The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 15 Apr 93]


Here are some Jimi Hendrix quiz questions from the British mag, 'Q':
1. What make of guitar did Jimi Hendrix play?

-Fender, Gibson (Stratocaster is the model)

[Supro, Danelectro, Kay or Eko, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Goya, Guild,

Washburn, Hagstrom, Zamaitis.]

2. In '64 Hendrix joined which fraternal soul outfit as guitarist?

-The Isley Brothers

3. By '66 - pre The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hendrix was gigging with his

first band proper. What were they called?

-Jimmy James and the Blue Flames
4. The group included a future member of Steely Dan. Who was he?

-Jeff Baxter. He was also a sometimes "Blue Flame" (as sometimes Steely

Dan, and Doobie Brothers, and...). Not really sure about it being Jeff.

Actually, I wouldn't be suprised if others also were correct answers

(like maybe Fagen). Randy "California" Wolfe went on to Spirit.
5. Group that Noel Redding formed after the Experience?

-'After' the Experience? Hmmm, I rather suspect they want "Fat Matress",

but that was formed _while_ he was a member of the Experienced (ie he was

in both bands at the same time).

6. Which Newcastle group did Hendrix's manager, Chas Chandler, originally

play with?

-The Animals
7. Album that held Are You Experienced? off the [presumably UK] Number 1 slot

in May '67?

-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
8. Dylan cover version that took Hendrix into the UK Top 10 in September '68?

-All Along the Watchtower

9. Group the Experience followed on stage at Monterey?

-"The Who". There was a big squabble about this backstage before the show

between Jimi and Pete (neither wanted to follow the other). When it was

decided The Who would go on first, Jimi decided to go all-out in an

effort to outdo them. And amazingly enough, I think he did (judging by

the movie Monterey Pop)!

-[The Grateful Dead (who followed Peter Tork who tried to placate the

crowd after the Who's set.)]

10. Which Rolling Stone introduced Hendrix on stage at Monterey?

-Brian Jones

11. Hendrix's only UK Number 1 single?

-Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) b/w Hey Joe and All Along The Watchtower

Track 2095 001 Maxi Single
12. Which British artist played organ on that Number 1 hit?

-Steve Winwood...he was almost a regular band member after '68.

-[I read somewhere that Dave Mason played on All Along the Watchtower...

He's British, isn't he?]

-{Is this trick question? There is no organ (that I can hear) on "Voodoo

Chile (slight return)". There IS one on "Voodoo Child".

13. A puppet of which British DJ appeared on the original UK sleeve for Band

of Gypsys?

-John Peel
14. Song Hendrix interrupted to play Sunshine of Your Love on The Lulu Show?

-Hey Joe
15. Where is Hendrix buried?

-Greenwood Cemetry, Seattle, Washington USA.

-Jimi's grave is actually in Renton, Washington USA. However, at least

from what I've heard, he's not actually buried there. This is what I


A few weeks after his burial in Renton, some so-called "fans" dug up

Jimi's coffin and stole the guitar he was buried with. After this,

Jimi's father had Jimi reburied at a secret location.

Does anyone know if this is true or not? If it is true, the so-called

"fans" certainly weren't true fans of Jimi! They were nothing more than

disgusting, moronic grave robbers!

Book Reviews

Are You Experienced - Noel Redding
I just finished reading Noel Reddings autobiography _Are You Experienced_.

It covers not only the 1967-1970 time frame, but also (briefly) his pre-

Experience days and (not so briefly) his post-Experience legal hassles/life.

Among the more interesting bits mentioned:

Noel wrote a lot more than was creditted for:

My Friend: all the music; Jimi wrote the lyrics.

Midnight: with Jimi.

Ezy Rider: Noel came up with the main riff.

Devils Jam [Calling All Devils Children]: with Jimi; Noel on 2nd guitar.
Apparently Jimi and Noel did a couple other collaborations that have yet to

be released or leak out as boots. Probably lost. Noel did a solo album,

_Nervous Breakdown_, in early 1970, with Jimi on one song, "Friends". It is

apparently still sitting in Electric Ladyland Studios with a large fee due

for storage costs. Noel is too poor to get it (plus probably feels he

shouldn't have to pay the costs).

Noel discussed the day of Jimi's infamous rampage of the Hotel in Sweden.

He claims that a very drunk Jimi and a sleezy homosexual reporter guy

approached him [Noel] about all getting together with a fourth person for

sex. Noel was disgusted with the idea, refused, and went to his room. A bit

later that night, Jimi went on his rampage. Jimi occasionally got quite

upset when Noel got a groupie Jimi wanted (or even one he had finished

with). Noel mentions Jimi slapping around at least one girl, and spiking a

few with LSD.

Almost half the book charts Noels legal problems. And boy did he have a lot

of them. He sued a lot and won very little. In fact, I think he lost all

his money on legal fees. He thus ended up quite poor and with few rich

friends. He feels badly ripped off and bitter. He has few kind words for

the Hendrix Estate. How poor/thrifty was Noel in the late 70s/early 80s?...

he ate road-kill as a food supplement.

[Mr. Scott Hannon - 23 Mar 93]
The book is mostly about Noel's legal fights after Jimi's death. It's a

long sad story. In short, because he didn't settle with the estate and

lawyers as did Mitch, he got nothing as he lost almost all his legal

battles. Plus he had a disasterous marriage to a woman you wouldn't believe

(is anyone that evil?). What money he did have he spent on legal fees.
It had some interesting Jimi info, but not a lot. Mostly off it covers Noel

after the Experience. On item: Noel wrote the music to the song "My Friend"

appearing on _The Cry of Love_, and Jimi the words. The credits on the

album are wrong, as the estate labelled all unreleased songs as Jimi's

whether they were or not. BTW, the harmonica player on the song was not an

unknown "Gers", but Paul Carusso (according to Paul).

["Mr. Scott Hannon"

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