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The Day of Ashura

In the early morning of Ashura Day, Imam Hussain Q lead his companions for the morning prayers amongst his friends and companions. Then, He addressed them with a speech, starting by thanking and praising Allah and then said:

«Allah, the Almighty, gave the authorization for the killing of you and me in this day. So, be patient and fight.»

Afterwards he arranged their marshaling, and according to the narrations, they were thirty two knights and forty walking men (infantry).

He entrusted Zuhair Bin AlQayn on the right side leadership and the left side to Habib Bin Mouthaher, while he Q stood in the middle.

He gave his glorious, great flag to his brother Al-Abbas Q. They all gave their backs to the tents. Imam Hussain Q ordered to set fire in the ditch they had dug, to hinder the enemy of coming from their back.

Omar Bin Saad mobilized his troops, who according to some versions counted thirty thousand men. He assigned Amro Bin Al-Hajjaj for leading the right side and Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan for the left, while the cavalry leader was Ouzra Bin

Qeiss and the infantry was lead by Shebth Bin Ribei, and he gave his flag to Thuwaida, his servant.

When Imam Hussain Q saw their huge number as if they were a flowing flood, he lifted his arms with supplications while saying:

«O Allah! You are my trust in every affliction, my hope in every distress; You are my recourse in any happening and my support. Many are the burdens that weakens the believing hearts, where there is little that we can do, where friends let us down, and enemies rejoice at our misfortune; I brought it all before You, and lodged complaint to You, seeking help from You aside from anyone else, and You did help me and relieved me of any distress, You are the source of each and every grace, the owner of each and every good doing and the last destination of all my wishes».

People came walking around Imam Hussain’s Q camp, looking at the blazing fire in the ditch. Thus Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan shouted: «Hussain, you hastened with fire on Earth, anticipating the resurrection day.»

Hussain Q lifted his holy head, and said:

«Who is that? Is it Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan?»

They answered: Yes

He Q said:

«…You better deserve to endure its flames»

Muslim Bin Awsaja addressed to the Imam Q and said:

«Son of Allah’s Prophet, may I be sacrificed for your sake, would you let me throw him with an arrow?»

He, Q said:

«Don’t shoot him; I hate to be the one who starts the battle.»

Then, a man of Tamim tribe, named Abdullah Bin Hawza came close until facing Imam Hussain Q and said to him «Hussain, be given the good news of going to hell fire!»

Imam Hussain Q said: «Indeed I’m going to a Merciful God and an Obeyed Patron.»

Afterwards, he asked «who is that?

They answered; «Ibn Hawza»

He Q said:

«May Allah burn him in Hell!»

Just then, Ibn Hawza’s mare got frightened while crossing a stream, his foot got stuck to the stirrup, and he fell while his head hit the ground, the mare started running towards the fire, and Allah hastened his soul to hell’s fire!

Imam Hussain Q First Speech (During that Day):

Then Imam Hussain Q called for his mare. He rode on its back and went forward towards the people. He said, with his loudest voice to be heard by all of them:

«People, Do hear what I have to say, and don’t hasten until I give you the advice that is your right on me, so that I shall be excused of my duties towards you. So, If you granted me just, you shall be happier with that, but If you didn’t give me the just of your hearts, do aggregate your opinion, then no grief shall afflict you, and pass me your judgment without hesitation. Indeed, My Protector is Allah, who revealed the holy book,

and who takes care of good believers.»

Afterwards, He thanked and eulogized Allah, reiterated what He is capable of, praised the Prophet, his family, the Angels and all other prophets, R.

Imam Hussain Q said:

«O People, do relate and trace back my parentage, and see who am I? Afterwards go back to your inner hearts and blame them, then think: Do you have the right to kill me and profane my sanctity?! Am I not the son of your Prophet’s daughter, the son of the one he entrusted with his will and his cousin and the first of the believers who accepted his prophecy that was revealed to him from Allah? Isn’t Hamza, the Master of Martyrs, my uncle? Isn’t Jaafar, who is flying in heaven with two wings, my uncle? Aren’t you aware of the Prophet’s saying, regarding my brother and me: «These are the two Masters of the Youth in Heaven»?

If you believe what I say, which is the truth, and By Allah, I have never intentionally lied, since the day I learned that Allah hates lying people, but if you accuse me of lying, you may find amongst you persons, whom if you asked shall tell you about it. Ask Jaber Bin Abdullah Al-Ansari, Abou Said Al-Khudary, Sahl Bin Saad Al-Saedi, Zeid Bin Arqam, and Anas Bin Malik they will all tell you that they have heard this saying from Allah’s Prophet P whereas to my brother and me. Doesn’t that hinder you of shedding my blood?»

Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan, said: I already worship on the edge, (meaning in doubt) and I do not get what are you trying to say»

Habib Bin Mouthaher said to him «By Allah, I do see you worship Allah in seventy different edges (ways)! I do testify

that you are saying the truth and you do not know what the Imam is saying, because Allah has sealed your heart!»

Then Imam Hussain Q addressed to them and said:

«If you have doubts about this saying, do you doubt that I’m the son of your Prophet’s daughter? By Allah, there isn’t, between the east and the west, a son of a daughter’s Prophet other than me, living amongst you and not among any other people. Shame on you! Do you ask for my Head, due to me killing one of your people, or for me stealing some of your money, or as a punishment for an offense towards any of you?!»

Here they stopped talking to the Imam Q but he called:

«O, Shibth Bin Ribhi, Hajjar Bin Abjar, Qeiss Bin Al-Ashaath, and Yazeed Bin Al-Harith, haven’t you written to me, that fruits are ripe, and greenish is everywhere so come heading soldiers who are awaiting your commands?»

Qeiss Bin Al-Ashaath answered him: «We don’t know what you are talking about! But do obey your cousin’s ruling, and they will not show you but the things you like!»

Imam Hussain Q told him:

«You are just like your brother; do you want the Hashims to seek revenge of you for more than Muslim Bin Aqeel’s blood? No, By Allah, I shall never surrender to them like a stooge, neither shall I approve of their doings like the slaves. O Slaves of Allah, I seek the refuge of my God and yours from your stones. I seek Allah’s refuge away from any arrogant, who doesn’t believe in the resurrection day».

Afterwards, he made his horse kneel and ordered Uqba Bin Samaan to tie it, and his enemies started crawling towards him Q

The Speech of Zohair Bin Al-Qayn’s <:

It is told that Zuhair Bin Al-Qayn rode of a mare with a hairy tail fully armed and said:

«O People of Kufa, Be aware of Allah’s punishment with fire, A Muslim is obliged to provide advice to his Muslim brother. Till now we are still brothers, followers of the same religion as long as we are not parted by the effect of the swords, you do deserve our admonition. But if the battle starts, virtue will cease, while we become a Nation different than yours.

Allah is testing us as well as you with the presence of his Prophet Mohammad’s P pedigree, to see what both of us are going to do. We do call upon you to support them and to abandon the tyrant Oubayd Allah Bin Ziad, of whom you’ll only witness the bad era of the period of his reign. He will tear out your eyes, cut off your hands and feet. He will distort your bodies, lifting you on palm trees trunks, killing your peers and partisans like Hujor Bin Ouday and his companions, Hani Bin Ourwa and his peers».

They cursed him and paid tribute to Oubayd Allah Bin Ziad wishing him well and said: «By Allah, we will not stop or leave until we kill your friend and those supporting him, or else we shall send him together with his companions to Prince Oubayd Allah while in surrender»

Zouheir then replied:

«O Worshipers of Allah, indeed, the son of Fatima (May Allah’s Peace be upon her) has more worthy of your support than the son of Soummaya. If you don’t wish to support them, I shall ask Allah to protect you from the sin of killing them. Leave this issue to be solved between this man and his cousin, Yazeed Bin Muawiya; By my life Yazeed would be satisfied with

your obedience without having to kill Hussain Q

It was said that Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan shot him with an arrow and said: «Shut up! May Allah muzzle your groaning. You tired us with your ongoing speech.»

Zouhair told him:

«I’m not talking to you, because you aren’t but a brute animal, by Allah, I am certain that you may not know as little as two verses out of Allah’s Holy Qur’an, and I do give you the good news of being dishonored, afflicted by a painful torment on the day of Resurrection.»

Shamer told him: «Allah shall kill you and your friend, within an hour.»

He then said:

«Is it death that you are threatening me with? By Allah, dying for his sake is more plausible for me, than living eternally with you».

Afterwards, Zouhair came close to the people and spoke loudly while saying:

«O Allah’s worshipers, don’t be seduced away of your religion by this harsh uncivil blunt person and his peers; by Allah, you will not get any intercession of Mohammad P being the villain people who had shed the blood of his pedigree and progeny, and murdered those who supported them and protected the sanctity of their women».

Then a man called him saying: «Abu Abdullah Q tells you:

«Do come, as by my life, you are similar to that believer of Pharaoh’s family, who gave advice to his people and made

eloquent invocation. You have already given advice to those people and informed them, if advice and intimation were to be of any use.»

The Speech of Burayr Bin Khudayr <:

It is reported that Imam Hussain Q said to Burayr Bin Khudayr, Al-Hamadani:

«Do address those people, O Burayr and do give them advice.»

Burayr walked forward and stood at a close distance from the people, who were all marching towards him. Burayr addressed them and said:

«O you people, do fear Allah, indeed the inheritance of Mohammad is in between you, those are his pedigree sons, descendants, girls and women! Tell us what do you have for them? And what do you want to do with them?»

They answered: «We want to hand them over to Prince Oubayd Allah Bin Ziad and he will see what to do with them».

Burayr said: «Won’t you be satisfied by seeing them go back to the place they came from? Woe to you people of Kufa! Have you forgotten the letters you sent him and the vows that you made on your own, while considering Allah as the witness thereon, and Allah is the adequate Witness?!

Woe to you, you called the family of your Prophet and claimed your readiness to be killed for their sake, and when they did come, you handed them to Oubayd Allah! Notwithstanding that you dared interdicting them to have access to the flowing water of Al-Furat River! What a bad way to treat the family of Mohammad?! What is wrong with you?! May Allah prevent

you of any drinking on the Resurrection day? You aren’t but the worst people!»

A man replied: «Hey you, we don’t understand what you are saying!»

Burayr said: «I thank Allah for making me more perceptive than you, O Allah! I declare innocence of those people’s acts! O Allah, May you let them fight each other till they meet you while you are still angry at them!»

The people started shooting arrows at him, thus Burayr stepped back.

The Second Speech of Imam Hussain Q

Imam Hussain Q came forward and saw their troops as if they were a waving flood, thus he addressed them saying:

«I do thank Allah for creating this life as a place for extinction and vanishing, disposing of its population destiny, thus, an arrogant is he who believes in its continuation, and the unfortunate he who is seduced by it, so don’t be taken by worldly life and don’t let vanity deceit you about Allah».

Here is another part of His Q speech:

«Indeed, the best God is our Allah whilst you are the worst worshipers. You acknowledged obedience and believed in Allah’s Prophet, Mohammad P, but yet, you declared enmity against his pedigree and descendants, wanting to murder them. The Devil dominates you, and he has made you forget the glorifying of the Great Allah, so fie on you and your aim, to God we belong and to him we shall return, these people became disbelievers after had believed, so may the afflicted people be defeated.

Woe to you, O people, and may you be in distress, you have called for our help, while being overwhelmed by sorrow, and we swiftly corresponded to your demand; and what was your reaction? You drew a sword against us while you claimed it is our swords to be counted on, you put up against us the fire that we had set against both your and our enemy, so you became united with your enemy against your rightful rulers, in an unfair manner, which they spread among you, and yet without any hope of them for you. So, would you – May you be distressed – accept to let us go while our sword are still undrawn, and the hearts still hiding their wills; Yet , the hast word became of the strongest, letting down the rightful. Instead, you hurried to our fight like fruit flies, and gathered yourselves to it as butterflies do to the light, so be cursed, you are nothing but the slaves of this nation and parties’ exclusions, you are the rejecters of the Holy Book, the distorters of the Prophet’s speech, a horde of sinners, and a devil’s soul; You are the extinguishers of the rulings of the Prophet P. Do you support these people and let us down? Yes indeed-by Allah- Perfidy is an ancient quality of you; yet your roots are mixed with it, while your branches were nurtured by it, thus you became the worst fruits, being the cause of sorrow for he who looks at you, and only eaten by thieves. Nevertheless, the false claimer of lineage offered only two choices, he either wants sword to be drawn or our shameful submission, but it is impossible for us to select humiliation! Allah disapproves that for us, so does his Prophet and the believers, as well as the pure hearted people, proud souls and courageous men, all do interdict us to obey mean people, upon getting the death of Nobles. Nevertheless, I shall march with this family, though we are not numerous, and only have few supporters.

Defeat doesn’t count with previous long victories

And Loss does not mean we are defeated.

Cowardness is not of our habits

Other will reign by our abolition.

If death spares some, it will grab others

It got the elite of my family as it did to the preceding nations.

If kings were eternal, we should be so

And, if nobles are to stay, then so would us

Tell those rejoicing at us today, wake up

You shall meet the same destination.

Then, indeed, you will not stay after this but as long as a horse ride, and then hardness and concern will devour you. This is what I was told by my father and grandfather; do make your mind, gather your accomplices, and don’t let such decision bring sadness upon you, then do pass your judgment to me without hesitation. I am depending on Allah, My God and yours, He controls every walking creature. Indeed, My God’s way is the straight path.

O Allah, Do not let rain come to them, let them live years such as those of Yusuf, and let a man from Thaqeef ( a tribe in Kufa) deal with them, who will make their lives like drinking from a bitter cup, as they had lied to us and abandoned us. Indeed, You are our God, upon you we depend, to you we come for help, and to you is our final destination.»

Afterwards, the Imam Q stepped down and called to be given the mare of Allah’s Prophet Q (Al–Murtajas). He rode on its back and mobilized his companions for the fight. He called Omar Bin Saad, even though hating to see him, and when he arrived, the Imam Q addressed to him:

«Eh! Omar, do you claim that by killing me you will be rewarded by the false claimer of lineage, with the Reign of «Al-Ray» and «Girjan» regions? By Allah, you shall never enjoy that, this is a promise, do what do you want to do, you will never feel happy after my death, neither in this life nor in the hereafter; It is as if I saw your head lifted on a cane in Kufa, while boys shall play with it as a ball, and deem it a toy.»

Ibn Saad was very angry with his words, so he turned away, called his companions and said: «What are you waiting for? Do attack as a whole, because it’s only one bite!»

The Position of Al-Hurr Al-Riahi:

Al Hurr Bin Yazeed Al-Riahi went to Omar Bin Saad, and asked him:

«Do you really want to fight this man?»

He said: «Yes, By Allah, through a fight where heads shall fall down and hands shall fly up!»

Al-Hurr said: «Aren’t you satisfied with even one of the virtues he exposed to you?»

Omar Bin Saad said: «By Allah, if I were to decide I should have accepted! But your ruler is the one who is refusing»

Thus Al-Hurr came forward until being in the middle of the crowd, followed by a man of his people, called Qurrah Bin Qeiss; Al-Hurr said:

«Qurrah, did you give water to your mare today?»

Qurrah said: «No»

Al-Hurr said: «Don’t you want to give it water?»

Qurrah said: «I thought – by Allah- that He wanted to retreat, and not witness the fight, while hating me to see him when doing so!»

I told him: «I did not give it any water; I am going now to do so.»

He said: «I stepped away from where he was standing; he then started getting closer, little by little to the camp of Al-Hussain Q

A man of his people, Al-Mouhajer Bin Aws told him: «Ibn Yazeed what do you want? Do you want to attack?»

Al-Hurr kept silent while overwhelmed by a chill.

His friend said to him: «Ibn Yazeed, by Allah, your doing is strange. By Allah, I have never seen you in any situation behaving as you are doing now, and If I were asked, who are the most courageous men in Kufa, I would not have skipped your name, so, what is it that I am seeing of you now?»

Al Hurr-said:

«Indeed, by Allah, I am giving myself the choice between Heaven and Hell, and by Allah, I shall never choose anything but Heaven, even though I might be cut into pieces and burnt in fire.»

Afterwards, he kicked his mare and joined Imam Al-Hussain Q. When he stood between his arms, he said:

«May Allah make me die for your sake, O son of Allah’s Prophet, I’m your friend who hindered you from going back, accompanied you on the road, and forced you to come to this place. By Allah, who there is no God but Him, I didn’t think those people shall ever deny what you proposed to them, and

never reach such decision against you. Thus I have told myself: I do not mind obeying them in some of their orders, while they shall not see that I’m disobedient to them, and they will surely accept from Hussain Q the virtues he is proposing. By Allah, if I thought for a moment that they wouldn’t accept them being proposed by you, I would never have accepted their hostility. Now, I came to you with repents to my God, asking you to forgive my previous acts, and to console you by my soul, till I die while on your side, would you accept my repentance accordingly?

Imam Al-Hussain Q said:

«Yes, Allah shall forgive and pardon you.

What is your name?»

He said: «I’m Al-Hurr Bin Yazeed»

He Q said:

«You are Al-Hurr (The free man) as your mother had named you. You are, By Allah’s will, Al-Hurr (the free man) in this life and hereafter, do get down»

Al-Hurr said: «I can benefit you best by riding rather than waling, I shall fight them for a while, and at the end, I shall be down».

Imam Al-Hussain Q said: «Do what you see fit- May Allah’s Mercy be upon you.»

He went back, stood before his previous allies and said:

«People, don’t you accept from Hussain Q one of the virtues he offered to you, so that Allah spares you the fighting against him?»

They Answered: «This is Prince Omar Bin Saad, talk to him.»

He addressed to him the same words he had already said to him and to his allies. But Omar replied:

«I tried my best to do that, and I if had found a way to do so, I would have surely grasped it»

Al-Hurr said:

«O People of Kufa! How stupid and inconsiderate you are! As you called him and when he came to you, you surrendered him. You claimed your readiness to be killed for his sake, and then you turned around to kill him. You withheld him and caused him grief after suppression, you encircled him from all parts and sides, preventing him to go towards Allah’s vast lands, in order to be safe and provide his family with safety. Yet, he became like a captive for you, being neither able to act usefully nor defend himself. You deprived him, as well as his women, little boys and companions of the flowing water of Al-Furat (...) Here they are suffering from thirst. What an evil act have you committed towards Mohammad’s pedigree? May Allah deprive you of drinking a drop of water on the resurrection day, should you not repent and abandon what you are about to do in this day and this hour of yours!»

Men of the other camp attacked him, shooting arrows at him; he retreated until being next to Imam Al-Hussain Q.

The Beginning of the War:

Omar Bin Saad came forward and shot towards Imam Al-Hussain Q the first arrow, showing himself off and saying: Be witnesses, before the Caliph that I was the first to shoot at

the Imam. Afterwards, arrows of the evil side started to drop like rain.

Imam Al-Hussain Q addressed to his companions:

«Stand up May Allah’s Mercy be upon you- and face the unavoidable demise, these arrows are the messengers of those people to you!»

When the first wave of arrows ended, Yasar, the servant of Ziad Bin Abi Soufyan and his peer Salem, servant of Oubayd Allah Bin Ziad, came forward and said: «Who wants to fight? Let some of you face us!»

Habib Bin Mouthaher jumped up similarly as did Bourayr Bin Khudayr, but Imam Al-Hussain Q told them… «Be seated…»

Then Abdullah Bin Oumayr Al-Kalbi said:

«O Aba Abdullah! May Allah have Mercy on you; give me the permission to fight them»

Imam Al-Hussain allowed him to do so, thus, he fought them and killed them both.

Just then, Om Wahab, his wife, grasped a shaft and headed towards her husband, while saying:

«I love you more than my Mother and Father! Do fight for the good hearted people, Mohammad’s Pedigree»

He came back to her trying to make her go to the women’s tent, but she held his clothes while saying:

«I will not leave you until I die with you»

Imam Al-Hussain Q called her: «The family of the

Prophet is grateful for your nobility, do come back – May Allah have mercy on you- and stay with the women, since women are relieved of the duty to fight.»

The First Raid

The first raid against the camp of Imam Al-Hussain Q started. Amro Bin Al-Hajjaj was to attack from the right side of Omar Bin Saad’s army that was on the side of Al-Furat River. Both armies fought and spent almost an hour fighting against each other.Ddust hasn’t calmed down until had revealed that Muslim Bin Awsaja Al Assadi was knocked down.

Imam Al-Hussain Q went to him, whereas he found he was still breathing and told him:

«May Allah be Merciful with you, O Muslim … (Some of them have fulfilled their obligation (i.e. have martyred); and some of them are still waiting, but they have never changed).»

Habib Bin Mouthaher got close to him and said:

«Your demise is painful to me Muslim, Be cheerful, as you are going to Heaven.»

Muslim spoke to him, weakly:

«May Allah grant you the good news!»

Habib said to him

«If I didn’t know that I will join you in an hour following your steps, I would have loved for you to entrust me with all your concerns!»

Muslim told him: «I do entrust you with this person, and he pointed out to Imam Al-Hussain Q, do fight for him until you die for his sake!»

Habib told him: «Be assured, I shall fulfill your will!»

Afterwards, his pure soul passed away, May Allah Be Pleased with Him.

Just then, Shamer Bin Al-Jowshan, surrounded with his friends, attacked the tents of Imam Al-Hussain Q. So, Zouheir Bin Al Quayn (May Allah’s Mercy Be Upon Him) countered their attack, with only ten fighters amongst Imam Al-Hussain’s Q partisans, obliging them to stay away from the tents, while killing some of them and the rest ran away.

Yazeed Bin Maqal came out of Ibn Saad’s army and said: «O Burayr Bin Khudayr, how do you evaluate what Allah had done to you?»

Bin Khudayr said:

«By Allah, Allah did me all good, while inflicted you with evil doing.»

He said: «You are lying, and before today you have never lied!»

Burayr told him: «Let Allah Curse the Liar among us and kill the perfidious, then come out and let’s fight!»

It is said: Thus they met face to face. They both lifted up their hands, invoking Allah to curse the liar and let the rightful man kill the one who established perfidy. Afterwards, each one of them came to face the other, and they exchanged swords strikes. Yazeed Ibn Maqal hit Burayr Bin Khudayr, but he barely did harm him. When Burayr assigned his strike, it was strong enough to open Ibn Maaqal’s forehead, reaching his brain. The latter kneeled down as if he was falling from a height, while Ibn Khudayr’s sword was planted in his head.

Then, the people got back to Imam Al-Hussain Q, to see Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan- May Allah Curse Him – attacking the left wing but they could resist and defeat him. Imam Al Hussain Q and his partisans were locked and encircled all around. Yet, the companions of Imam Al-Hussain Q were all insightful, quick, wise and steady, as nothing could impair their faith. They went fighting and killing each one who dared to confront them.

Amro Bin Alhajjaj said, and he was on the right wing: «Woe to you fools, wait a minute, do you know who you are fighting? Indeed, you are fighting against the knights of this country, the insightful people who are eager to die for the right cause; they shall kill any of you who might confront them, despite their little number. By Allah, you should be able to kill them if you threw them with nothing but stones.»

Ibn Saad said: «You are right. I shall decide according to your advice. Do order the soldiers not to fight man to man, because when rising individually they will surely defeat you all.» Thus, they started attacking as groups riding their horses, while Imam Al-Hussain’s Q companions were holding their grounds. They were only thirty two knights, who were able to push any attaching troop from any side.

When Uzra Bin Qeiss, the commander of knights of Kufa, witnessed that his knights are being defeated, regardless of the wing they belonged to, he sent for Omar Bin Saad asking:

«Don’t you see what my knights are facing today from such a small number? Do send them your infantry and archers.» Thus he sent «Al-Mujaffafa» which was an armed force protecting themselves and their horses with shields – as well as five hundred archers. So they proceeded until they became close to Imam Al-Hussain Q and his companions, and started

shooting arrows at them and did not stop until they disabled their horses and they all became infantries.

Mid – day Prayer

The fighting kept on going intensively till mid-day. Due to their few numbers, any one would easily notice when one or two men amongst the companions of Imam Al-Hussain were killed, where he would not notice the many killings of the army of Omar Bin Saad due to their big number. By this time more than forty amongst the partisans of Imam Al-Hussain Q were demised in the battle field.

Midday was coming closer. So, Abu Thoumama Al-Saedi said:

«Abu Abdullah! My soul is to be sacrificed for your sake; I see those people are coming closer to you. No, By Allah! You shall not be killed until I die before you, if Allah Wills. Yet, I would like to face my God after having performed this prayer, which time is getting closer»

Imam Al-Hussain Q lifted his holy head and said:

«You remembered praying, May Allah count you among the prayers and the worshipers, yes indeed, this is the beginning of its time».

Afterwards, Imam Al-Hussain Q said to his companions:

«Ask them to cease the fight, so we can perform our prayer»

They did ask them; but Al-Hussayne Bin Tameem said: «God will never accept your prayer.»

Habib Bin Mothaher answered him:

«You claimed that the prayer of the Family of the Prophet is not accepted while yours is, you alcoholic sinner.»5

Al-Hussayne then attacked, thus Habib Bin Mouthaher countered his attack, and hit his horse’s face with his sword, it jumped so he fell off it, and just then his friends hurried and saved him.

Habib went on saying:

Your numbers and tools are more

Our faith and Patience are more

Our argument is deeper

Our right and belief are stronger

He eagerly fought until he was murdered as a martyr, and his death deeply affected Imam Hussain Q as he said:

«At Allah’s service, I do count myself along with the protectors of my companions.»

Habib was amongst the elite followers of Imam Al-Hussain Q. He counted amongst the last seventy partisans of Imam Al-Hussain Q, and he was amongst those who faced mountains of heavy weapons and stopped spears with their chests as well as getting swords on their faces, while safety and money were offered to them, provided they abandon Imam Al Hussain Q but they rejected such offer and said:

«We have no alibi to give the Prophet of Allah P if Imam Hussain Q is killed, while our eyes are still open». Yet, they remained until they were all murdered around him.

When Habib Bin Mouthaher was killed, Al-Hurr started fighting as a marcher. He attacked the enemy, together with Zouheir Bin Al Quayn.

They adopted reciprocal support, thus if one of them attacked and was endangered, the other attacks too, and saves his companion. They kept this situation for one hour of time.

While all people were fighting against each other, Al-Hurr was leading the attack; yet, Yazeed Bin Sufyan came forward to fight him, but it was not long till Al-Hurr killed him.

Then he went on bravely, fighting them with his sword. However, they gathered against him and managed to kill him may Allah be pleased with Him. His friends carried him and placed him in front of Imam Al-Hussain Q while still breathing; Imam Al-Hussain Q started wiping his face while saying:

«Indeed, you are the Free Man, as named by your mother. You are free in this worldly life and in the Hereafter».

Imam Al-Hussain Q then led the mid-day prayer amongst his friends.

While praying, an arrow approached Imam Al-Hussain Q, but Saeid Bin Abdullah Al-Hanafi stood in front of him, protecting the Imam Q with his body, standing there still, until he fell down saying:

«O Allah, do curse them just like you cursed the people of Aad and Thamood, O Allah! Pass my best regards to your Prophet, and inform Him of the pain I tolerate, wanting nothing but your reward for supporting your Prophet’s Pedigree».

Then he turned to Imam Al-Hussain Q and asked him:

«Did I keep my promise, dear son of Allah’s Prophet?»

Imam Al Hussain Q said: «Yes, and you’ll be before me in Heaven!»

Afterwards, he passed away, may Allah be pleased with him. They found that his body was pierced by thirteen arrows, notwithstanding the swords’ strokes and spears’ stabs.

The Second Raid:

Then, Imam Al-Hussain Q said to the rest of his companions:

«Noble People, right now, Heaven has opened its doors, its rivers met with each other and its fruits are ripe. This is Allah’s Prophet P and the martyrs, killed for the sake of Allah, are expecting your arrival happily. Do defend Allah and his Prophet’s religion and protect the sanctity of Allah’s Prophet»

Just then, the companions of Imam Al-Hussain Q hastened to the battle field not caring for their lives, wanting to be killed for the Imam’s sake. They were as it was said about them:

A group of people, if called to thrust a calamity

While horses swinging stamped or amassed

Putting their hearts before their shields as if,

They were hastening to their death, as Martyrs.

Each one, amongst those who wanted to fight, used to come first to Imam Al-Hussain Q to say goodbye and salute him by saying: «Peace Be Upon You, Dear Son of Allah’s Prophet».

And Imam Al-Hussain Q did answer:

«And upon you is Peace. We shall be following you. The Imam Q used to add: «… Some of them have fulfilled their obligation, and some of them are still waiting, but they have never changed…» (Al-Ahzab, 23)

I deliver the Sacrifices for Allah,

While being massacred near the Furat

The best gift is when the sacrifice for Guidance,

Are the Guiders themselves.

As soon as they finished performing their prayers,

They proceeded to die for the sake of the prayer.

The sublime companion of the Prophet, Anas Bin Al Harith Alkahely, a rather old man, asked for the permission of Imam Al-Hussain Q to fight, Imam Al Hussain gave him the permission. The old man came to the battle field while strengthening his waist with the turban and lifting up his brows with a band, due to his old age, and when Imam Al-Hussain Q saw him in this shape, his tears ran down and he said to him:

«May Allah grant his thanks to you, O old man!»

This Prophet’s companion was amongst those who were blessed by listening to the saying of Allah’s Prophet P, talking about the martyrdom of Imam Al- Hussain Q, and encouraging the people to support him. The old man, May Allah be pleased with him, fought as a hero, until winning martyrdom.

Afterwards Zouheir Bin Al-Quayn came forward, and he had joined Imam Al-Hussain Q due to what he heard of the respectful companion of the Prophet, Selman Al Farisi, about

Karbala. He asked for permission to fight. He put his hand on Al-Hussain’s Q shoulder, and said:

Proceed, O Imam, we shall defend you,

You are the Leader, who are guided by Allah

Today we shall meet your Grandfather, the Prophet,

As well as Al-Hassan, and Al-Murtada Ali,

Along with the brave knight with two wings (Jaafar),

And Allah’s Lion the Alive Martyr (Hamza)

Afterwards, he started to fight, while reciting:

Zouheir Ibn Al-Quayn is my Name

Fighting you, with my sword, protecting Hussain

His fight was unique, never seen nor heard something like it; he attacked the enemy while saying:

Hussain is one of the two Holy Grandsons

The Pedigree of the pious, honor, and devout

I do fight you with no regrets, or feel of shame

I could care less if my body is divided in halves

Then he fought with fierce, till he obtained martyrdom, May Allah’s Mercy be upon him.

Then, Imam Al-Hussain Q said:

«May Allah keep you close to us, O Zouheir, and May He Curse those who killed you!»

Bourayr Bin Khudayr Al-Hamadani was one of the closet

people to Imam Ali Q. He was an ascetic praying man, counting amongst the leading scholars. He composed a book about Imam Ali Q.

He headed from Kufa to Mecca to join Imam Al-Hussain Q. Yet, he entered the battle field saying:

«Come close to me, you Murderers of the believers, Come to me, you killers of children of the people who fought in Badr, Come to me you murderers of the sons of the Prophet and extinguishers of his remaining Pedigree.»

He kept on fighting until he was killed as a martyr, may Allah be pleased with him.

The battle and fight became very severe, many were killed and numerous were amongst Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain’s Q friends and partisans.

Hanthala Bin Saad Al Shibani came forward, authorized by Imam Al-Hussain Q and spoke to the people of Kufa:

«People, I fear to you a destiny such as «Al-Ahzab» day. People, how scared I am for you on the Resurrection day, People don’t kill Al-Hussain Q, as if you do, Allah will inflict you with torment, and those who start the oppression will sure face failure.»

Afterwards, he fought until he became a martyr, may Allah be pleased with him.

He was followed by Shouthab, Shaker’s servant, who said:

«Allah’s Peace and mercy be upon You, Abu Abdullah, Fair well to you, I leave you between Allah’s hands and subject to his protection»

Then, he fought until being killed (May Allah’s Mercy be upon him)

Afterwards, Abs Bin Abi Shebib Al-Shakery came forward; he greeted Imam Al-Hussain Q and said:

«Abu Abdullah, by Allah, there is no one on this earth, close or far, being dearer to me or more loved than you. If I was able to relieve and spare you any injustice or murder, by sacrificing anything other than myself and my blood, I would have gladly done so for your sake. Peace be upon you, O Abu Abdullah, I do testify that I follow both yours and your father’s guidance.»

He then brandished his sword and attacked the enemy. He didn’t spare any drop of his blood until being martyred, may Allah’s Mercy be upon him.

I love those who pay to meet Al-Hussain,

With the sacrifice of their souls and spirits

They stood to prevent swords and passing arrows,

From reaching him, just like ghosts

Protecting him from words, with their white necks,

And from arrows, with their smiling faces

They realized by Hussain, the most important Eid,

They became, In the Day of Minna of Al- Taf, Sacrifices

The Demise of Ali Al-Akbar Q:

When Al-Hussain Q lost all his men, except for his immediate family, Ali Al-Akbar, the son of Imam Al-Hussain Q came forward. He was one of the most beautiful people with the best ethics. He asked for his father’s permission to fight, and his father accepted. Yet, Imam Al Hussain looked at

him desperately and let his tears run on his face while his heart was in flame. As he exposed his sorrow to God, the Glory, he lifted up his two index fingers towards the sky and said:

«O Allah! Be observant of these people. As they are fighting against the one who most resembles your Prophet P. He inherited his physical, moral and logical characteristics. Thus, we used to look at him if we missed your Prophet and wanted be see Him. O Allah, do deprive them of the earth abundances, afflict them with absolute disunion and the worst segregation, make them follow different tribes and parties, and do not let the rulers ever be pleased with them, as they called us and promised support, but they turned to fight us wanting to kill us!»

Then, he Q called Ibn Saad and said:

«What’s wrong with you, Ibn Saad? May Allah cut off your pedigree as you did with mine, denying my kinship to the Prophet of Allah».

Afterwards Imam Al-Hussain Q spoke loudly and recited the verse of the Almighty:

«Allah Chose Adam, Nuh (Noah), the family Of Ibrahim (Abraham) and the family of Imran above the Alamin (Mankind and Jinn (of their times) offspring, one of the other, and Allah is all Hearer, all Knower.» Al-Imran (34-35)

Afterwards, Ali Bin Al-Hussain Q attacked the enemy, while saying:

I’m Ali Bin Al-Hussain, the son of Ali

We and Allah’s House are closer to the Prophet

By Allah, a hypocrite shall never be our ruler

I shall stab you with my spear till it bends

Distressing you with my sword, defending my Father

The way a true young man from Hashim shall be.

He remained fighting, until people started to clamor due to the large number of their lost members.

Afterwards he came back to his father, full of injuries and wounds and said:

«Father, thirst is killing me, the weight of the armor is exhausting me, isn’t there any way to a sip of water, to strengthen me against the enemy?»

Imam Al-Hussain Q cried and said:

«Sonny, it is hard for Mohammad, Ali and your father, to hear you plea while being unable to answer you, and to know you are urging for their help, while they are unable to help you…»

Then, He Q gave his ring to his son and said:

«Put this ring in your mouth, and go back to fighting your enemy; I hope it won’t be long until your Grandfather gives you a drink with his best glass, after which you shall never be thirsty again»

Ali Al-Akbar Q went back to the battle field, wherein he revealed a unique great fighting. But, Morra Bin Mounkith intercepted him with a stab that knocked him down. Then, the troops surrounded him, and cut him off with their swords. Here he called as loud as he could:

«O Father, Here is My Grand Father, the Messenger of Allah P and he has given me a drink with his best glass after

which I shall never feel thirsty. He P tells you to hasten, as there is a glass saved just for you!»

Here, Imam Al-Hussain Q shouted: «Alas, my poor son»

Imam Al-Hussain Q ran to his son. All his way long, Imam Al-Hussain Q was mentioning him and murmuring:

«My son Ali… my son Ali»

He kept saying that until he reached him, he jumped down off his horse and threw himself on his son’s body. He Q held his son’s head and put it on his lap. He Q started wiping blood and dirt off Al-Akbar’s face. He turned to him placing his holy cheek on his son’s while saying:

«May Allah kill the people who killed you son! How daring they are towards Allah and for violating the sanctity of Allah’s Prophet P

His eyes were flooded with running tears, and said:

«Life is meaningless after your departure»

Then Zeinab Bint Ali > rushed out, followed by women and children, while she was shouting:

«Alas, my beloved Boy, Alas dear Piece of My Heart, Alas My Son, Alas my heart’s beats!»

When she arrived, she threw herself unto him reviving Imam Al-Hussain’s Q tears and he said:

«To Allah we belong and to him we shall return…»

He held her hand and accompanied her back to the canopy. Then He Q asked his young supporters amongst the Hashims:

«Do carry your brother and bring him.» They brought him back from the place where he was killed and put him inside the canopy that they were fighting in front of.

The Fight of the Family of Aqeel Q

Afterwards, it was the turn of the sons of Aqeel Bin Abi Taleb, as well as the sons of Muslim and Jaafar Bin Aqeel, who all fought bravely, while Imam Al-Hussain Q was telling them:

«Be Patient with death, dear cousins, May you witness no disgrace after this day!»

Thus, they went fighting as heroes, defending their cousin, the son of Allah’s Prophet P until they all died as martyrs, may Allah have mercy on them.

Al-Qassim Bin Al-Hassan Q:

Al-Qassim Bin Imam Al-Hassan Q came to his uncle asking his permission to fight, as if Imam Al-Hassan Q didn’t accept but to be present in Karbala by five of his sons, since He is the one who said:

«There isn’t any day like Yours, Abu Abdullah.»

Al-Qassim went out to the battlefield while reciting:

If you don’t know me, I’m the son of Al-Hassan

He is the grandson of the entrusted selected Prophet

This is Hussain as an awaiting Prisoner

Amongst People, who shall be deprived of the cloud’s rain.

While He was roaming the battle field with his sword, his

shoes’ straps cut off and the boy bent to fix it. He who witnessed the scene said: Amro Bin Saad Bin Nafil Al-Azdi told me: «By Allah, I shall attack and kill him.» I told him: «Glory is to Allah! And why do you want to do so? These people who had surrounded him shall kill him instead.» But he said: «By Allah I shall attack him.» He did not rest until he went and hit the boy’s head with the sword. The boy then fell down on his face and said:

«O Uncle!»

Imam Al-Hussain Q rushed to the young man, as if He was a hawk. Dust flew away just to reveal Imam Al-Hussain Q standing at the Boy’s head, while he was still kicking with his feet. Thus Imam Al-Hussain Q said:

«Woe unto those people who killed you. As their rival on the resurrection day shall be your Grandfather!»

Then He said:

«It is, By Allah, painful to your uncle, to call him and not answer you, or if he answers, he does not benefit you. He is by Allah, a person whose enemies are a lot and rare are his supporters.»

A relater said: Afterwards, Imam Al-Hussain held him, and it looked to me as if the boy’s feet were hitting the ground, while his uncle Imam Al-Hussain Q has put Al-Qassim’s chest against his Q.

The narrator said: «I wondered what he was going to do with him.» He carried him until extending him near his son Ali Bin Al-Hussain in addition to the bodies of those killed amongst his family members. I asked about the boy and I was told, he was Al-Qassim Bin Al-Hassan Bin Ali Bin Abi Taleb.»

It is said that the Martyrs in Karbala of the sons of Imam Al-Hassan Q were three other than Al-Qassim. The fifth one got injured and his hand was amputated; he was Hassan Al-Mouthanna (May Allah Bless them All)

What are the sins that

The members of the house of the Prophet commit?!

So that they are all killed, emptying his home of them

They left them scattered, Dead in the utmost tragic way

The Fighting of the Brothers of Al Abbas Q

Abou El-Fadle Al Abbas Q spoke to his direct brothers, whose mother is Om Al-Baneen and father is Ali Bin Abi Taleb, they were: Abdullah, Jaafar and Othman, who was named after the sublime companion of the Prophet Othman Bin Mathoun:

«Come forward till I see you having delivered the advice of Allah and his Prophet. Go forward; you worthier to me than my own soul. Do protect your Master until you get killed in his defense.»

They all went to the battle field marching before Imam Al-Hussain Q and protecting him with their faces, chests and throats. The first one who went to fight was Abdullah Bin Ali, the Prince of Believers. He fought courageously until being killed as a Martyr. Jaafar then Othman acted alike their brother. They fought so bravely until getting murdered, May Allah be pleased with them all.

The Martyrdom of Al-Abbas Q:

The relater said: Al-Abbas Bin Ali remained beside Imam Al-Hussain Q fighting and protecting him. He used to follow him in each and every move.

He was his protector as were his Grand Father, Abu Taleb, and His Father Ali for the Prophet P.

Similarly to Quraish offering safety to Abu Taleb, provided that he abandons Mohammad, Al-Mustafa P, Shamer Bin Zi Al Jawshan, sent by Ibn Ziad, also offered safety to Al-Abbas and his brothers on the ninth day of Mouharram, provided they leave Imam Al-Hussain Q. They unanimously answered:

«May Allah damn you as well as your safety; you want to give us safety, while you deprive the son of Allah’s Prophet of it?»

Al-Abbas Q was known as «The water Provider» in Karbala due to his repeated visits to the water springs to bring water to the camp of the Master of Martyrs Q. Yet, on the tenth day of Mouharram, Abu El-Fadle Q heard the children’s calling:

«Thirst, Thirst!»

Thus, he went out seeking after water to provide it to them

Abbas, you sacrificed a priceless soul

To support Hussain in an Heroic Unique Manner

You are the Brother of the two Prophet’s sons

On the Prideful days

While you are Abu El-Fadle (the father of merits)

On the Water Striving Day

When Abu El-Fadle Q headed to the water spring, the enemy attacked him. He countered their attack, till he cleared them off and said:

I do not fear death, even if it screams loud at me,

I am ready to fight till I meet the destiny of the brave men

My soul is vowed to protect

The pure soul of the Selected Prophet (Al-Hussain)

Indeed, I am Al-Abbas, running for water

Surely not fearing evil on the day we meet.

Another saying:

He flipped the right of the enemy troops on its left

Then, he dived in collecting souls and breaking hearts

Any one dared to attack him, with his first

His head will be the first to run away by his word.

He is hero, who inherited courage from his father

With his courage, he shall shove the noses of the traitors in the floor

Do the Fawatim (children of Fatima) complain of thirst?

While he has Al Furat in front of him

In his left hand he carries the bottles, and

In his right hand holds the drawn sharp sword

He Q went on clearing the soldiers and separating their troops. When they realized he was fighting like his father, and how much they were suffering of his Haidaric strength and what his arm did to them, they were overwhelmed with the inability to confront Abu El Fadle Q they opted to stratagem and deceit.

Thus Zaid Bin Warqaa’a Al-Juhani hid behind a palm tree waiting for him. He was aided by Hakeem Bin Tufayl Assansabi, who hit the right hand of Abu El Fadle and cut it. Abu El Fadle Q simply held the sword with his left hand and hugged the flag to his chest, attacking them while saying:

By Allah, if you cut my right hand

I shall forever defend my religion,

As well as a true hearted Imam

Son of the pure honest Prophet

He Q fought until becoming too tired, by now, the enemy’s main concern was to get rid of his left hand that was dicing them right and left as if it was his right hand. Nevertheless, the same stratagem of perfidy was applied, as Al-Hakam Bin Al-Toufayl Al-Taei lied in waiting behind a palm tree and managed to hit and cut his left hand.

Just then, Abu El Fadle realized that the time to meet the Beloved Prophet had come; he Q went on saying:

My soul don’t be afraid of the disbelievers

Be cheerful about the Almighty mercy

Along the Prophet, the Chosen amongst Masters

They have cut my left arm with their perfidy

O Allah Do let them burn with the blazing fire of Hell

A bad man hit him with a metallic shaft, and Abu El Fadle seemed at that moment as if he was saying:

«My Dear Brother Abu Abdullah; You have my Best regards and Peace»



Al-Hussain walked to his demise place

While having one eye on the tents and the other on him

He found his dear brother subject to demise

While his good looking face as a moon wearing a Veil of blood

He threw himself on his body

His tears colored the Earth as if it was the blood of both brothers

He wanted to kiss him farewell, but didn’t find a place

That was not blooded by the hits of swords, for him to kiss.

When Imam Al-Hussain Q saw him knocked down at the Furat bank, he cried with a broken heart and went on saying:

You indeed went far; you worst people, with what you did,

You infringed the recommendation of Prophet Mohammad.

Wasn’t Al Zahra’a, my mother, enough for you to hinder your acts?

Aren’t we the pedigree of Mohammad, the Prophet?

It is also said that Imam Al-Hussain Q reached Abu El Fadle Al–Abbas Q while he was still breathing. The Imam Q held his Holy head and rested it on his lap. He started wiping blood and dirt of his face. Then, his crying was loud, while saying:

«Now my back got broken, with little I can do, while my enemies are rejoicing at my misfortune.»

Afterwards, he bent down to embrace him; He started kissing the emplacements of the swords’ strikes in his face, throat and chest.

Imam Al-Hussain Q left his Brother Al-Abbas at the place where he was killed. He stood up after his brother’s noble soul passed away. Yet, he didn’t carry him to the big tent, where he had put all the other martyrs of his family and companions.

The Demise of Imam Al-Hussain Q:

When Imam Al-Hussain Q saw his relatives and beloved ones’ death, he decided to face the enemy with his bare heart, and he called:

«Isn’t there anyone to protect the sanctity of Allah’s Prophet? Isn’t there any true believer who might fear Allah’s punishment if he hurts us? Isn’t there any helper who pleas for God’s mercy, by rescuing us? Isn’t there any supporter who wants what Allah’s Promised, so he would support us?»

Just then, the lamentation of the women became louder, He Q headed to the tent and addressed to Zeinab O:

«Bring me my little Baby Boy, I want to say goodbye to him»

He held the Baby boy in his arms, while he was leaning to kiss him; Harmala Bin Al-Aqeel Al Assadi shot the boy with an arrow that went through his throat.

The Imam Q said to Zeinab O: «Take him»

He Q received his baby’s blood in both his hands until becoming full, and he threw it towards the sky, while saying:

«What eased my affliction is that it is within Allah’s sight!»

Imam Al-Baqer, Q, said:

«Indeed, no drop of such blood fell on the floor»

Afterwards, Al-Hussain Q called the people to fight him. Then, he went on defeating and killing every challenging man, until he killed a great number of them, while saying:

«Getting killed is better than committing a shameful act,

And what you might see as shame to me is better than going to Hell»

Some of the tellers said: «By Allah, I have never seen a bereaved man, who witnessed the murder of his own sons, his direct next of kin, and his companions, while remaining so courageous. If men were to attack him, he would counter their attack with his sword, defeat them while they were frightened just like a herd of goats would do when attacked by a wolf. He was attacking them, while they were more than thirty thousand, and they would start fleeing just like scattered mosquitoes. Afterwards he used to retreat to his initial spot while saying:

«There is neither power, nor force unless By Allah»

When Shamer Bin Zi Al Jawshan saw such fact, he called the knights to support the infantry men. He ordered the archers to shoot at Imam Al-Hussain Q. They obeyed and started shooting at him until his body became full of arrows, and he became like a hedgehog. Thus Imam Al-Hussain Q had to abstain from attacking them and they stood facing him.

The teller says: Imam Al – Hussain Q kept on fighting them until they separated him from his camp. Thus, he Q shouted:

«Woe unto you, horde of Abi Sufyan. If you are free of any religion, while not fearing the day of resurrection, at least act like free men in your worldly life; go back to your past traditions, if you were Arabs as you claim!»

Shamer, then, called him: «Son of Fatima, what are you saying?»

Imam Al-Hussain Q said:

«We are fighting each other, while women are not involved in this fight, so stop your insolents, ignorants and tyrants, from attacking my women, as long as I’m alive»

Shamer said: «We grant you that, Son of Fatima.»

Accordingly, they kept on fighting only him and he was fighting them back as he was searching for any drop of water with no use. When he Q received seventy two wounds, he stopped to rest for a moment, feeling feeble and unable to fight anymore. While he Q was still standing, he received a stone in his holy forehead. He held a piece of his clothes to wipe the blood off his forehead, but a poisoned three sectioned arrow hit his heart.

He Q said:

«In the Name of Allah, and By Allah, and I shall die while still following the religion of Allah’s Prophet Religion.»

Afterwards, Imam Al-Hussain Q lifted up his head towards the sky and said:

«My God, you are aware that they are murdering a man, who there isn’t any other one on this earth but him, a son of a Prophet’s daughter».

Then he pulled out the arrow off from his back. Blood

started to gush as if it was a water spout. He became too weak to fight so he stopped, and whenever a man tried to approach him to kill him, he would renounce, fearing to face Allah while having killed Al-Hussain Q.

They kept on doing so, until a man of the tribe of Kinda named Malik Bin Annisr approached him. He insulted Imam Al-Hussain Q and hit his noble head with the sword cutting off the burnoose which got full of blood, reaching thus his head with wounds.

The narrator said: Imam Al-Hussain Q called for a piece of fabric to wrap his head; He as well asked for a small hat, He put it on before his turban.

The enemy troops waited for a while then resumed their fight and surrounded him. At that moment,

Abdullah Bin Al-Hassan Bin Ali Q came out. He was still a boy, who didn’t reach puberty and was staying with the women. He ran quickly until he stood near Imam Al-Hussain Q. Zeinab, his aunt O, followed him, wanting to get him back to the tent but he strongly refused and said:

«No, By Allah, I shall never leave my uncle.»

At that time, it is said that either Bakr Bin Kaab or Harmala Bin Kahel tried to strike Imam Al-Hussain Q with his sword, but the boy saw him and said:

«Woe unto you, son of a bad mother, do you want to kill my uncle?»

The man hit the boy with the sword. The boy received it with his hand, so it was cut while still hanging by the skin only. The boy shouted then:

«Oh Mother!»

Imam Al-Hussain Q hugged him and said: «Dear nephew, be patient with your distress and expect goodness to come out of it, because Allah shall make you follow your good ancestors!»

The teller said that Harmala Bin Kahil threw him with an arrow and cut his throat, while he was still in the lap of his uncle, Imam Al-Hussain Q

Afterwards, Shamer Bin Zi Al-Jawshan attacked the canopy of Imam Al-Hussain Q, stabbing it with a spear, then he said: «Get me fire, I want to set it up and burn the tent with all who are inside!»

Imam Al-Hussain Q said: «Son of Zi Al-Jawshan, you are calling for fire to burn my family, May Allah burn you in Hell!»

The teller says: When Imam Al–Hussain Q became so weakened due to the many wounds (…) Saleh Bin Wahab Al Mari stabbed him on his flank, thus Imam Al-Hussain Q fell down the floor on his right cheek, while saying:

«In the Name of Allah, and By Allah, and I shall die while still following the religion of Allah’s Prophet Religion.»

Then, they attacked him from all sides, and Zara’a Bin Sharik managed to hit the left shoulder of Imam Al-Hussain Q, the Imam Q hit Zara’a and killed him. Some other man hit his shoulder and thus the Imam Q fell down on his face. He was extremely tired, so he collapsed, thus Sinan Bin Anas Annakhi’i hit his chest. Then, the criminal took off the spear to stab the Imam Q all over his holy chest, then Sinan shot him with an arrow that hit his neck, so he Q fell down sitting.

He Q took the arrow out of his neck and joined his two holy hands to receive his blood. Each and every time his hands would get full of blood he used to imbue his holy head and beard while saying:

«This is how I meet Allah covered with my own blood, while my right is violated.»

Another story about Imam Al-Hussain Q tells that he said:

«O Allah, Having the high position, who have the great might, and the strong power, who does not need his creatures, He is with the utmost pride, whose Mercy is close, and Promise is fulfilled, You are the divider of sustenance, the goodness provider, You are close when called upon, knowing everything about your creatures, accepting repentance of those regretting and coming back to you, capable to do what you want, knowing what you asked, You are thankful, when you are praised, always remember those who remember you, I’m calling you, because I need you and desire to be near you, I come to you in humbleness. I come to you in deep fear, I cry my sorrow, and I call for your assistance, from the depth of my feebleness and rely on you, since your help is sufficient to me.

O Allah, Be the Judge between us and our people. Indeed, they deceived us and let us down. They betrayed and killed us, while we are the Family of your Prophet, and we are the descendants of your beloved Mohammad, whom you preferred and selected to deliver your message, and you entrusted him with the revelation. We do ask you to help us and provide us with a good way out, indeed, You are the Most Merciful.

We ask you to grant us patience to face your destiny, O my Lord! There is no God but You, You are the Rescuer of those calling for your help, There is no God to worship other

than you, grant me patience to tolerate your ruling, you are the Helper of he who doesn’t have anyone to assist him, You are the immortal with the endless power, You are the one who resurrect and raise from the death, You are the one who is aware of each and every soul and what it earns, Do judge between me and them, you are the Best of Rulers».

One of the «Sira» bibliography tellers said:

I was standing with the allies of Omar Bin Saad, when someone shouted:

«Be Cheerful Chief, this is Shamer and he killed Imam Al-Hussain Q He added: I went out between the two camps and stood beneath the Imam Q while he was generously scarifying himself, By Allah I have never seen a murdered person, covered with his blood who could look better than him or have a better looking or more shining face than His Q. The glow of his face and the beauty of his state, all prevented me from the thought of killing him. He Q asked, while being in this state, for water to drink, but I heard a man saying: «By Allah, you will not taste the water till you reach Hell, where you shall drink of its boiling fire.»

However, he heard him saying:

«Woe unto you, I shall neither go to hell, nor drink of its boiling fire; Instead I shall go to my Grandfather, the Messenger of Allah P.

I shall be with him in his high ranked Heaven House, sitting under the wings of the Most Powerful King, drinking pure water, and complaining to him about what you have committed against me and did to me.»

The teller continues: They all got furious, as if Allah did not leave any drop of mercy in the heart of any of them.

Shamer sat on Imam Al-Hussain’s Q chest. He grasped his holy beard and hit him with his sword twelve times, to end up cutting his great sacred head.

Afterwards, Omar Bin Saad called amongst his allies, asking them for volunteers to ride their horses and stomp on the chest and back of the Imam Q. He selected ten amongst them and they tumbled with their horses hooves on his chest and back till they broke his bones.

What a Martyr the sun burned his body

While it is because of him, the sun was originally born.

What a slaughtered man, whom horses tumbled on his chest

While their knights wanted glory from mentioning his name.

Didn’t they know that the soul of Mohammad

As well as his Qur’an are embodied in his grandson

If said horses knew, as their owners, that

The one they stepped on is indeed, Ahmad

At that Moment, Our Lady Zeinab O went out, mourning Imam Al-Hussain Q, calling with a sad voice and a broken heart:

«Alas Mohammad, May the King of Heavens bless you, this is Hussain, covered with blood and dirt, while his body parts are cut off, and your daughters are now captives. I do complain to Allah, to Mohammad Al-Mustafa, to Ali Al-Murtada, to Fatima Al Zahra’a and to Hamza the Master of Martyrs. Alas Mohammad this is Hussain thrown on the desert land, in the

hot wind. He is murdered by the sons of wrong doers. Alas how sad and distressed I am: Today My Grandfather, Allah’s Prophet P, died. O Mohammad’s companions, here are the Pedigrees of Al-Mustafa treated like captives»

And in another narration, she O said:

«Alas Mohammad, your daughters are captivated, your descendants are killed, left alone under the bad, hot wind. This is Hussain with his head cut from the back, his turban and clothes are stolen; O I do complain to my father about the one whom all his troops on Monday became dead, whom his large tent is torn and burned, who is not absent to be waited for, nor wounded to be cured; whom I like to sacrifice myself for him, who was distressed until he died, who was thirsty till he passed away, whose white hair is dripping blood, whose grandfather is Mohammad Al-Mustafa, (being the Messenger of the God of the skies), who is the grandson of the Guidance Prophet, He is Mohammad Al-Mustapha, He is Khadija AL Kubra, He is Ali Al-Murtada, He is Fatima Al Zahra’a (the Lady of all the Women in the world), he is the son of whom the sun came back and he prayed!»

Thus, By Allah, she made each one cry whether he was an enemy or a friend.

O Imam Mahdi, Hasten to help us as,

Our life is not happy and living is not worthy any more

Do Rise, as we shall sacrifice for you,

The remaining of souls got tired of patience

Our waiting nights are so long, So O son of Al-Zaki (Imam Hassan)

Is there a tomorrow for the night of waiting?

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