The Joy of Reanding and Writing: Superman and me

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Cameron Huang

Prof. Teddy Chocos

Sept.14, 2015

Assignment 1

The article “The Joy of Reanding and Writing: Superman and me” was written by Sherman Alexle, and it published on the April 19th of 1998 in Los Angeles Time. In general, Alexle who is an Indian wrote this story about himself, which was how reading and writing influence and shape his life or identity. He starts his story by introducing a comic book which was the first book he read is “Superman”. He tells readers how Indian students been treated in school and shows us his talents on reading when he was in school.

In the article, Alexle writes, “I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky. I read books late into the night, until I could barely keep my eyes open”. At that time, Indian children were discrimited by the other white students, whites thought Indian people are not able to be smart and they had to be the loser in the classroom. Most Indian students did not redute it but accepted except Alexle. He loves reading and refuses what whites stereotype Indian students. Alexle also writes, “Once again, I pretend to read the words and say alound, ‘I am breaking down the door’ In this way, I learned to read”. “Superman is breaking down the door” is the first sentence that he learned from this comic book. He made it turned into his own words, “I am breaaking down the door”. This is what Alexle do in his school, he tried to “breaking down the door” for those Indian students who were struggled with reading and writing in “whites” socitey. In addition, Alexle explains how much effort he puts on this work and how hard he did for Indian students. He refuses to fail as an Indian, also he proves that Indian could be successful in the classroom.

When I was in high school, my parents told me they were going to let me go to college in America. However, I was not good at English in my class. Some of my clsssmates laughed at me when I told them I will go to America to study. From that time, I began to pay attention to my English course in class and practise it everyday. I got up half an hour early than before to read English text because I wanted to prove I am a good English learner and I can learn it well. After six month, I passed the test and smoothly got into the college in America. Trough this example, I understand no matter how the others look at you or evaluate you, you have to believe yourself and keep self-confidence in mind, do not let external factors to disturb you. It is the way to get what you are looking for.

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