Activities at the YMCA, Chiang Rai; Former Assistant Project Director at The Northern Women’s Development Foundation; Former Principal of Pittisuksa School, Chiang Rai; Khom Loy project advisor since 2004

Foundation Secretary Dr. Waranahd Imghiad – MD (ENT specialist) at the Chiang Rai Public Hospital

Board Member Blaek Daechaboom - Retired government official; Manages an integrated agriculture farm

Administrative Staff

Founder Paul Hancock - Oxford Law Degree; Qualified UK Solicitor; MBA from INSEAD Business School; Retired lawyer, management consultant and property entrepreneur

Managing Director Caleb Stewart - BA in Spanish and Philosophy, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer; Joined KLDF in 2005

Administrative Officer Apida Assayawan - BA in Business Management; Joined KLDF in 2006

Project Advisor Ratri Chaichumba - Bachelor of Education; Former Head of Child and Youth Activities at the YMCA, Chiang Rai; Former Assistant Project Director at The Northern Women’s Development Foundation; Former Principal of Pittisuksa School, Chiang Rai; Khom Loy project advisor since 2004


1. Agriculture

To promote food self-sufficiency, create opportunities for income generation through agriculture projects and to ensure both accessible clean water and proper sanitation among the hilltribe villages of the Mae Yao and Huay Chompoo Sub-districts.


Our staff, through local Village Coordinators, carry out sustainable living projects (fish ponds and organic vegetable kitchen gardens) income generation projects (pineapples, fruit trees, corn, rice, pigs, chicken eggs, bananas, bamboo and jatropha), and sanitation projects (water transportation systems, water filtration systems and bathrooms).

  1. History: Twenty-eight villages in total have received assistance from Khom Loy. Eleven villages have received water systems; Seventeen villages, new fish ponds; Seventeen villages, new organic vegetable plots; Three villages, pineapple fields; Two villages, coffee plants; Four villages, tea plants; Two villages, pigs; Four villages, beans (soy, peanuts) and Two villages, sanitary bathrooms. Every village chose a Village Coordinator (VC) who would oversee the work in his community and communicate with Khom Loy. VCs from all villages met monthly to discuss their projects. VCs also benefited from personal development activities to actualize management, communication and leadership potential.

  2. Current: Eighteen villages are being closely monitored and assisted. In those villages we continue to expand and monitor fishponds, vegetable plots, cash crops, and pig projects.

  3. Future: Khom Loy plans to expand its current projects into new villages, grow its sanitation and water systems project, develop the pig, pineapple and fruit tree pilot projects into full projects, expand our new Jatropha/bio-diesel pilot projects and start a chicken egg pilot project.


Project Manager Surasing Mamoo - Surasing is from the Karen hilltribe. He has a BA in agriculture, was the former Assistant Villager Leader of Ruammit Village and is the current village government authority representative and joined KLDF in 2005.

Field Officer Sakesan Mayeur - Sakesan is from the Akha hilltribe. He graduated with a vocational certificate from the Chiang Rai Agriculture College and joined KLDF in 2003.

2. Montessori


To provide all hilltribe kindergarten age children (3-6) in the Huay Chompoo and Mae Yao Sub-districts with quality Montessori based education. This is to ensure that when hilltribe children from non-Thai speaking families enter the Thai standard educational system at age 6 they will not be behind due to a lack of language ability or academic preparation, but will in fact be ahead of their Thai counterparts.


Converting local Thai Kindergarten schools and community Child Development Centers into Montessori classrooms; Training, mentoring and assisting everyday teachers at those schools in Montessori based teaching methods; Holding Montessori based training conferences for the local community.

  1. History: Converted six classrooms at Sahasat School; Two classrooms at Huay Chompoo School; and one classroom in the Huay Mae Sai Child Development Center.

  2. Current: KLDF has expanded from five education staff members to eight. KLDF is converting three additional child development centers at Jataw, Ruammit and on the property of the Local Government Authority. KLDF continues to assist and monitor the classrooms converted from previous years as well as further train Khom Loy’s new staff members.

  3. Future: Through collaboration with the Local Government Authority of Mae Yao KLDF will convert all eleven Child Development Centers in the Mae Yao Sub-district and through collaboration with the Hilltribe Welfare Center KLDF will continue converting its twenty-nine Child Development Centers. KLDF will also partner with local schools to convert their Kindergarten classrooms.


Project Manager Nichaphat Nanta - BA in business English; Over 5 years of Montessori education experience; Joined KLDF in 2004

Assist Project Manager Rattigarn Nanta - BA in art education; Joined KLDF in 2004

Co-teachers/trainers Warasorn Piriya - Currently in year four of her BA in kindergarten education; Joined KLDF in 2004

Jessada Chaewa - BA in kindergarten education; Joined KLDF in 2006

Pisami Kungwansila - BA in elementary education; Joined KLDF in


Wanichaya Booddee - BA in kindergarten education; Joined KLDF in 2006

Nongnud Jaiyasun - BA in kindergarten education; Joined KLDF in 2006

Moira Diana (Volunteer) - Montessori Directress qualification from the Montessori Wimbledon College in London; Former Montessori Directress and Coordinator for schools in London and Nepal; Joined KLDF in 2006

3. Handicrafts


To give hilltribe villagers and women’s groups a means of a viable income without leaving their village.


Developing and improving the quality of handicraft products made my local women’s groups and hilltribe artisans. Assisting those same people to find a market and sell their products.

  1. History: Provided work for thirty women from multiple women’s groups and individuals from various villages to develop a line of pillow cushions in collaboration with a UK designer. Boosted sales for ten local women’s groups by finding markets in the US and UK. Sold six hundred scarves for the Chiang Rung Women’s cooperative to a local artisan shop in San Francisco. Developed a double-sized scarf to be sold in up-market retail outlets in the US, UK and Canada.

  2. Present: Further developing and finding market outlets for the single and double scarves of the Wiang Chiang Rung Women’s cooperative. Explore manners to use the product for KLDF project fundraising purposes.

  3. Future: The Handicraft project will not only be fully self-sustainable in providing jobs and increased income for hilltribes villagers and women’s cooperatives but will also be a source of fundraising for the KLDF Foundation as a whole.


Project Manager Jessica Ferruzzi - BA in International Affairs; Joined KLDF in 2005

4. One Village - Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Youth


One Village is a practical vocational training program that aims to reduce poverty through education and hands-on work experience focusing on vulnerable hilltribe youth, 16 – 21 years old, by providing:

  • At risk and disadvantaged youth with quality vocational training and, in turn, marketable skills to secure sustainable worthwhile employment;

  • Life skills and peer support, through mentoring, to better equip trainees for their roles as productive, active citizens and;

  • A safe environment for youth to build self-confidence, a sense of independence, as well as pride in themselves and their culture.


Currently carrying out research and project development as well as fundraising.

Proposed Activities: Establish and operate a quality, restaurant vocational training program for at risk hilltribe youth. The program will include kitchen, front of house, life skills and language training.

Project Manager Wendy Firlotte - BSC Geology; Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management; Master of Sustainable Development; Joined KLDF in 2006

Project Assistant Sai Geowdom - Associate in Tourism, BA in General Management; Joined KLDF in 2006

Project Expansion

In addition to the planned expansion and management of each current project, Khom Loy also plans to add a new project each year. Possible areas of expansion include medical/health projects and village leadership training projects.

Organizational Support and Cooperation

Past Financial Support: Canada Fund of the Canadian Embassy, The Mudita Trust Fund, The Richard Haugland Foundation, various private donors.

Government Project Collaboration: The Local Thai Administrative Authority of Mae Yao, The Hilltribe Welfare Center

NGO Project Coordination: Mirror Art Group, Starfish Foundation, Mekong Minority Foundation

Legal Status

The Khom Loy Development Foundation is a registered foundation in Thailand (Foundation #85/2549 & Tax ID number 3-0323-4245-2).

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