The hvr crier the Official Publication of Hidden Valley Ranch Property Owner’s Association

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The Official Publication of Hidden Valley Ranch Property Owner’s Association

Volume IX, Issue 1 November 2006



Welcome back to all the winter Texans, and hello to all the permanent residents of HVR.
I’m sure your summer was like mine, very hot. We left HVR the 27th of May, looking forward to a cool “as usual” Memorial Day. Not so!!!!! This year northwest Iowa was already hot and promising to get hotter, which it did. Humidity this year was the worst we’d seen for a long time. We did survive and here we are back in good old south Texas.
I’ve had a lot to think about this summer, a lot of which concerns all of you in HVR. There have been numerous phone calls from Ron Kling and Jessie Hills, most of which concerned our covenants and by-laws. A lot of these concerns I will bring to you at our first meeting in November. Until that time I would like you all to think about what you want from HVR, its board of directors and its president. As most of you know and for those of you who don’t, we’ve been put to the test concerning our covenants. A lawsuit concerning a covenant and violation is in the works. We have already paid our attorney $1500 to start the procedure, and I’m sure before it’s over we will have spent much more. We talk about all the things people have done in violations in the past, but they were before we voted in our new covenants and by-laws. We’ve had some problems this past year, but most of those we worked out with the individuals involved. If you recall every candidate, running for a director last election, vowed if elected to enforce the covenants and by-laws. I am therefore assuming that, that meant all people in HVR felt this way. Guess I was wrong and I’ve been told by a few that I was wrong. This is where I need all of you to talk amongst yourselves to determine the direction of your

park. Some say we’re too strict, we need to make exceptions and we need to allow variances. When do we draw the line? Think about it!

Another important issue is the position of treasurer. Most of you may know that Carol will no longer be our treasurer; this came about early this summer. Luckily, she has worked with us to help us through this period. We also have been using our accountant and the always helpful Jessie Hills to manage through this crisis. A thought for your minds, would be to consider the job of treasurer to be an outside paid position. We need to consider this if a replacement cannot be found within our ranks. There will be 6 replacements on the board this year, including your president. Start thinking now about who will run and are they good for HVR.
In addition to the board, we’ve beat up our architectural committee and ultimate dispute committee pretty badly. There will be a need for volunteers there also.
Members, I need your help, I don’t know how else to say it. I love our park and I want it to survive. I know we come to the valley for rest and fun in the sun, but we need to do our part to make this happen.
Looking forward to seeing you all.

Jan Coon, President


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