The Hundred Years’ War

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The Hundred Years’ War
Use the links provided to answer the questions. The link above the question is where the answer will be located.

  1. What were the start and end years for the Hundred Years’ War?

  1. What part of southeastern France did England have control over before the war?

  1. When the French King, Charles IV, died without an heir, what English king claimed the French throne because he was related to the French king?

  1. What two factions arose when France split after the death of Charles IV?

  1. What French action caused Edward III to declare war?

  1. What were the three “French Disasters”?

  1. In your opinion, which of these “disasters” was the worse for France- explain why?

  1. In 1407, France plunged into a civil war as well as the war against England. What two groups did the royal family divide into that started this civil war?

  1. As Burgundy expands in northern France, who are they allies with?

  1. The weakened King of France agreed to let who take the crown on France after his death?

  1. After France has driven England out, what was the only French area that England still had?

  1. Look at the 1470 map- where is this English area in France at?

Joan of Arc played a huge part in rallying the French after they were almost conquered entirely by England. She frequently led troops in battle, most of which she won.

  1. With what crimes did the English charge Joan of Arc with after she was captured? Why did her clothing play such a big part in this?

  1. Who did not come to the aid of Joan even though she was a large part of him becoming French king?

  1. What was the French loss at the Battle of Poitiers due to the longbow?

  1. What was the French loss at the Battle of Crecy due to the longbow?

Magna Carta: Go to Pg 395 in your book to answer the following

  1. What was the purpose of the Magna Carta?

  1. What central ideas seems to underline lines 38,39,40 and 45?

  1. Why might English Nobles have insisted in the rights listed in number 45?

  1. What American document can you compare the Magna Carta to?

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