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The Journey of Martyrdom

The Journey of Martyrdom

Book Title: The Journey of Martyrdom

Compiled and Translated by: The Institute of the Master of Martyrs Q for the Rostrum of Hussain

(Al Minbar Al Hussainy)

Publisher: The Society of Islamic Cultural Knowledge

First Edition: 2010 A.D -1431 He.


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The Jouney of Martyrdom

Compiled and Translated by:

The Institute of the Master of Martyrs Q for

the Rostrum of Hussain (Al Minbar Al Hussainy)

In The Name

of Allah

The Most Beneficent,

The Most Merciful


All praise is to Allah, who bestowed on us the grace of loyalty to his Prophet and his progeny, Peace be upon them all, whom Allah intended them to be the rising suns, the enlightening moons, the shining stars, the signs of the religion and the essence of knowledge, whose succession counted a pious descendant after a pious ascendant, a true hearted following his virtuous ascendant, and a right path after another.

Praised be Allah who awarded us the salvation Ark, the light of guidance, Imam Hussain Bin Ali Q, whom we were commanded to commemorate his martyrdom, and to continuously abide by the Islamic rules in order to honor his cause.

Thus far, the renaissance of Imam Hussain Q was and still constitutes a vast field of research and studies to extract crucial morals. Though more than thirteen centuries elapsed after this immortal battle, the generations of freemen around the world are still getting inspired by the Karbala’s essence to set their route and enlighten their path.

Yet, since each era has its own Yazeed and own Imam Hussain Q, getting to know the heroes of the immortal battle of Karbala, as well as the course of events and facts preceding it, using both logical and emotional language,

and provided with accurate and deep analysis of such events whether having preceded, accompanied, or followed the tenth day of Mouharram , 61 He, is an essential introduction to pave the way to understanding the requisites of such renaissance, in addition to its circumstances, effects and results.

Herein, we present to you a documented chronology of the historical events starting with the demand of «Muawiya Bin Abi Sufyan» to recognize his son « Yazeed» as Caliph (successor of the prophet), and ending with the tenth day of the month of Mouharram, we promise to provide you with a new episode of this historical documentary series which will deal, in its next edition, with the events following the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Q, the captivity journey, ending with the return of the Prophet’s convoy to the Medina.

Finally, we are eager to draw your attention, to the following:

We relied on a set of highly considered and recommended historical references to compose this issue. Yet, they are:

«The Encyclopedia of Hussain convoy, from Medina to Medina», composed by a team of competent and skilled scientists, prepared and published by the Islamic Center of Studies – Ashura Studies Directorate – Iran.

Regarding some of the cases, requiring a high level of analytical narration, we provided the results that most renowned bibliographers have adopted without getting into the details of their analysis.

This edition is composed using simple and easy terminologies. The non professional reader may easily understand it, while preserving its scientific and historical value.

As for us, we ask Allah (SW) to make this edition a knowledge

linking bridge between us and the Lord of emancipated freemen, steering to the heart and emotional fondness, hoping thus to be amongst those comprised within his intercession on the Judgment Day!

And Allah’s consent is our intention


1- We ask the respected reader to pay attention to the following remarks:



English Translation

صلى الله عليه وآله


Peace be upon Him and His Progeny

عليه السلام


Peace be upon Him

عليهم السلام


Peace be upon Them

عليهما السلام


Peace be upon Them both

عليها السلام


Peace be upon Her

رضوان الله عليه


May Allah be pleased with him

رضوان الله عليها


May Allah be pleased with her

سبحانه وتعالى


Praised is Almighty

2 - The names mentioned in this book have been written in accordance with their Arabic pronunciation.

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