The Impact of the Development of American New Media on Citizens’ Political Power and Life

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The Impact of the Development of American New
Media on Citizens’ Political Power and Life
Yueming Ni
Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong, 999077
Corresponding author. Email:
The rapid development of new media in the 1990s had a significant impact on the lives of American citizens, and citizens' awareness of political power began to "awaken" unprecedentedly. The development of new technologies over the past decade has helped political consciousness reach its peak. However, what follows is the wanton use of new media by political leaders. "False news" and "post-truth era" are all the rage, showing a negative trend as a whole. It seriously affects citizens' ability to judge. Social media is a double-edged sword, but how to use it really needs us to think deeply. We are forced to hand over the initiative to the superstructure. It is time for American citizens to "regain" the initiative. The theme of this study will focus on "the development of new media and the life of American citizens", link it to "American political life", and further explain how "the development of new media" will affect citizens' political rights. This study refers to a large number of documents and integrates the thoughts of successful people in this field, such as business, politics and even social celebrities.
Keywords: New media, Political-media system, Post-truth society, The post PC World, American media
Political scientist—Bruce Bimber: "The exercise of power and the allocation of advantages and dominance in a democracy are related to technological change".
Who controls, consumes, and distributes information depends to a large extent on who can best control digital technology. Social media has become an important intermediary for political and media participants to exert influence. The media is us. We have great interests and responsibilities in the world we create with the Internet.
When he talks about the "global village", his view is not just that we will connect. He worries that we all know each other's affairs. We live in such a close world that we will lose a certain degree of privacy. [1] This study aims to learn from the use of political power in the development of American new media, or citizens'
"political awakening" to resist "improper" new media.

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