The Impact of the Development of American New Media on Citizens’ Political Power and Life

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In the new media era, the boundaries of different types of information are becoming more and more blurred, and there is even a trend of "blending". There are fewer and fewer professional media editors who use news principles and standards related to public interests to regulate information flow. Editors no longer focus on news value, but more tend to focus on how to attract users to pay attention to their content. The content of political news and information is more and more entertainment-oriented, and the overall tone is in a negative state. In addition, political content no longer performs the public service function of informing citizens. It has become a social media product to promote consumers to buy. The mode of news reporting by news media is consistent with the main entertainment news framework and emphasizes political discord, blasphemy, and scandal. It is often presented in a fragmented way and rarely contains some substantive information or background. Now, when we look at the whole news industry, we find that the negative characteristics and entertainment focus of political news weaken the significance of news transmission. In addition, the political information of more detailed and substantive political views is often directed to the more well-educated elite audience. Moreover, the news is also insider-oriented. The current overall news environment will undoubtedly reduce citizens' confidence in government officials and political institutions and the democratic political process. But generally speaking, the new media environment is dynamic and continues to develop in novel and sometimes unexpected ways, which has a significant impact on democratic governance and politics. New media not only expands the traditional role of the press in a democratic society but also weakens its role from another point of view.
However, it is undeniable that the new media has fundamentally changed the operation mode of government institutions, the communication mode of political leaders, the mode of election competition, and citizen participation. It is hoped that this document can provide a reference for the relationship between "new media" and politics and life in China.

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