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Preface 5

Remarks 9

Underlying Ashes 11

Prelude 11

The Umayyad Ruling: 12

The Peace Treaty of Imam Hassan L and how does Imam Hussain L view it: 15

Chapter One

The First Spark 17

Highlights from the Biography of Imam Hussain Bin Ali Q 17

Yazeed Bin Muawiya’s personality 18

Between Muawiya and Yazeed 20

Muawiya’s grabbing the allegiance pledging for Yazeed 21

Imam Al-Hussain Q in the City of Allah’s Messenger P. 25

Muawiya’s Death 27

Yazeed’s Request Allegiance Pledging of Imam Al Hussain Q 28

The Imam’s Q Decision to Leave Al-Medina 33

Imam Al-Hussain Q Visiting the Graves of his Grand-Father, Mother and Brother Q 34

Farewell Meetings in Medina 36

The Imam’s Q Will to his Brother, Mohammad Bin Al Hanafiah 37

Leaving Medina at Night and Going on the Great Path (Main Road): 40

Al Hussain Convoy: 41

Chapter Two

The beginning of Al-Hussain’s Uprising: 43

The Arrival to Mecca 43

Holy Mecca Political and Social Structure 44

Imam Al-Hussain’s Q Movement in Mecca 45

The Regime Stance towards the Movement of Imam Al-Hussain Q 46

Imam Al-Hussain’s Q Message to the People of Basra: 47

The Situation of the Partisans in Basra 49

Imam Al-Hussain Q Meeting the Messengers of Al-Kufa People and their Delegates 50

The Letter Yazeed Bin Muawiya Sent to Imam Al-Hussain Q 53

Analects of the Two Speeches of Imam Al-Hussain in Mecca 55

The Day of Departing Mecca: 57

Why Departing from Mecca During the Pilgrimage Season? 57

Why Did Imam Al-Hussain Q Bring Women and Children Along with him? 59

Why Iraq? 60

Chapter three:

Kufa ’s Events 61

Kufa 61

Muslim Bin Aqeel < 62

Muslim’s < Arrival in Kufa 62

Al-Noaman Bin Bashir 63

Muslim < and the Community of Kufa 63

The Political Consequences of Muslim’s < Move in Kufa 65

Oubayd Allah Bin Ziad 66

Oubayd Allah Becoming Kufa’s Governor 67

Muslim < and the Secret Call 68

The Imprisonment of the Opposition Partisans, Killing them and Spying on Muslim 69

Ibn Ziad at the House of Hani Bin Ourwa < 70

Ibn Ziad Arresting Hani Bin Ourwa < 72

The Martyrdom of Abdullah Bin Bouqtor < 73

The Rise of Muslim Bin Aqeel < 74

Muslim < Alone in Kufa. 77

Muslim < at Tawaa’s House 78

Muslim’s < Last Night 79

The Capture of Muslim Bin Aqeel < 80

The Martyrdom of Muslim Bin Aqeel < 82

Kufa after Muslim Bin Aqeel 84

Chapter Four:

The Passage to Martyrdom 87

Imam Hussain Q in his Way to Karbala 87

Imam Hussain Q Learns about the Death of Muslim <. 88

Al-Hurr Al Riyahi Army Crowding Imam Hussain’s Q. 90

Imam Hussain Q Stating the Nation’s Religious Obligation: 94

The Land of Karbala 98

The Camp of Ibn Saad 100

Omar Bin Saad 102

The Last Message of Imam Hussain Q: 102

The First Speech of Imam Hussain Q to his Companions: 103

Habib Bin Mouthaher < and Bani Assad Tribe 103

Ibn Saad Denying Water and Depriving Imam Hussain’s Q Camp of it 104

Imam Hussain Q Dialogue with Omar Bin Saad 104

Imam Hussain Q then said: 105

Omar Bin Saad’s Deception: 106

Granting Peace and Security to Abu Al Fadle Al-Abbas Q and his Direct Brothers: 107

The Ninth Day of Muharram: 108

The Events of the Night of Ashura: 111

Burayr Al-Hamadani and Omar Bin Saad 113

Imam Al Hussain Q With the Honorable Zeinab > 114

The Position of Nafeh Bin Hilal Al-Jamaly <: 116

The Partisans (Ansar) of Imam Hussain Q: 118

Some of the Titles of the Hussain’s Army 119

Ibn Saad’s Army Constituents 119

About the Umayyad Army Titles 120

Chapter Five

The Day of Ashura 123

Imam Hussain Q First Speech (During that Day): 125

The Speech of Zohair Bin Al-Qayn’s <: 128

The Speech of Burayr Bin Khudayr <: 130

The Second Speech of Imam Hussain Q 131

The Position of Al-Hurr Al-Riahi: 134

The Beginning of the War: 137

The First Raid 139

Mid – day Prayer 142

The Second Raid: 145

The Demise of Ali Al-Akbar Q: 149

The Fight of the Family of Aqeel Q 153

Al-Qassim Bin Al-Hassan Q: 153

The Fighting of the Brothers of Al Abbas Q 155

The Martyrdom of Al-Abbas Q: 155

(Poem) 159

The Demise of Imam Al-Hussain Q: 160

1 Ibn Abi Al-Hadeed, Explaining the Way, 20/892-9920

2 Ibn Ali AL-Hadeed, Explaining the way, 20/892/9920.

3 Ibn Abi-Al Hadeed: The Explanation of the Way: 20/892-9920.

4 - The majority of the events happening in Kufa occurred while Muslim Bin Aqeel (VI) was there, within during the days where Imam Al-Hussain Q was in Mecca. But due to the distinctive characteristic of this period in Kufa, its sensitiveness, the acceleration of events, and importance of demonstrating it with full details, it was necessary to talk about it aside from the movement of Imam Al Hussain Q movement in Mecca. This is why we had made such citation.

5 In the Book entitled « Sorrow Stimulus » it is said: « While accepted by you, who drink Alcohol!

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