The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 16 Nov 93]
The article also mentioned that Alan Douglas, 'the current winner of the

Hendrix monoply', will be starting a world tour this spring of a multi-media

Hendrix show, that will last three years. The moto for the tour will be "The

legend lives on, Jimi is touring again!"

[Paul Hosken - 19 Jan 94]
|I received the latest ICE yesterday and there was an article on upcoming

|releases from MCA. Here is a brief summary of what ICE and Alan Douglas had

|to say....


| - The Band Of Gypsys stuff is tied up in wrangles between Capitol and

| Douglas. There doesn't seem to be much hope for this for now.

| - The "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" will be released sometime in 1995.

| This release will "replace" Rainbow Bridge/War Heroes/COL/Loose Ends.

| Douglas had unfavorable comments about all those releases, so I expect

| that he will resist releases of these.


|Douglas also talked about "paring down the Hendrix catalog to just a few key

|releases" (hence my comment above about "rays" and the other releases). It

|seems that with every new release, both here in the US and also overseas,

|Douglas will attempt to remove one of the old releases and replace it with

|the new. This means that if anyone out there wants things like Cry Of Love,

|etc, then you might want to consider picking up your copy in the near future.

|The old releases may dissappear forever! (I don't want to sound alarmist on

|this issue, but I do know that CoL (for eg) is impossible to get here in Des

|Moines now).


|[Warren Brown - 23 Feb 94]


|Alan D has expresed some interest in a "best of the boots" release, so there

|is some hope he will gather up those songs he deems unfit for general public

|release and get them out that way. I think such a series could be great.

|Hopefully master tapes would be used rather than direct copies of bootlegs...

|like the Bob Dylan series, not the Zappa series.


|Anyway, my point is that I think we fans would be better off encouraging Alan

|to proceed with a "best of the boots" and rarities series rather than

|lambasting him for releasing just a few songs on _Blues_. If fans make

|unreasonable (ie unprofitable) demands, he's unlikely to listen.


|[Mr. Scott Hannon - 20 Apr 94]


|And guess what - you heard it here first. Douglas is planning to release 20

|live CDs in a box set in a few years (2-3?) costing $1000.


|["The Akond Of Swot.." - 3 May 94]


|According to an interview with Alan Douglass In ICE Magazine he claims that

|since Jimi was working on FROTNRS when he died he has decided to release this

|album on a 78 minute CD. He says he has Jimi's original track list but that

|he "would have changed it 14 times before it was released." So instead of

|realeasing the album with Jimi's track list he is going to have a contest

|among fans to decide the song list. My question is has anybody else heard

|about this or how to vote for which songs should be on it? What songs should

|be on it any way? Apparently this is the album that will be released after

|the Woodstock album.


|[Robert - 23 May 94]


|Steve Rodham (JimPress) interviewed Douglas 2 months ago and he said then,

|and again later in an open letter to readers, that he would sometime in the

|future, but not now, be asking for fans input on the song selection. He said

|that until he was ready he did not want to discuss it. While a bit of a

|cheeky bastard I guess if he wants us to wait we have little choice, 'course

|he can't stop us from talking amongst our selves.


|[Craig Houck - 24 May 94]


|My song list for FROTNRS would be, in no order:

| Freedom Hey Baby

| Driting Room Full Of Mirrors

| Ezy Rider Beginings

| Pali-Gap Midnight

| Midnight (War Heroes version) Tax Free

| Stright Ahead Star Spangled Banner (Rainbow

| Angel Bridge version)

| In From The Storm And how about...

| Dolly Dagger Gloria? (just for good measure)


|[Robert - 26 May 94]


|The next Jimi project due out in early '95 will be the 'recreation' of _First

|Rays of the New Rising Sun_, the double-album he was working on at the time

|of his death. Alan Douglas et al are apparently examining Jimi's original

|notes regarding the song list for that recording with the intention of

|reconstructing the double album (on a single CD?) as close as possible to

|what Jimi had originally intended. This should include many of the best

|studio tracks from the posthumous, '70s albums (_Cry of Love_, _War Heroes_,

|_Loose Ends_) and some 'outtakes' from the same sessions. Apparently both

|Eddie Kramer and Mitch Mitchell have patched up their differences with each

|other and with Douglas and will be involved in the _First Rays_ project -

|which I think is great.


|[ - 20 Sep 94]


|I spoke with Alan Douglas the other day. It was a brief chat as he was in the

|middle of other projects. _First Rays..._ is not yet decided upon as to its

|contents, that's why it isn't being rushed out. He is working on a video

|documentary release that sounds interesting; and there will be an interactive

|on-line section for Jimi on the Internet for those with full access, that is

|still in the works, but getting very close to completion.


|[ - 12 Nov 94]


|It appears the whole idea of officially releasing the _First Rays of the New

|Rising Sun_ has been scrapped. It was just to difficult to recreate what Jimi

|had intended - he was apparently working on 3 unrelated projects at the time

|and there were too many unfinished, incomplete songs, etc.


|So...the new Alan Douglas-produced project is now called "Voodoo Soup" and

|will contain some of the same material, but as the title suggests, it will be

|a hodgepodge - albeit an interesting one. Probably 14 tracks altogether. It's

|official release date is April 8.


|[Leland - 13 Jan 95]


|The Jimi Hendrix Foundation (more details on that soon) is sponsoring an

|all-Jimi, magazine-style internet site which in now "under construction"

|but coming very soon to a computer screen near you. It will be called

|"Roomful of Mirrors" and will include sound bits previewing the

|aforementioned "Voodoo Soup" release - and much more.


|[Leland - 13 Jan 95]


|The February issue of the ICE CD Newsletter lists 21-Mar-95 as the US

|release date of the _BOG_ CD on Capitol.


|Also of note, Tuck & Patti's new release, _Learning How to Fly_ out on Epic

|14-Feb features a "swinging romp through Jimi's 'Up From the Skies'."


|[Leland - 25 Jan 95]


|According to the Capitol new release sheet (for Canada), _Band of Gypsys_

|will be in stores on 7-Mar-95.


|[Colin Hartridge - 14 Feb 95]


|In UniVibes #18, CG has allegedly found a new show from Dallas Texas,

|3-Aug-68. The set list (amazing if only for the first song and the style the

|songs are delivered in (very blusy it was stated)):

| Dear Mr Fantasy (The Traffic song!!!!!)

| Rock Me Baby (Very blusy)

| Foxy Lady

| I Don't Live Today

| Hey Joe

| Fire

| Red House

| Purple Haze

| Wild Thing (Short version)

|Quality listed as VG from the audience.


|[Craig Houck - 6 Feb 95]


_Lifelines, but release the live LA '69 disk by itself.

_Rainbow Bridge_ [but do put all this material on box sets #1 & #2 below]

_9 to the Universe_ [see box set #1 below]

_Kiss the Sky_ [pointless except for "Stepping Stone" rarity]

_Smash Hits_ [it's a weird hits/b-sides album...confusing to new fans]


_Band of Gypsys_ [replace Euro CD bonus tracks with better sounding ones]

_War Heros_ and _Loose Ends_ on one CD [I think it fits]

_Crash Landing_ and _Midnight Lightning_ on one CD [I think it fits]

AYE [put the UK *and* US album songs on there. Single B-sides too]

ABAL [add single B-side tSTPwLSD]

_Essential_ [a good starting point for a new best-of. Add "Angel"!]


ELL [with better packaging...both covers & the photos in the gatefold]

_Concerts_ and _Monterey Pop_ [maybe better packaging]

_Stages_ [not worth fixing the Atlanta disk...see box set #2]


_Ultimate_ [a not-so-good best-of collection]

_In the West_ [see box set #2 below]

The above cleans up the current Hendrix catalog. As for new releases...
4CD box set #1: Alternate takes, remixes, jams, rarities, and previously

unreleased songs. The entire _9ttU_, most of _RB_, and a few other rarities

like "Gloria" and alternate mix "Stepping Stone" are already done. Songs

like "Cherokee Mist", complete "Neptune Rising", etc, and the "blues" album

Alan Douglas mentioned could all go on here. This is a safe place to put any

lesser quality material...away from potential casual shoppers.

4CD box set #2: Live. All the rest of the better live stuff. Not just nearly

complete concerts like _Stages_, but highlights of all the concerts...sort

of a giant _Concerts_. Stuff from _ItW_, the Berkley 1970 stuff from _RB_

and _BOG 2_, Atlanta Pop 1970 outtakes, _Radio One_ outtakes, Woodstock,

etc. Quite a bit is ready to go. They could even use soundboards for some of

the great live stuff not available on full fidelity the 3

BOG tracks on the import CD, some of the Sweden 1969 stuff, some LA 1970,

some Maui 1970, etc.

[Mr. Scott Hannon

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