The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

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The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

Toss-ups by Illinois (Sudheer Potru) (2)
1. His influence can be seen in the work of Lancret and Quillard, and he himself worked with Claude Audran III. His time with Claude Gillot exposed him to the Commedia dell’Arte, whose influence can be seen in the paintings Gilles and Mezzetin. Other works include Gersaint's Shopsign, created for his art director. However, he may be best known for his admiration of Rubens and a work showing a passage to Venus’ birthplace. For ten points, name this French rococo artist, the creator of The Embarkation for Cythera.

Answer: Jean-Antoine Watteau

2. The second son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, he commanded the right wing of the Spanish army at the Battle of the Dunes. Due to his efforts, New Netherland was seized from the Dutch and named for him. The first part of his reign went fine, but his second marriage to Mary of Modena and his refusal to acknowledge the Test Act and take anti-Catholic oaths worried many, and probably resulted in the fabrication of the Popish Plot, a supposed attempt against his life. For ten points, name this brother of Charles II, deposed in 1688 by William and Mary in the Glorious Revolution.

Answer: James II (prompt on “Duke of York”)

3. A Communist in her early adult years, her penultimate novel, The Diary of a Good Neighbour, was published under the pseudonym Jane Somers. Her first novel was 1950’s The Grass is Singing. Her short story collections include The Sun Between Their Feet, but she is better known for her tales of Martha Quest found in Children of Violence, and for another work telling of the writer Anna Wulf and her struggles with the feminist movement. For ten points, name this British author of The Golden Notebook.

Answer: Doris Lessing

4. Alternatively known as both Yngvi and the “God of the World”, his cult was centered at Uppsala. The golden boar Gullinbursti draws the chariot made for him by Brokk and Eitri, and he will be killed by Surt, as his servant Skirnir demanded his powerful sword for completing his marriage to the beautiful giantess Gerda. The owner of the ship Skidbladnir which fits in his pocket, for ten points, name this Norse god of peace, sun, and rain, the brother of Freya.

Answer: Frey(r)

5. First translated into English by William Jones, minor characters in it include the nymph Sanumati and the buffoon Madhavya, who speaks plain truth to the king. Raised by the hermit Kanva, the title character is the daughter of Vishvamitra and Menaka. When the king Dushyanta sees her in a forest, he immediately falls in love with her, and presents her with a ring, although she is later cursed by Durvasa so he recognizes neither her nor her son Bharata. For ten points, name this classical Sanskrit drama, the best-known work of Kalidasa.

Answer: Shakuntala and the Ring of Recollection

6. A large farming community exists on the Obihiro plain of this region, which spans just over 30,000 miles. Important cities here include Hakodate, Otaru, and Sapporo, its administrative capital. Originally the domain of the aboriginal Ainu people, it was later renamed to mean “North Sea Province.” Bordered on the west by the Sea of Japan and on the north by the Sea of Okhotsk, it is separated from Sakhalin Island by La Perouse Strait. For ten points, name this northernmost island of Japan.

Answer: Hokkaido

7. It consists of polymers of indole 5,6-quinone and 5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid. Produced by granules in specialized cells in a complex series of reactions that start with the oxidation of tyrosine, it is found in some invertebrates and fungi, and is notably present in squid and octopus ink, but is probably better known for its role in vertebrates. Responsible for coloration of the retina, hair, and skin, for ten points, what is this dark brown pigment?

Answer: melanin

8. Led by Jacques Laffitte and Francois Guizot, it arose largely from the appointment of Jules de Polignac as premier. Its support from Adolphe Thiers resulted in the reduction of the electorate, rigid press control, and dissolution of the chamber, the so-called “Ordinances” directly preceding it. But after a massive citizens’ protest, Henri, the duke of Bordeaux, took the place of the abdicating Charles X, although Henri too would be replaced by the duke of Orléans, later known as Louis Philippe. For ten points, name this 1830 coup d’état, named for the month in which it took place.

Answer: July Revolution (accept Juillet)

9. He referred to his friend Gustave Courbet’s painting Stonebreakers as “a condemnation of capitalism and its potential for greed.” Bitterly attacked in Marx’s The Poverty of Philosophy, a satirical title based on one of his own works, his other works include Du principe Federatif, and he helped to publish many essays of his disciple Bakunin. He was exiled in 1858 for his De la justice dans la revolution et dans l’église, but he may be most famous for a work questioning the merits of ownership. For ten points, name this French socialist and anarchist, author of “What is Property?”

Answer: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

10. Born on July 21st, 1964, his blood type is O, he is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighs 175 pounds. Originally an orphan, he was given up to the Shotokan Karate master Gouken by his foster father. Having never lost a fight he believed in, he would later provide inspiration for the schoolgirl Sakura to become a true fighter, and his longtime friendship and training with Ken Masters resulted in their both having the three same attacks: the Hurricane Kick, the Dragon Punch, and of course, the Hadouken Fireball. For ten points, name this Japanese martial artist, this author’s favorite character in the Street Fighter series.

Answer: Ryu (no last name required, because “Hoshi” was added later)

11. In an orthonormal Hilbert space, the inner product of two indexed basis functions is equal to the discrete variety of this operating on the indices. In bound-state problems with wells comprised of the other version of this, taking a k-space complex Fourier transform often leads to a fairly direct solution via its sifting property. In The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, its proposer admits that its name is misleading, though it served its purpose of diagonalizing a quantum energy matrix. For ten points, name the fundamental mathematical object that comes in Dirac and Kronecker types.

Answer: delta function

12. Currently located at the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, its predella focuses on the Lamentation. Its second panel shows both a nativity scene along with the Annunciation, and it was executed for the hospital chapel of Saint Anthony's Monastery. While its third panel depicts the temptations of Saints Anthony and Paul, its first panel is the most famous, depicting a lamb and John the Baptist looking on at the Crucifixion. For ten points, name this altarpiece, the best-known work of Matthias Grünewald.

Answer: Isenheim Altarpiece

13. His later work Human Nature and the Social Order followed much of his work while at Columbia with Robert Woodworth, with whom he studied the transference of learning. A strong advocate of statistics in the social sciences, he raised chickens in William James’ basement and also proposed his namesake puzzle box, from which he was able to formulate the laws of exercise and effect. For ten points, name this behaviorist and author of 1911’s Animal Intelligence.

Answer: Edward Lee Thorndike

14. Chapter Two rebukes priests for breaking the Lord’s covenant with Levi, along with bashing Judah for marrying “the daughter of a foreign god.” Its actual authorship is unknown, but its reported author’s name is a transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning “my messenger.” Chapter One of this Biblical book is the most famous section, in which the Lord announces “Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.” Only four chapters in length and appearing after Zechariah, FTP, name this last of the minor prophets and final book of the Old Testament.

Answer: Malachi

15. Craters on the Moon, Mercury, and Mars were named for one of its theorizers, and its existence was confirmed by David Jewett and Jane Luu with their discovery of the 150-mile-wide 1992QB1. Other objects within it include Varuna and 2002 LM60, also known as “Quaoar” and, of course, the planet Pluto. Also named for Kenneth Edgeworth and comprised of several bodies consisting of extremely thick ice, FTP, name this astronomical region lying just past the orbit of Neptune, named for its Dutch theorizer.

Answer: Edgeworth-Kuiper belt

16. This philosophical work differs from its author’s earlier work Daniel in that it focuses much less on the mystical union between man and God and instead embraces the notion of their separate existences. While they are impossible and rare on the inorganic or animal levels, respectively, the title relationships exist between man and other beings and more importantly man and God, but they are sometimes transformed into the less fulfilling “I/It” relationships, which include only a fraction of ourselves. For ten points, name this magnum opus of Martin Buber.

Answer: I and Thou (Ich und Du)

17. In this work, the servant Pedringano believes that a mysterious box will acquit him from the murder charge against him for the death of Serberine. Andrea speaks to Pluto and Proserpine, who return him to the world accompanied by the spirit of Revenge. The prince Balthazar is imprisoned after a battle, but later falls in love with Bel-Imperia, whose jealousy along with Lorenzo’s hatred results in the death of Horatio, son of the Knight Marshal, Hieronimo. For ten points, name this Elizabethan drama centering on the nobles of Portugal and a certain other country, written by Thomas Kyd.

Answer: The Spanish Tragedy

18. The “mopping-up” campaign after this event was undertaken by Hugh Rose, while Colin Campbell directed most of the military operations during it. Cawnpore and Agra served as major engagements in this conflict, which began in Meerut with the introduction of Enfield rifles containing cartridges lubricated with pig and cow lard to the Bengali army. Resulting in the abolishment of the East India Company, for ten points, name this 1857 rebellion, named for the Indian soldiers who undertook it.

Answer: Sepoy Mutiny (prompt on “Indian Mutiny”)

19. At a young age, he recalls having watched old men play pickup baseball games. Unlike his sister Hannah, who finds school difficult, this character graduates first in his class at every level and, after his schooling, works as a crusading lawyer in New York City. He refers to his love interests with names like The Pilgrim and The Monkey, providing merely two examples of his uncontrollable libido, something which naturally makes his parents Jack and Sophie very upset. For ten points, name this Jewish patient of Dr. Spielvogel, whose “complaint” is described in Philip Roth’s first novel.

Answer: Alexander Portnoy

20. Clouded in obscurity until the invention of the semiconductor, it can be detected by measuring the amount of chemical substance deposited in an electrochemical cell. Its coefficient SAB varies with respect to the specific elements and the relative level of temperature difference between the two junctions. The basis for the thermocouple, it states that the joining of two dissimilar metals in the creation of a closed circuit and the ensuing heating of one metal will induce an electric current. For ten points, name this reverse of the Peltier effect, discovered in 1821 by its namesake German physicist.

Answer: Seebeck effect

Overtime.Written for Harry Clifton, it claims that “All things fall and are built again / And those that build them again are gay”, a description used throughout the poem. Making continual references to Shakespearean characters like Hamlet and Lear, the poem discusses war and its repercussions, recalling the bombing “Until the town lie beaten flat.” The speaker loves to look at a picture of three Chinamen carved onto the title object as they wander toward heaven. FTP, name this Yeats poem, taking its title from a certain blue rock useful for pigmentation.

Answer: “Lapis Lazuli

The Illinois Open 2003: Transfigured Spite

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