The Impending Crisis The ap instructional strategies discussed below for Chapter 13 of American

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5. Excerpt from Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, 1849. ( ) Note to the Teacher: Use the first paragraph of the essay.
6. Excerpt from James Russell Lowell, The Bigelow Papers, 1859. (James Russell Lowell, The Bigelow Papers. London: Trubner, 1859, pp. 4-9.
'T would n't suit them Southern fellers,

They're a dreffle graspin' set,

We must ollers blow the bellers

Wen they want their irons het;

May be it's all right ez preachin',

By my narves it kind o' grates,

Wen I see the overreachin'

O' them nigger-drivin' States.

They may talk o' Freedom's airy

Tell they're pupple in the face,--

It's a grand gret cemetary

Fer the barthrights of our race;

They jest want this Californy

So's to lug new slave-states in

To abuse ye, an' to scorn ye,

An' to plunder ye like sin.

Aint it cute to see a Yankee

Take sech everlastin' pains

All to git the Devil's thankee,

Helpin' on 'em weld their chains?

Wy, it's jest ez clear ez figgers,

Clear ez one an' one make two,

Chaps thet make black slaves o' niggers

Want to make wite slaves o' you.

Ef I'd my way I hed ruther

We should go to work an' part,--

They take one way, we take t'other,--

Guess it would n't break my heart;

Men hed ough' to put asunder

Them thet God has noways jined;

An' I should n't gretly wonder

Ef there's thousands o' my mind.

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