The houlton resident directory, 1895

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Edited by Betty Fraser (Punctuation has been added for ease of reading).
Note: This is not the directory in its entirety; the first forty pages, which are mainly advertisements along with a listing of streets, public schools, churches, and clubs (lodges, societies, etc.), have been omitted.
Av. or ave. avenue; bds. boards; bldg. building; blk. block; c. corner; com. trav. commercial traveler; [do. Ditto]; emp. employe; h. house; ins. insurance; n. near; opp. opposite; prop. proprietor; rd. road; rms. rooms; sq. square. After the name of a street the word “street" is omitted. Where distance is given, i. e., "Bradford, Adin K., h. Calais road, 1 mile out, " it is the approximate distance from the post-office.

ABERNETHY, CHARLES, farmer, h. Johnson's road, 3 miles out

Abernethy, James, h. Albert Mooers

Ackerley, Oliver, laborer, h. Bangor road, 1 mile out

Adair, James A., laborer, h. Foxcroft road, 1 1-2 miles out

ADAMS, Alfred, porter Hotel Exchange, h. do

Adams, David W., farmer, h. Foxcroft road, 4 1-2 miles out

Adams, John, h. John. A. do.

Adams, John A., laborer, h. River Side

Adams, John Q., clerk A. H. Fogg & Co., h. 20 School

Adams, Murray, brakeman B. & A., h. Green n. Bangor

Alexander, George, teamster Mathew Wilson, h. at Wilson's mill off Bangor road, 3 miles out

Allbright, Allen, farmer, h. Presque Isle road, 2 1-3 miles out

ALLEN, Charles E. barber, h. Stephen Amazeen

Allen, Mrs. Fannie, h. 16 North

Alward, Abraham J., h. 75 Main

Alward, Mrs. A. J., dressmaker 75 Main., h. do.

AMAZEEN, S. D., hair dresser 10 Market sq., h. Weeks

Amos Lizzie, seamstress, bds. 8 Kelleran

Amos, Samuel, carpenter, h. Willard c. Pleasant

BARNES, Clara, teacher, h. Mrs. Isa P. do.

Barnes, Isa P. Mrs. (Francis), h. Bangor road, 1 mile out

Barnes, Wellington, farm hand, h. 125 North

Barnett, James, laborer, h. Mechanic

Bartlett, Sadie, h. H. P. Ferris

Barton, Joseph, farmer, h. Charles W. Whitney

Bean, Hattie, h. Oscar L. do.

Bean, Luther, hostler, h. Gould bldg. Market sq.

Bean, Oscar L., h. North n. the old church

Beatty, Charles R., milk dealer, h. "High n. Weeks

Beavory, George, dry goods Military, h. do.

Beloungie, Amos, laborer, h. Military, 1-2 mile out

Beloungie, James, h. Amos do.

Bell, Burnham J., potato buyer, h. Military, 3-4 mile out

Bell, George, hostler Snell House stables, bds. do.

Bell, John, h. Military, 3-4 mile out

Bell, May, h. Freez Wheaton

BENN, HEBER R., carriage painter Bangor, h. Spring

Benn, Leander L., potato buyer, h. Pioneer bldg. Court

Benson, Thomas, farmer, h. Ludlow road, 2 3/4 miles out

Berry, A. H. hair dresser, bds. 44 Court

BERRY, AUGUSTUS H. (A. H. Berry & Son, grocers, 3 Water) h. Heywood

BERRY, CHARLES H. (Berry & Buzzell, livery, hack and boarding stable Market sq.) h. 4 Heywood Berry, Frank P., clerk, h. 66 Court

Berry, George A., tinsmith, h. Kelleran n. Park

Berry, Hiram O., carriage manufacturer, h. School n. M. E. Church

Berry, Isaac, grocer and brick manufacturer, boots, shoes, etc. North n. County Road, h. do.

Berry, John E., dealer in horses, carriages, etc. h. 49 Court

Berry, Peleg H., h. 49 Court

BERRY, THADDEUS C. S. (A. H. Berry & Son, grocers) h. Heywood

Betts, Albion G., clerk Charles Wilson, h. Mrs. Naomi do.

Betts, Jennie S. teacher, h. Mrs. Naomi do.

Betts, Lottie, teacher, h. Mrs. Naomi do.

Betts, Mary A., dressmaker, North, h. Mrs. Rebecca M. do.

Betts, Merritt E., plumber, h. Mrs. Naomi do.

Betts, Naomi Mrs. (William), h. North n. the old church

Betts, Rebecca M. Mrs. (Levi), h. off North n. County Road

Bickford, George G., h. 18 Pleasant

BILLINGS, FRED L., (Billings & Watts, Houlton Granite Co.) h. Brook c. Cleveland

Bither, Annie R., clerk register of deeds office, bds. A. P. M. Taber

Blair, John F., carpenter, h. Heywood

Bonnell, John B., turnkey county jail, h. Spring

Boome, Charles E., laborer, h. Court n. Pierce Brook

Boucher, Charles R., civil engineer and surveyor, bds. Corbett L. Packard

Boulieu, Andrew, laborer, h. Military n. Catholic Church

Boyd, Edward, farmer, h. the B. Road, town line, 4 1/2 miles out

Boyd, John, bds. Titcomb boarding house

Boyd, John, Mrs., bds. Isaac M. Harper

Boyd, Rose E. Mrs. (William), h. Military 3/4 mile out

Boyer, Mrs. John W., h. Park n. High

BOYLE, JOHN, merchant tailor Gray's blk. rms. do.

BRADBURY, MRS. ADDIE R., manager J. M. Rice, h. Main ,

BRADBURY, Henry C., grocer Military, h. do. 3/4 mile out

BRADBURY, HENRY K., (Keaton & Bradbury, furniture dealers and undertakers Main,) h. r. 4 Winter Bradbury, Thomas M., h. Court n. Park

Bradbury, William, h. the B. Road, 3 miles out

Braden, John, h. Summer c. Pleasant

Braden, William S., clerk National Bank, h. John do.

Bradford, Adin K., farmer, h. Calais road, 1 mile out

Bradford, Albion K., farmer, h. Calais road, 1 1/2 miles out ,

Bradford, Edna, h. Albion K. do.

Bradstreet Edwin, h. High

Bragdon, Burns, mill man, bds. George Alexander

Brannen, Edwin D., potato buyer, h. 65 Court

Brannen, Harry J. laborer, h. off Bangor n. Bridge Sq.

Brannon, Elias, shoemaker, h. North n. the bridge

Brasseur, Charles E., manager Boston Boot and Shoe Store Court, bds. Hotel Exchange

Brewer, Ambrose, bds. Titcomb Boarding House

Brewer, Andrew C., carpenter, h. H. P. Ferris

Brewer, Catharine Mrs. (William), h. Pierce Ave.

Brewer, Judson, carpenter, h. Heywood

Brewer, Melvin, laborer, h. r. John Millar's store, Court

Brewer, William, laborer, h. Franklin Ave.

Brewer, Wilmot, laborer, h. Pierce Ave.

Brewster, Thomas M., shoemaker Main, h. head of Park

Briggs, Ephraim, truckman, h. Green n. Bangor

Briggs, George W. teamster, h. Green n. Bangor

Briggs, Harry M. attorney-at-law Main, h. 4 Kelleran

Briggs, James, laborer, bds. Burleigh Bros.' hotel

Briggs, Thomas H. laborer, h. Green n. Bangor

Broderick, Joseph, brakeman B. & A. R. R., h. Green c. Bangor

Brostrom, Peter, mason tender, bds. H. P. Ferris

Broughton, Mrs. Charles, h. Patrick Cassidy

Brown Mrs. Elizabeth (Abram,) h. off Military, Johnson flat

Brown, Emleraux E., clerk John Millar, h. Clough blk. Mechanic

Brown, Harry C. bds., 55 North

Brown, Hettie Mrs. (Joseph), h. 69 Court.

Brown, J.A., dry goods, Main, h 69 Court.

Brown, James A., section hand B. & A. R. R., h. Pleasant n. Willard.

Brown, Moses, bds. Titcomb Boarding House

Brown, Oscar S., farmer, h. Court ¾ mile out
Brown, Waldo G., h. 43 Court.

Bryant, C. Ralph, emp. freight depot, B. & A. R. R., bds. Hotel Exchange.

Bryant, Prof. Hannibal H., traveling salesman, h. Highland Ave.

BRYANT, LESTER C., prop. Boston 5 and 10c store, Main c. Water, h. Elm n. Pleasant.

BRYSON, JOHN, (John Bryson & Son, photographers, 7 Market Sq.) h. Green.

BRYSON, J. FRANK, (John Bryson & Son, photographers), h. Green.

Bryson J. Wilder, baggage master C. P. R. R., h. Main.

Bubard, Alexander, farmer, h. High n. Weeks

Buchanan, Annie E., h. John do.

Buchanan, Ella M., clerk John Millar, h. John Buchanan

Buchanan, John, blacksmith Mechanic, h. 10 High

Buchanan, May W., cashier John Millar, h. John do.

Bull, Lizzie M. Mrs., h. Mechanic over American Ex. Co.

Bumpus, Edwin, contractor and builder, h. Kelleran

Burgess, Samuel, h. Bangor, Sweeney bldg.

Burke, Maggie, h. John S. Weiler

BURLEIGH, ALBERT A., president B. & A. R. R. h. Pleasant

Burleigh, Everett E., civil engineer, h. 60 Pleasant

Burleigh, Frances L. h. 60 Pleasant

Burleigh, Harry R., h. 60 Pleasant

BURLEIGH, JACOB B., (Burleigh Bros. props. Union House) h. do

BURLEIGH, PARKER P., attorney-at-law 50 Main, h. 60 Pleasant.

Burleigh, Parker P., h. Main c. Winter.

BURLEIGH, PRESTON N., law student, h. 60 Pleasant

BURLEIGH, RUFUS B., (Burleigh Bros. props. Union House, Bangor) h.. do.

Burmingham, Joseph Dr., veterinary, bds. James C. Radigan

Burnham, John E., Oyster Saloon 67 Main, h. 65 do.

Burnham, Maria A., h. John E. do.

Burns, Moses, bds. Titcomb Boarding House

Burpee, Frederick, emp. B. & A. R. R., bds. 23 Market sq.

Burpee, Moses, chief engineer B. & A. R. R. office 74 Main, h. Court

Burt, Austin, fireman, h. off Bangor n. Bridge sq.

Burt, William, carpenter, h. 45 High

Bussey, Benjamin, M. D. physician, h. 48 Lawn ,

Bussey, Nellie C., h. Dr. Benjamin do.

Butler, Fred, civil engineer B. & A. R. R., h. Court c. Military

Butters, George, laborer, h. Oscar Brown

BUZZELL OLIN B., billiard and pool room 92 Main, h. 6 Winter

BUZZELL, WELLMAN H., prop. Hotel Exchange, h. do.

BUZZELL, WILLIAM D., h. Hotel Exchange


CAIN, JOHN, bds. Hotel Exchange

CALLAHAN, Agnes, h. James do.

Callahan, Elizabeth Mrs. (Daniel), h. James do.

Callahan, James, farmer, h. Johnson's Road, 4 miles out

Callahan, Maggie, h. H. L. Arnold

Cameron, Archie, laborer, h. Joseph L. Wilson

CAMPBELL, Jennie I., h. Robert do.

Campbell, John, farmer, h. Foxcroft road, 4 miles out

Campbell, John, h. David W. Adams

Campbell, J. Albert, farmer, h. John Campbell

Campbell, Robert, h. North opp. the Old Church

Campbell, Roland, h. Military ½ mile out

CARPENTER, Frank, clerk, h. Main n. Court

Carpenter, John C. scaler, h. Green opp. Horton Bros. mill

Carpenter, Leonard, mason, h. Park Kelleran

Carpenter, Nora L., clerk, h. 44 Court

CARR, Ellen, h. 26 Charles

Carr, Temperance Mrs., h. 26 Charles

Carr, Wilbur, h. 26 Charles

CARROLL, Charles, attorney-at-law, office 68 Main, h. Main

Carroll, Patrick, laborer, h. North n. County road

Carroll, Rhoda L. Mrs. (Michael), h. Main n. Spring

Carroll, William F., emp. Clark's Hotel, h. 16 North

CARSON, Albert T., carpenter, h. 30 High

Carson, Frank, clerk J. A. Millar, h. Court

Carson, John Mrs., h. Green n. planing mill

Carter Edward, bds. 2 Pleasant

Cary George, M. D., physician and surgeon, h. 21 Court

CARY, THEODORE, editor and proprietor Aroostook Times, h. 138 Main

Cary, Walter, attorney-at-law Main, h. 25 Court

Casey, Mary, cook Snell House, h. do.

CASSIDY, Alice G., teacher, h. Patrick do.

Cassidy, Charles W. farmer, h. Patrick do.

Cassidy, Ella M. h. Patrick do.

Cassidy, Frank P. h. High

Cassidy, Lewis P. potato buyer, h. High c. Weeks

Cassidy, Patrick, farmer, h. Ludlow road, opp. Hammond’s Mill

Caudle, Robert, stone mason, bds. 43 North

Chadwick, Augusta E. Mrs. (Frank), h. 17 Park

CHADWICK JOHN G. (Chadwick & Wiggin, turning and planing mill North), h. 16 High

CHALMERS, H. M. MRS., private boarding house 2 Water, h. do.

Chalmers, Volney, carpenter, h. 2 Pleasant

CHAMBERLAIN, Albert, teamster, h. Charles n. Elm

Chamberlain, Frank, carpenter, h. rear 6 Pleasant

Chamberlain, John B., laborer, h. Palace Royal, Church ave.

Chambers, Eldorado, dealer in horses, harnesses, etc., h. 47 Pleasant

Chambers, Mabel V., clerk Fred Nelson, h. 47 Pleasant

Champion, Forest D., clerk Keaton & Bradbury, h. c. Court and Green

CHANDLER, LOWELL E., painter and paper hanger, h. Heywood

Chandler, Sarah E. Mrs. (James M.), h. George F. Merritt

Charter, William, carpenter, h. Putnam's flat

Christensen, Christine, h. Adelaide Page

Christensen, Marie, h. Henry K. Bradbury

Christie, John, hairdresser Kendall, h. School

Church, Charles P., tanner, h. 89 Military

CHURCHILL, E. E. (E. E. Churchill & Co. clothing, furnishings, hats, caps, boots, shoes, trunks; 25

Market sq.) h. 2 Water

Churchill, Mrs. Mary A. (Nathaniel), h. 2 Pleasant

Clark, Benjamin E., laborer, h. off County road n. R. R. bridge

CLARK, F. P., clerk Clark's Hotel, h. do.

Clark, George C., commercial salesman, h. 9 Pleasant

Clark, George E., laborer, h. c. High and Pierce Ave.

Clark, George P., potato buyer, h. Spring

Clark, James E., carpenter, h. Elm n. Pleasant

CLARK, J. N., prop. Clark's Hotel, Kendall, h. do.

Clark, Margaret Mrs. (Robert D.), h. 9 Pleasant

CLARK, MICHAEL M., clerk of courts, office Court House, , h. 22 High

Clark, Robert D., clerk Hotel Exchange, h. do.

Clark, William, laborer, h. off Bangor opp. Houlton Foundry

Clement, A. Albion, wheelwright, h. School

CLEVELAND, EDWARD L., (Cleveland & Ludwig) real estate, office Savings Bank, h. 16 Kelleran

Cliff, Anna Mrs. (George), h. Wilder bldg. Bridge sq.

Clifford, B. Franklin, carpenter and builder, h. Columbia c. Franklin

Clough, Alton B., laborer, h. Foxcroft road 1 ½ miles out

Clough, Lionel T., livery, sale and boarding stable Mechanic, h. off 47 Pleasant

Clough, Oscar L., clerk William Fox & Sons, h. off 47 Pleasant

Coburn, Burt A., laborer, h. Pierce Avenue n. Court

Coburn, Fred W., prop. Snell House. h. do.

Coburn, Lake S., assistant clerk Snell House, h. do.

Coburn, Thomas, carpenter, h. Pierce Ave. n. Court

Cochran, Alexander, h. 123 Main

Cochran, Robert, clerk H. J. Hatheway, rms. 108 Main

Coffey, Joseph, farmer, h. off Foxcroft Road, 4 ½ miles out

Coffield, John, laborer, h. John Currie

Cogan, David, steam driller, h. off Military, Johnson’s flat

Cogan, Edward, clerk, h. Military n. Johnson’s flat

Cogan, Henry, farmer, h. Johnson’s Road, 4 miles out

COGAN, JAMES, harness-maker Bangor, h. 35 Park

Cogan, Margaret J., h. Henry do.

Cogan, Mrs. Mary (David), h. Johnson's road, 4 miles out

Cogan, William, mason, h. County road, 3/4 mile out

Colbarth, Alice L., nurse, h. A. A. Clement

Colbath, Dora, h. F. A. Nevers, M. D.

COLLINS HENRY F. "prop. Houlton Marble Works Main, h. 24 Pleasant

Collins, John, laborer, h. off Military

Collins, Louisa J. Mrs. (Eben), h. School

Collins, Sylvester, carpenter, h. School

Colson, Charles, carriage painter, h. Military opp. High

Colson, Frank G., emp. B. & A. R. R., h. George B. Grant

Colson, G. L., custom tailor Court, h. Main, Palmer blk.

CONLOGUE, Daniel, laborer, h. Pleasant n. Willard

Conlogue, Daniel F., painter, h. Military opp. High

Conlogue, Edward, h. Pleasant

Conlogue, George M., painter, h. Pleasant n. Willard

Conlogue, John, h. County road

Conlogue, Joseph W., painter, h. Daniel do.

Connell, Kate Mrs., boarding house 75 Main, h. do.

Connors, Daniel J., contractor and builder, h. Highland Ave.

Cook, Amos P., h. Military 1 ¼ miles out

COOK, FRANK L., books, stationery, etc. Market Sq., h. Mechanic n. the bridge

Cook, Nancy S. Mrs. (Jonathan), h. Frank L. do.

Coombs, Adelia, typewriter, bds. 2 Pleasant

Cooper, Christopher, laborer, h. Weeks

Cooper, Ottie Miss, h. Christopher do.

Cornelison, Edward B., hairdresser, h. 33 High

Cornelison, Sarah E. Mrs. (Isaac), h. foot Spring

Cosseboom, John H., mechanic, h. Columbia (Fairview)

Coughlan, Jane E. Mrs. (Timothy L.), h. William S. Perks

Coughlin, John, porter Snell House, h. do.

Coutts, Lizzie, h. James Archibald

Cowan, Eliza A., h. A. P. Heywood

Cox, Fred, teamster, bds. 19 North

Craig, Samuel, h. North

Crane, Delila E., h. Thomas do.

Crane, Effie B., h. Thomas do.

Crane, Harlne P., laborer, h. Thomas do.

Crane, Thomas, mason, h. Park n. High

Crawford, Frank N., h. Spofford L. do.

Crawford, George N., farmer, h. Spofford L. do.

Crawford, Spofford L., farmer, h. the B. road, 2 ½ miles out

Creasy, Henry, laborer, h. County road ¾ mile out

Creig, William E., baggage master, h. Military ¾ mile out

Crockett, C. E., undertaker, rms. Silas W. Taber

Cronin, Jerry, laborer, h. Franklin

Crosby, Alice H., h. 62 Military

Crosby, Oliver K. Rev., pastor of the Unitarian Church, h. 62 Military

Crossin, Elias, laborer, h. Franklin

Crossin, Lizzie, h. George A. Gorham

Crowley, Michael, mason tender, bds. Samuel H. Barker

Crouse, George, bds. Titcomb boarding house

Crouse, Samuel, bds. Titcomb boarding house

Cunningham, John, bds. Titcomb boarding house

Cumings, Shepard C., lumberman, h. Court, ¾ mile out

Cumming, Alexander, lineman, h. foot of Elm

Cummings, Daniel L., carpenter, h. Cleveland (Fairview)

Cummings, Nelson, laborer, h. Bangor road 1 mile out

Curran, Tames, locomotive engineer, h. School

Curran, John P., laborer, h. Pierce Ave.

Currie, Belle, h. Mrs. Jane do.

Currie, Dana, h. Mrs. Jane do.

Currie, Jane Mrs., h. Park c. Kelleran

Currie, John, h. River Side, n. R. R. bridge

Currie, Robert, mason, h. River Side

Cushing, Richmond H., civil engineer, h. 22 North

Cyr, Dennis D., laborer, h. North n. the bridge

Cyr, Joseph A., h. Dennis D. do.

Cyr, Julia A., h. Dennis D. do.

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