The Impending Crisis The ap instructional strategies discussed below for Chapter 13 of American

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Top-Ten Analytical Journal.

Defining the chapter terms in their journals will help students better understand:

  • Manifest Destiny, and its influence on the nation in the 1840s.

  • The origin of the Republic of Texas, and the controversy concerning its annexation by the United States.

  • The reasons why the United States declared war on Mexico, and how the Mexican War was fought to a successful conclusion.

  • The methods used to enact the Compromise of 1850, and its reception by the American people.

  • The role of the major political parties in the widening sectional split.

  • The part played by Stephen A. Douglas in the enactment of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the effect of this act on his career and on the attitudes of the people in all sections.

  • The impact of the Dred Scott decision on sectional attitudes and on the prestige of the Supreme Court.

  • The reasons for Abraham Lincoln's victory in 1860, and the effect of his election on the sectional crisis.

Each of the terms below contributes to a comprehensive understanding of how the idea of Manifest Destiny influenced America, how the question of expanding slavery deepened divisions between the North and the South, and how the issue of slavery reshaped the American political-party system. As your students define these terms, encourage them to demonstrate why each person, event, concept, or issue is important to a thorough understanding of this chapter.

Manifest Destiny

Stephen Austin

General Santa Anna

The Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto

Texas Annexation

Oregon Trail

James K. Polk

The Mexican War

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Wilmot Proviso

Popular sovereignty

Election of 1848

California Gold Rush

Henry Clay

John C. Calhoun

Daniel Webster

Stephen Douglas

Free-Soil Party

Fugitive Slave Act

Franklin Pierce

Transcontinental Railroad

Gadsden Purchase

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Republican Party

John Brown

Slave Power Conspiracy

Election of 1856

James Buchanan

Know Nothing Party

Dred Scott Decision

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Election of 1860

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