The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

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The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

Toss-ups by Indiana (Wesley Matthews)
1. Circular dichroism spectroscopy depends on this phenomenon’s linear polarization and high photon fluxes in the vacuum ultraviolet and ultraviolet range. A probable mechanism for the radio source in M1, it is a consequence of the emission of radiation predicted for charge carriers by Maxwell’s equations and the acceleration experienced by particles in helical orbits. The source of energy in storage rings, for ten points, what is this radiation emitted by high-speed electrons spiraling along the lines of force of a magnetic field, named for a type of particle accelerator?

Answer: synchrotron radiation

2. Its first peak was marked by the opening of branches in Novgorod and at the Steelyards in London, and its power climaxed with the treaty of Stralsund signed after its defeat of Valdemar IV of Denmark. Headquartered at Visby, its assemblies met regularly at Lubeck after a 1441 defeat by the Dutch. Though its last assembly met in 1669, it persisted until the formation of the German Zollverein in 1854. For ten points name this medieval mercantile league of Baltic and North Sea trading guilds, a name that is today applied to the cities of Bremen and Hamburg.

Answer: Hanseatic League

3. The title character of this work leaves Escanes in charge in his absence, during which an attempt by Leonine to kill his daughter is thwarted when the Pirates of Valdes sell her as a prostitute, though she eventually convinces the servant Boult to allow her to teach music. Helicanes pilots the title character’s ship to Mytilene, where a story of birth at sea and tutelage by Lychordia convince him that Marina is his daughter, and he is later reunited with his fiancé Thaisa in Ephesus. Narrated by John Gower, for ten points, name this drama that involves the title character being way too generous with his money, written by William Shakespeare.

Answer: Pericles, Prince of Tyre

4. It may be produced from its constituent parts via the Fraenkel-Conrat Method. Among its common strains are the masked strain M, vulgare, and the Japanese Common Strain. In transgenic hosts, cyanides restore N-gene mediated resistance to this agent that aggregates tubular endoplasmic reticulae and blurs the distinction between the two layered arrangement of palisade and spongy mesophyll cells, which become rounded and lose their chloroplasts. First shown to exist after crystallization by Dmitri Ivanovski, for ten points, name this first virus to be discovered, known for producing mottling and discoloration patterns on the leaves of the plant it infects.

Answer: Tobacco Mosaic Virus

5. In the Thiđrek Saga, this is given to Gislher, who uses it to slay his father in law Rođingeir. Another of its owners carries it along with Ridil and Rotti. It is lost during an expedition to Gothland, but its owner recovers it from the flesh of a pig. Its victims include Hjorward and the sons of Hunding after Loki’s treachery allows Lygni to defeat its first owner using Gungnir, and it is shattered. It is later rewelded by Regin, whose anvil it is able to split down to the hilt, and used to kill the dragon Fafnir. For ten points name this object thrust by Odin into the great oak Branstock and withdrawn by Sigmund, the sword of Siegfried.

Answer: Gram

6. It assumes that identical constant-returns-to-scale technologies with some factor suitability and homothetic tastes for substitutable goods lead to the prevailing of perfect competition when transport costs and artificial barriers are removed. National factor endowments and the relationship between factor prices and output changes are variables addressed by its Rybczynski and Stolper-Samuelson Theorems. This model attempts to explain the development of factor-price equalization between two countries and its predictions are famously violated in Leontief’s paradox. For ten points, name this model linking rising international trade and income gaps, named for two Swedes.

Answer: Heckscher-Ohlin Model or Framework

7. Dissent arising from this piece of legislation included George Washington Campbell’s popular treatise denouncing it and a series of speeches by New York Congressman Barrent Gardiner, who was wounded by Campbell in a duel over it. Supported strongly by Josiah Quincy, it was finally repealed by Macon’s Bill #2, which was a replacement of the Non-Intercourse Act. Criticized by William Cullen Bryant and based on the earlier Nicholson Non-Importation Act, for ten points, name this act of Congress signed by Thomas Jefferson that forbade all trade from France and Britain to American ports.

Answer: Embargo Act of 1807

8. This was originally published in 1829 as the first poem of the collection Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems. It begins by calling the title entity a “true daughter of Old Time,” but goes on to ask “Hast thou not dragged Diana from her car / and driven the Hamadryad from her wood” and accuses it of having “torn” from the poet “the summer dream beneath a tamarind tree,” characterizing it as a “vulture, whose wings are dull realities.” For ten points, name this poem addressed to an area of human knowledge by Edgar Allan Poe.

Answer: Sonnet-to Science

9. Controversy exists as to whether the mechanism for this reaction is concerted and synchronous, concerted and asynchronous, or stepwise. Imidazolidinone complexes can produce the exo product in high enantiomeric excess, but for most reagents, an endo attack is strongly preferred. The rate of this reaction can be modified by electron donating or withdrawing substituents which reduce the gap between the HOMO and LUMO of the reactants. This reaction was first observed in 1928 between maleic anhydride and butadiene , giving cis-1, 2, 3, 6-tetrahydrophthalic anhydride. For ten points, name this 4+2 addition that reacts a diene and a dienophile to produce a cyclic alkene, named for its two discoverers.

Answer: Diels-Alder reaction

10. Diplomat Charles Washburn was condemned to death for writing a critical analysis of this conflict, but he was saved by the timely arrival of the U.S.S. Wasp. It began with the seizure of the flagship Marques de Olinda, which took part in the initial advance on Fort Humaita, but all hopes of a short war were ended by the Battle of Riachuelo. Significant defeats at Yatay and Paso de la Patria preceded its bloodiest battle at Tuyuty, and it ended at Cerro Cora with the death of Solano Lopez. For ten points, name the 1865-70 war between Paraguay and the namesake entity comprised of Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Answer: War of the Triple Alliance

11. Early in this novel the narrator’s daughter develops a cough, whereupon two nobles next door request their removal from their room. Later, a bully kicks over that daughter’s sand castle and she runs onto the beach naked to clean off the sand, scandalizing the locals at Torre di Venere. Much of the action takes place in the Café Esquisito, where Franzl and Klara are invited to dance onstage to a fascist anthem. A waiter is duped into kissing Cipolla, who is disguised as Silvestra, and he shoots Cipolla in reprisal. For ten points, name the novel that takes place during Stefan’s vacation to the Tyrrhenian Sea, by Thomas Mann.

Answer: Mario and the Magician

12. This painting contains allusions to Baron Gros’s Napoleon at Eylau and Fuseli’s Count Ugolino, a hint at the activities preceding the depicted scene, and incorporates material from the artist’s earlier Beaujon Hospital Studies. The likenesses of Correard and Savigny, as well as the ship Argus appear in earlier incarnations of this painting in which three figures at center pull themselves to their feet away from the dead and dying, while three men mount barrels and signal to the right with unfurled cloths. For ten points name this famous painting depicting an ad-hoc lifeboat off Senegal, a work of Theodore Gericault.

Answer: The Raft of the Medusa (Le Radeu de la Meduse)

13. This man’s final reforms include a law forbidding marriage of Jews to Ammonites and citizens of Ashdod and the delegation of power to his brother Hanani. The son of Hacaliah, he embarked on a project with the help of the king’s forest keeper Asaph, though he was opposed by officials like Tobiah and Sanballat, who feared he was planning to revolt and attempted to stop him. His project was completed on the 25th of Elul, fifty-two days after Eliashib had repaired the Sheep Gate. For ten points, name this cupbearer to Artaxerxes and possible author of the Book of Ezra, which precedes his own book, who oversaw the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

Answer: Nehemiah

14. This period saw the rescue by O Ye Zi of Mo Xie, the concubine of Gan Jiang. Protracted warfare with the Yi and Di tribes created the need for hegemonical systems like the Ba, established by Zhuang of Chang. The battles of Cheng Pu, Bi, and Yanling resulted in the repulsion of the invasion of the Chu kingdom by the states Jin and Qin. Beginning with the flight east of Ji Yijiu after the fall of Hao and the movement of the capital from Zengzhao to Chengzhao, its famous scholars included Rang Ju, Sun Tzu, and Confucius. For ten points name this era of the Zhao dynasty lasting from 722 to 481 BCE and named for a chronicle of the state of Lu.

Answer: Spring and Autumn Period or Chun qiu si dai (prompt on “Zhou” before its mentioned)

15. Pravda attacked his Saxophone Concerto in E Flat Major for “bourgeois decadence” just before his death, preventing him from hearing it performed. His contributions to the national styles of neighboring cultures include two Overtures on Three Greek Themes, and a set of “Finnish Sketches.” His influence on Russian style began with his symphonic poems “Stenka Razin” and “The Kremlin.” He helped to complete the arias for Prince Igor and orchestrated Chopin’s piano music for the ballet Les Sylphides. For ten points, name this Russian composer perhaps best remembered for his ballet The Seasons.

Answer: Aleksandr Konstantinovich Glazunov

16. The use of a software type of this in the BIND DNS daemon eliminates the need to frequently retrieve an authoritive name to IP mapping. The more common hardware type is transparently implemented by maintenance algorithms like Pitkow/Recker, Hyper-G, and Log(Size)+LRU, and its efficacy is based on locality of reference in access patterns, with retrieval provided based on time without exploit, as records that are not frequently used are evicted. For ten points, name this type of computer storage used to provide very fast access to frequently used data.

Answer: cache

17. He wrote “every horizon encloses us” about the supposed failure of science to understand the world, a concept he called “das Scheitern.” He conceived of a transcendent reality that surrounded existence the general consciousness “dasein,” which he termed “umgreifende” or “encompassing,” whose recognition he argued led to the realization of the authentic self in works like Philosophical Faith and Revelation. For ten points, name this existentialist philosopher who explores the necessity of modern society to the self-definition of the individual in his tracts Man and the Modern Age and The Way to Wisdom.

Answer: Karl Theodor Jaspers

18. Among the terrors of this man’s regime were the slave-labor camps at Bulqize and Kallimash, which he used to turn his country into the world’s third leading exporter of chromium. His political opponents Pandi Kristo and Koci Xoxe [ZOKE-say] were among the many executed by his secret police force, the Sigurimi, a brainchild of his chief minister Mehmed Shehu. He defeated the Ballists and Royalists as head of the National Liberation Front to establish the only People’s Republic in a predominately Muslim country. For ten points, name this avid Marxist-Leninist leader who ruled from 1945-1986 as the longtime premier of Albania.

Answer: Enver Hoxha

19. This author’s essay “In Praise of Shadows” explores the emerging traditionalism in his best known works. Early short stories include “The Whirlpool,” which intertwines the themes of beauty and morality he first experienced with his translation of The Picture of Dorian Grey into Japanese. Themes of dark beauty also surround the artist Seikichi in his creation of a black widow in his “The Tattooer,” but he is better known for his stories about excessive eroticism like Diary of a Mad Old Man and fetishism in Some Prefer Nettles. For ten points, name this author best known for his depiction of Osaka family life, The Makioka Sisters.

Answer: Junichiro Tanizaki

20. Attempts by linguists Orr, Longacre, and Greenberg to locate relatives for this SOV language have been frustrated by its borrowing of all of its left-headed relative clauses from Spanish and word-loaning from Jaqaru and Kawki. The suffix “chiy” is added to form the infinitive of a verb from an adjective, while the inflection “kuna” pluralizes nouns. With a name meaning “of the temperate valleys,” this language’s best-known literary work is the 16th Century drama Ollantay. For ten points, name this most widely spoken Native American language whose chief dialect Cuzco is widely spoken in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Answer: Quechua (do not accept “Incan” because it’s wrong)

Overtime. Works of this writer’s late career include a hymn of bravery to the Gaulish warrior Vestalis and an epistle to Cotys II. His Getic poem in praise of the Emperor is lost, and his authorship of the poem “Helieutica” has been called into question. While this man was infamous for controversy, including that stirred-up in his series of letters to Corrina, the precise cause of the punishment described in his Tristia and for which clemency is requested in his Epistulae ex Ponto is not stipulated. For ten points, name this student of Fuscus and Latro who, before his exile to Tomis on the Black Sea, wrote such famous works as Ars amatoria and Metamorphoses.

Answer: Publius Ovidius Naso

The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

Bonuses by Indiana (Wesley Matthews)
1. Name these battles of the Civil War, for ten points each.

1. Beginning with an attack by the Union Fifth on Ewell’s Corps on the Orange Turnpike, this battle lasted until May 7, 1864, when federals advanced on Spotsylvania Courthouse. It included a Confederate attack on Hamilton’s Thicket and a friendly fire incident in which James Longstreet was wounded.

Answer: Battle of the Wilderness

2. Confederate forces under Braxton Bragg in retreat from Kentucky attacked Union forces moving on Chattanooga under Rosecrans in 1862. In following days, Rosecrans repulsed a second attack, causing Bragg to retreat to Tullahoma as both sides claimed victory.

Answer: Battle of Stones River or Murfreesboro

3. The main achievement of Morgan’s Raid was this 1863 incident in which a general defied orders to remain in Kentucky, and crossed the Ohio River to capture a former state capitol. That state was Indiana. That’s right: Indiana.

Answer: Battle of Corydon
2. Name these anthropological studies, for ten points each.

1. Derek Freeman famously challenged this 1928 book based on field work on a certain island that argues that adolescent stress is a cultural rather than a biological phenomenon and that socialization of children leads to an easy transition to sexual activity in adulthood.

Answer: Coming of Age in Samoa

2. Credited with launching modern ethnography as well as economic anthropology, this work discusses ceremonies like the building of the Waga, the working of the Kaloma Shells, and the Kula ring exchange.

Answer: Argonauts of the Western Pacific

3. A follow-up to earlier studies by Man and Portman, this work of Alfred Radcliffe-Brown focuses on peoples like the Jarawa and Onge, argues that taboos create anxiety due to fear of ostracism, and speculates on the African or Melanesian origin of the title society.

Answer: The Andaman Islanders
3. For ten points, name each of these 20th Century giants of noted literature, Polish literature.

1. The first Pole to win the Nobel Prize was this author whose novels are The Deluge about the Vasa threat, With Fire and Sword, about a Cossack rebellion, and Quo Vadis about love in the time of Nero.

Answer: Henryk Sienkiewicz

2. Born and educated in Lithuania, this anti-totalitarian is best known for his novels The Seizure of Power and Native Realm, and his study The Captive Mind. He won the 1980 Nobel Prize.

Answer: Czeslaw Milosz

3. Czeslaw Milosz called this man’s A Dreambook for Our Time “the most terrifying Postwar novel.” This socialist realist author’s other works include At the Construction Site, A Minor Apocalypse, and Bohin Manor.

Answer: Tadeusz Konwicki
4. Name these Jovian moons for ten points each:

1. The multi-ring Valhalla Impact Basin is the largest surface feature on this dirty snowball that also contains the Gipul Catena, a long series of intersecting impact craters lined up in a straight line.

Answer: Callisto

2. Along with Adrastea, this moon that orbits closest to Jupiter provides the dust for the planet’s main ring.

Answer: Metis

3. The long linear bright spot Ida scars the surface of this moon, the last in the solar system to be discovered via direct observation from earth. Its red color comes from its constant bombardment of ions stripped away from Io by the Jovian magnetic field.

Answer: Amalthea
5. For ten points each, name these overtures:

1. Intended as a response to an honorary degree from the University of Breslau, this overture is a setting of the four tunes “We Have Built a Stately House,” “The Father of Our Country,” “What is Coming From on High?” and “Gaudeamus Igitur.”

Answer: “Academic Festival Overture”

2. Beethoven’s Opus 84, its introduction is a musical duel between a heavy passage in F-minor and a menacing sarabande. Its central woodwind section leads to a pause from which the allegro passage “Victory Symphony” emerges. It is the only surviving piece from a 10-part program for a work of Goethe.

Answer: “Egmont Overture”

3. Because of Schubert’s great hurry in composing the music it introduces, he attempted to borrow what would become this piece, which introduces a Helmina von Chezy drama from an Entr’act, from Alphonse und Estrella. He mistakenly selected the overture from Die Zauberharfe. How confusing.

Answer: “Rosamunde Overture”
6. Name these Islamic holy sites for ten points each:

1. Home to the Mosque of the Prophet, this destination of the hejirah also contains the tombs of Fatima and the second caliph Umar.

Answer: Medinah (grudgingly accept Yathrib)

2. Ali’s camel first knelt in this city, so his followers the Shiites buried him there. Home to the Imam Ali mosque, it is the spiritual center of Shi’a Islam. Its name is Arabic for “high land.”

Answer: Najaf

3. Home to the first mosque on African soil, the Sidi Oqba, this Tunisian city is traditionally the first Arab settlement in Africa and the fourth holiest city in Islam.

Answer: Kairouan
7. Name the following associated with muscle anatomy for ten points each:

1. Surrounded by the membranes of Krause and consisting of a dark center and two light regions, they are compressed by hyaloplasm driven out of their clear regions, allowing muscles to contract.

Answer: sarcomeres

2. These resident cells of mesodermally derived connective tissue are also found in the epimysium as part of the areolar tissue. Their primary function is to secrete procollagen and collagenase.

Answer: fibroblasts

3. Seen in transverse section, muscular fiber is divided into these polyhedral areas made up of transversely divided sarcostyles and surrounded by sarcoplasm.

Answer: Areas of Cohnheim
8. Name these rather bleak poems about love by Alfred, Lord Tennyson for ten points each:

1. Inspired by a character from Measure for Measure, the title character of this poem from Poems Chiefly Lyrical is only able to say “My life is dreary, he cometh not,” and “I am aweary, aweary, I would that I were dead.”

Answer: “Mariana

2. The narrator of this monologue remembers his lost love Amy, who accepted her family’s desired suitor, and his uncaring uncle, who brought him up at the title estate on a desolate moor by the ocean.

Answer: “Locksley Hall

3. The text “Under the Palm Tree” leads Annie to believe her husband is in heaven, and she marries Phillip Ray. Unfortunately, the title character was only shipwrecked on a desert island, and upon return, vows not to reveal himself.

Answer: “Enoch Arden
9. Name some psychologists from their works for ten points each:

1. Contributions to the Theory of Sense Perception, Principles of Physiological Psychology, and his 10-volume masterwork, Social Psychology.

Answer: Wilhelm Wundt

2. Adolescent Aggression, a collaboration with Richard Walters, Social Foundations of Thought and Action, and Social Learning Theory, containing observations from his “Bobo doll” experiments, which rule.

Answer: Albert “Sockeroo!” Bandura

3. Psychoanalysis and Civilization, and Homosexuality: The Psychology of the Creative Purpose.

Answer: Paul Rosenfels
10. He suffered the horrible fate of exile to Armenia for his attacks on the immorality of the court of Arcadius and demands for mercy for a dishonored eunuch. For ten points each:

1. Name this doctor of the church and patriarch of Constantinople from 398-403.

Answer: St. John Chrysostom (prompt on “John” and “Chrysostom” separately)

2. St. John Chrysostom was exiled primarily for his sermons that specifically attacked this wife of Arcadius.

Answer: Eudoxia

3. The father of Eudoxia was this Eastern Roman Emperor who was noted for his banning of the Olympic Games.

Answer: Theodosius I (accept Theodosius the Great)
11. Answer the following about a scandal for ten points each:

1. Investigations by Louis Brandeis revealed that the Wickersham Letter had been backdated in this affair in which forest sites were clear-listed without the permission of Louis Glavis. It is named for a Secretary of the Interior and the head of the U.S. Forest Service

Answer: Ballinger-Pinchot Affair or Controversy

2. Poor handling of the Ballinger-Pinchot affair by the Department of the Interior led to the breakup of a political alliance that helped cost this incumbent the Presidency.

Answer: William Howard Taft

3. The Ballinger-Pinchot affair exposed a violation of this 1906 act, which authorized the inhabitants of one of a certain state to claim up to 160 acres of non-mineral land after occupying it for five years.

Answer: Alaska Native Allotment Act
12. Name these characters from Moby-Dick, for ten points each:

1. A native of either Kokovoko or Rokovoko, he meets Ishmael in New Bedford, and becomes Ishmael’s bedmate and a harpooner on the Pequod along with Tashtego and Daggoo.

Answer: Queequeg

2. Known for his excessive hubris, he leads the whaler’s mutiny on the Town-Ho and is whipped by its first mate, Radney.

Answer: Steelkilt

3. This sister of Bildad attempts to prohibit the crew from drinking on the Pequod and prepares the ship to sail.

Answer: Aunt Charity
13. Aztec death stuff, ten points each.

1. This is the name of the nine-helled underworld of Aztec myth. We’re all going here.

Answer: Mictlan

2. Name either of the two deities rule over of the entirety of Mictlan. One is portrayed as a skeleton, and he is symbolized by the spider, owl, and bat. The other…is his wife.

Answer: Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacihuatl

3. This goddess of romantic love was killed and/or dragged down to Mictlan and raped by the frog-monster Xolotl, an event associated with the Festival of Dying Flowers, which is probably the predecessor of the custom of strewing marigolds on the Day of the Dead.

Answer: Xochiquetzal
14. Answer the following about the Mongol Empire for ten points each:

1. The son of Yekusai, after subjugating several local Mongol tribes, he called the khuriltai conference, at which he was proclaimed their ruler. He then attacked Jurchen China, sparking a series of conflicts.

Answer: Jenghiz Khan (accept Genghis Khan, anything that sound like it, or Temüjin)

2. Jenghiz Khan promulgated this imperial code organizing the Mongol nation and the administration of the army and also extending to commercial and civil laws.

Answer: the Jasagh or Yasa

3. The administration of the empire was left mainly to this Turkic-speaking people who gave their script to the Mongols, and who had earlier been chased out of Mongolia by the Kyrgyz [KER-giz].

Answer: the Uigurs
15. Math stuff, for ten points each:

1. This statement that three squared minus two cubed equals one is the only consecutive power solution to the namesake’s Diophantine problem x to the p minus y to the q is equal to positive or negative one was proven in 2000 by Preda Mihailescu.

Answer: Catalan’s Conjecture

2. Mahailescu proved Catalan’s Conjecture by showing that if p and q in Catalan’s Diophantine problem are greater than three, then they must be double pairs of these prime numbers r such that 2 to the quantity r minus 1 is congruent to 1 modulo r-squared.

Answer: Wieferich primes

3. The related equation 2 to the quantity s minus 1 is congruent to 1 modulo s is known as this theorem. It holds for all prime numbers s.

Answer: Fermat’s Little Theorem
16. Name some things about an artist and his works for ten points each:

1. The creator of the Gonzaga cycle, his historical paintings The Venetian Ambassadors before Frederick Barbarossa and The Battle of Zara had to be rescued from a 1577 fire at the ducal palace in Venice.

Answer: Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti; accept the Little Dyer and things like it)

2. Tintoretto executed two filthy paintings of this title for the Barocci Room at the Uffizi Palace. In them, a tiara-wearing female, who is naked, caresses the long neck of a fowl.

Answer: Leda and the Swan

3. Probably the most famous of Tintoretto’s series “The Lives of the Saints,” this painting depicts the title saint in a bright red cloak swooping down over a man condemned to torture for worshipping saintly relics. A crowd is gathered around the executioner, who holds a broken hammer.

Answer: The Miracle of Saint Mark (accept Saint Mark Rescuing a Slave or equivalents)
17. Name some great epics, none of which are that Epic of Epics the Manas for ten points each:

1. Callimachus satirized Apollonius of Rhodes in his Ibis for writing this epic poem that recounts, among other things, the rape of Hylas, the legend of Telos, and the love of Jason and Medea.

Answer: The Argonautica

2. Some of its four branches tell of the the kidnapping and rescue of Branwen, the story of Llyr and Manawyddan, and the courtship of Culhwch and Owen, among other tales.

Answer: Y Mabinogion

3. The title prince’s adventures with his white elephant Chang-pheu-ak-phan-kham begin when he falls in love with the princess Nang Ngom, but her mother, the regent of Chiang-kheua sets too high a bride-price. This poem, along with the shorter Sin Xay, is the national epic of Laos. Yeah, that’s right; Laos.

Answer: Thao Hung Thao Cheuang Epic
18. Name these African defenders for ten points each:1. This dude signed the treaty of Uccialli with Victor Emmanuel’s government, but repudiated it upon figuring-out that it made Ethiopia a protectorate of Italy. He then repulsed the consequent Italian invasion at the Battle of Adwa.

Answer: Menelik II of Ethiopia (prompt on “Menelik”)

2. This guy succeeded his father Umpanda by defeating his brother in battle, whereupon he took credit for the Zulu victory at Isandhlwana Mountain. He later lost his power after his defeat by the British at Ulundi.

Answer: Cetshwayo (accept Cetewayo)

3. This ruler of a namesake empire located between the Tukolor Caliphate and the French Sudan held off French attempts to conquer Guinea and Mali for 16 years beginning in 1884. When Stokely Carmichael moved to Africa, he changed his name to “honor” this man.

Answer: Samori Toure (accept either and/or both)

19. Answer the following related physics questions for the stated number of points:

1. (5 points) An ideal battery is a simple example of an independent one of these. They are generally symbolized by a circle with ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ terminals.

Answer: voltage source (accept equivalents)

2. (15 points) This concise yet very useful theorem states that any two-terminal network containing only resistors and independent sources can be reduced to a single voltage source in series with a single resistor.

Answer: Thevenin’s Theorem

3. (10 points) Thevenin’s theorem states that the emf of the Thevenin equivalent voltage source is equal to this.

Answer: the open-circuit voltage of the network (accept equivalents)
20. Eugene O’Neill plays, for ten points each:

1. Peter and Simeon have designs on the land, but leave for California to prospect, while Eben is seduced by Abbie, who tries to trick Ephraim Cabot out of the farm he has built.

Answer: Desire Under The Elms

2. A black wife, Ella Downey is seduced by the boxer Mickey, while her white husband Jim Harris is unable to pass his bar exam. Shocking.

Answer: All God’s Chillun Got Wings

3. Richard Miller goes on a wild spree after being forbidden to date Muriel and falls under the influence of the self-righteous Belle. All is eventually put right by Richard’s Uncle Sid.

Answer: Ah, Wilderness!
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