The Hundred Years’ War Lecture Outline I. Hundred Years’ War & Nationalism

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The Hundred Years’ War Lecture Outline
I. Hundred Years’ War & Nationalism

a. Medieval governments had to overcome __________ between lords to maintain order. (Doc.#4)

b. To overcome the rivalries the ___________ of England and France emphasized feudal relationships and stressed _________ based on positions of power. (Lower loyal to higher). (Docs. #1,3)

c. What type of system is this called?

d. Under this type of system who does all the power go to?

e. Under this system of government and the way loyalty is emphasized the system creates a sense of national pride/identity in what?

II. The Causes of the War

#1. English King __________________ claimed the French throne. (Doc. 5 & pg. 300 in Kagan)

#2. England and France both wanted more ________ and they were very close to each other.

#3. How do you think the French would feel about the English claiming French land?

#4. The City of __________________.
III. French Weakness

a. France had a _______________ population than England

b. Lost numerous wars due to ______________ fighting

c. ________________ struggles

d. English __________________ superiority

e. Poor ____________________ leadership

IV. Progress of the War

  1. Phase #1: English take French King John the Good _________________.

  2. How would his capture affect the French society?

  1. The Peace of Bretigny-Calais: King Edward no longer a __________ to King of France. Also, France agreed to pay ransom to get King John the Good ___________________

  2. Phase #2: French Defeat and the Battle of Troyes

i. ______________ watched as England won more and more battles against the French. (Kagan p.300)

ii. They finally decide to help France out when they see that soon they will be overrun by the English. It works UNTIL………

iii. _________________________ is assassinated.

iv. They switch sides and help the English….any ideas why??

v. Their help leads to the ____________________________

vi. Treaty makes the English __________ next in line to throne of French King, Charles VI.

vii. Charles VII, becomes a king in ___________, while Henry V’s son rules according to the Treaty of Troyes

e. Phase #3: Joan of Arc and renewed nationalism (1470 Map)

i. Joan of Arc believing she has been called by God goes to exiled Charles VII and asks to help rescue the city of ______________.

ii.Joan of Arc defeats English at Orleans and goes on to win more battles. Why?

iii. How would her victories help Charles VII?

iv. How should Charles VII feel about Joan of Arc?

v. Joan of Arc is captured by the _______________________.

vi. Why would the Burgundians want to capture her? .

vii. What happened to Joan of Arc?

viii. What happens to England and France?

V. Results/Effects of the Hundred Years’ War

a. There were basically political and social consequences to the war. With a partner take 5 minutes read pg. 302 in textbook and fill in the chart with both the political and social results/effects of the War on Europe, England, France, and Burgundy. We will then discuss the answers. Be prepared to be called upon to share.



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