The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 20 Apr 94]


|I'd like you to read the following excerpt from an short interview with Alan

|Douglas ("persona non grata numero uno" on this mailing list). This was part

|of a dutch TV program called "Onrust" dedicated to Jimi that dates back to

|'92 I think. Anyway, Alan Douglas had the following to say about Jimi's

|musical inheritance: (Ironically enough, while the interview took place the

|viewer was granted a brief glance in what I thought to be (one of) the

|vault(s) that contain dozens of scribbeled tape-boxes and other rarities).


|Van Splunteren:

| We've talked to fans and the big question they have for you is "Why don't

| you just release everything that's there at once?"

|Alan Douglas:

| Well, firstly it's not good business and secondly it doesn't allow you to

| focus on particular things about Jimi Hendrix. If I listen to the hard-

| core collectors none of this would be possible. They will buy the same

| record ten times, all you have to do is change the cover, put a new

| picture on. So I can't really deal with their sense of values relative to

| Jimi Hendrix. I'm very happy to be able to feed them with things that

| they love but if in fact I operated with their sense of values it would

| have been all over ten years ago; that means everything there is on 'the

| marketplace'. And it would not have allowed young people who are not

| collectors, buyers of great music who admire him now to get at the

| material. In this way we isolate things, we allow the audience to listen

| to 'this' and if you like it then listen to 'that'. We're taking them

| down the chain.

|[Note: Isn't this a contradiction in terms? These 'young people' will

|continue to be the majority of the record-buying public I may assume. When

|would this educational process be allowed to stop?]

|VS: This is a pretty unique thing here, I don't know of any other rock artist

| that has died whose material is put out and released with such a

| philosophy behind it like in the case of Hendrix.

|AD: It's Jimi, and the music. I mean he dictates, or rather dictated what

| will be done with his music. It's not the Elvis Presleys, it's not the

| Beatles of the world, that has become, aside from their compositions

| which are brilliant, they have become nostalgia. People listen and look

| at them as part of their fond memories. But a 15-year old kid is not

| interested in that. He's interested in what's happening right now, and

| Jimi Hendrix's what's happening right now.

|[Just a load of crap if you ask me. What's the difference between any given

|artist anyway, for that matter. If the 'awareness' toward Jimi's music among

|the public really were to be part of Alan's objectives, why not put some more

|effort in pointing out to the buyer that the Hendrix market is being polluted

|by lots of pre-experience releases to be had over the counter legally in

|numerous countries.]


|Those of you who own a few fine bootlegs will surely agree : If you were to

|listen to all this GREAT stuff you have on illicit releases now JUST ONCE and

|you were told to wait until the powers that be decide to oficially release

|this music, wouldn't you just go berserk? Just think of "Country Blues", the

|acoustic versions of "1983...", "Angel" and "Gipsy Eyes", the Maui concerts,

|Berkeley concerts, the psychadelic Stockholm '69 performance and to a certain

|extent, _Rainbow Bridge_ to name some.


|[Cor Stiekema - 9 Aug 94]


|In the 19-Aug-94 issue of Goldmine there is an interview with Bruce Gary. For

|those who don't know, Bruce (one-time drummer for The Knack) worked with Alan

|Douglas to produce _Lifelines_, _Live and Unreleased_, _Stages_, and the

|recent _Blues_ CD.


|"I produced that, with Alan overseeing it." He goes on to say that "I went

|through enough material and found enough material for probably three CDs'

|worth of released stuff. We narrowed in to down to one..." He goes on to

|state that he helped mix the _Woodstock_ CD. He is working on a bi-lingual

|version of _Live and Unreleased_, with French moderation on it. He, Mark

|Linett, Joe Gaswirt and AD are "basically the Hendrix team. We're the ones

|who try and put thoughtful, sensible, wisely-chosen projects out to people

|and keep the Hendrix spirit alive."


|It appears from this article that there are others to recognize before we

|give AD even a little credit for these latest releases.


|[Mike Ritter - 21 Sep 94]


|Well, I'm not necessarily standing up for him, but simply commenting on why

|Alan has any control. Yes, he knew Jimi. In my interview with Alan for my

|documentary "Jimi Hendrix: A Slight Return" Alan said he lived around the

|corner from Jimi in the Village in NYC. Jimi dined with him often, and after

|Jimi talked of his problems in the studio with regard to getting things done,

|Alan agreed to go in and have a look. "I instinctively went to work" is what

|Alan told me. His background is that of a jazz producer (John McLaughlin's

|_Devotion_ LP - one of my faves at the time - was the first releases for

|Douglas Records). Alan released things by avante garde jazz musicians of the

|time. You can tear apart his ability as a producer if you wish, I don't care.

|I'm just giving you his background.


|After Jimi's death it seemed as there was nothing left worth releasing once

|_Cry Of Love_ and _Rainbow Bridge_ came out (I'm talking studio stuff). Yeah,

|_War Heroes_ surfaced, but you'd have to admit it's a rather weak LP when

|compared to the cream of Jimi's crop. I think it was around 1974 that

|hundreds of reels were found (or made known to the public). Interest in Jimi

|had dropped off except for those of us that keep the spirit burning. I'm not

|sure why Alan was chosen as the curator of the tapes, but the project

|probably didn't seem all that important at the time (I've an article stashed

|that talked about the discovery of those tapes, even had a picture of them in

|an armored vehicle).


|Well, we all know the rest. Despite criticism by us purists, _Crash Landing_

|did very well; _Midnight Lightning_ only marginally so. The Estate (primarily

|Leo Branton, Al's attorney) gave Alan control of the tapes and here we are

|today. I question how much Alan has a direct hand in them now. He turns

|things over to Bruce Gary, Joe Gastwirt, Mark Linett, etc. Alan is not trying

|to make things sound bad. Everything is in one's opinion. I don't agree with

|all the mixes myself. Hell, I wish I had the chance to mix them, but I don't

|(I did have a say in the mix of material used in my documentary that came

|from multitrack masters provided by Alan). Don't think that Alan is unaware

|of our gripes; I forwarded a very detailed letter from Mats to Alan's office

|and he did take the time to respond. They are planning a WWW site for Jimi

|very soon, and are aware of this newsletter; I hope they read it! I have

|forwarded some messages to his office. I think it's a shame that the voice of

|the true fans is not being heeded, but let's keep trying to change that! I

|hope the _Voodoo Soup_ crap will be history when he reads all our objections!


|[Stephen Laub - 29 Jan 95]



|A conversation with Edward Komara (who was involved with writing the liner

|notes for the _Blues_ CD:


|From: Edward Komara


|Date: 28 Apr 1994


| Whew! I just finished reading through Steven Greer's assessment of the new

|Hendrix blues CD. Michael Fairchild, the notes writer for that CD, worked

|very hard on the research--before coming to me, he had all the bibliographic

|notes down and the whole bit, and he dug right down to the very bottom of

|certain legends and issues. At one point, I visited him in Rochester NY, and

|together we hashed out certain documents and accounts and some serious

|performance footage of Hendrix.

| According to Michael, the next Hendrix reissue will be Hendrix's Woodstock

|performance IN ITS ENTIRETY AND IN SEQUENCE. It won't come out for months yet,



|From: Paul Hosken

|To: Edward Komara

|Date: 29 Apr 1994



| I was very interested to hear of your involvment with the liner notes to

|Hendrix's new CD, _Blues_. Obviously you are in contact with the people

|involved with the production of Hendrix material, and was wondering if you

|have ever met Alan Douglas? I'm also a member of the Hendrix mailing list,

|'Hey-Joe', and on this list Mr.Douglas is not respected very much. This is

|mainly because of such projects as _Crash Landing_ and _Midnight Lightning_

|where session musicians were used to turn Hendrix material into a marketable

|commodity. Also, his organisation of the Hendrix releases often leaves much

|to be desired - for example the box set _Stages_ were disc 1 (Stockholm

|concert 5-Sep-67) contains only 32 minutes of music and is not the complete

|concert. (Dispite the missing numbers being available on bootlegs). Why? As I

|understand it Alan Douglas is working for the owners of the Hendrix estate

|and is employed to produce goods from it that will sell (i.e. make money for

|the owners) and this could explain some of his descisions. On the other hand

|there are people like Shapiro & Glebbeek (author of the excellent book

|"Electric Gypsy") who have gained great repsect from Hendrix fans.

| The reason I'm writing is because I'm interested to know what people on the

|'inside' think of Mr. Douglas. Basically, I don't like the critisism that

|he's getting from people who have no connection with the guy, and would like

|to make my own mind up on this subject. I appologise for bringing up a topic

|that you may not wish to comment on, or are tired of being asked, but it

|would be nice to be able to shed light on some of the seemingly strange

|descisions that are taken reguarding the Hendrix catalog.

| I applaud the release of _Blues_ and I'm really looking forward to the

|release of the Woodstock concert. However, I'm a little worried about the

|planned _First Rays Of The New Rising Sun_ release. Alan Douglas said in an

|interview that he wishes to release this double album as Jimi had planned it.

|Its statements like this that bring critisism upon the man; how does he know

|what Jimi wanted? Such an undertaking would involve so much guess work,

|especially with the production!

| Anyway, thanks once again for helping to produce the nice liner notes to

|_Blues_, and for taking the time to read this far.


|From: Edward Komara

|To: Paul Hosken

|Date: 29 Apr 1994


|Dear Paul,

| Thanks for the nice post. I myself do not know nor have ever met Alan

|Douglas, and like you, I have had some reservations about him, too.

| I came to listen to Hendrix while in high school (Geneva, NY, that little

|old upstate town). I was fortunate to have an excellent record store in

|Geneva that always had the European versions of albums by the Beatles, the

|Stones, the Who and yup, Jimi Hendrix. In fact, I purchased the European

|versions of AYE and EL (with the women on the cover) from that store. Now

|this was 10 years ago, a time when the Hendrix discography was still far from

|settled. CRASH LANDING and MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING were still in print, and LOOSE

|ENDS was available from Europe. It was obvious even then that Alan Douglas

|wasn't doing the material right.

| Alan Douglas in some respects reminds me of Norman Petty, who released much

|Buddy Holly material in somewhat questionable ways. Petty hired a Crickets-

|sound-a-like combo, the Fireballs, to provide stereo instrumental back-ups to

|some old Buddy Holly home tapes. Among the those tapes were some instrumentals

|by Holly and his drummer--Petty had the Fireballs record completely over the

|track, then released it as a Holly performance! A world that tolerates a

|Norman Petty move like that, can also permit Douglas releases like CRASH


| The compiler and booklet writer, Michael Fairchild, contacted me at the

|Archive. Michael is as careful and meticulous MUSIC researcher with Hendrix's

|music, as I have seen any one else in the music research game. Michael pretty

|much works solely with Hendrix research, although the new HENDRIX: THE BLUES

|CD forced him to read up on blues history. Interestingly, Michael grew up in

|Rochester in the same neighborhood as Son House, and got to hear him perform

|on special occasions. Working from those experiences, Michael was able to

|delve in blues history without losing his senses (unlike, say, 90% of the

|folks I have encountered through the Archive). Michael usually conducts

|research at the Nazareth College library in Rochester, NY, but for this

|Hendrix blues project he needed some articles from 25, 30 years ago. He knew

|exactly what to look for, so working with him was pretty easy. I located some

|hard to find items, and I helped put everything into context. When visiting

|some family relatives in Rochester last Xmas, I took some extra time and

|visited Michael, and together we reviewed some documents, watched some

|unissued footage of Hendrix performance, and tried to nail everything down.

|Michael was kind to send a proof of the notes to me, to make sure that

|everything was correct, and that was about it for my help in this particular


| Michael is hired by Alan Douglas, so he has to be careful not to bite the

|hand that feeds him. But it seems, from what little that Michael has leaked,

|that Alan Douglas knows how to market Hendrix, but he is not good at preparing

|reissues according to listeners' and fans' high expectation (hence CRASH

|LANDING and even STAGES). That's where Michael steps in. Michael knows

|EVERYTHING about Hendrix, from biographical minutiae to musical licks, and

|his expertise has helped to save Douglas' butt recently. But Michael needs

|Douglas for access to the unreleased material, both finished and unfinished.

| I perceive some mutual appreciation between Alan Douglas and Michael.

|Michael told me two days ago, that Alan was pleasantly surprised by the

|reception of the HENDRIX: THE BLUES CD in Europe. Well of course, because

|Michael prepared it up to the high European standards. It looks as though

|Michael will be given free rein for the Woodstock CD, and if so, that release

|will be done right, too. As for the projected FIRST RAYS OF THE NEW RISING

|SUN, if Michael is given complete control and cooperation of that issue, you

|can bet it won't need to be "re-edited" later on. The question remains, will

|Douglas let Michael Fairchild continue working according to Michael's own

|standards? I hope so, 'cos if not, we will be in the same mess we were all in

|10 years ago.

| So that's all I've noticed. I have been working hard to get Hendrix well

|represented in the Blues Archive, and I am getting some help from Michael in

|this regard. What have you noticed as far as recent Hendrix stuff goes? I am

|still playing catch-up for the last four years.

| I know this is a long post, and thanks for getting to this end,



|>...Another book, _Cherokee Mist, the lost Writings_ contain a few photos

|>that were contributed by Nona Hatay. I seem to recall this lady launched one

|>or more books herself a few years back but I don't remember what it was

|>entitled. Anyone ever come across one of these?


|You enquired about Nona Hatay and her work. She is my sister and one of the

|people that keeps Jimi's fire burning. She is a photographer, and her work

|has been inspired by Jimi's music. Over the years she perfected the fusion of

|images to melt her gift with Jimi's. I was talking to her the other day and

|told her about this group. We agreed that Jimi would think it's pretty cool,

|an electronic melting of minds. She is working on a new project and I

|suggested that we get this group involved somehow. She is extending her photo

|series with an electronic enhanced edition and the idea of hundreds of people

|connected by computers all with the common love of his music fits right in

|with computer enhanced images. I told her to wright a open letter to this

|group and I would post it (she's not on the net). If you want to contact her

|E-Mail me at


|[Mark Hatay - 06 Apr 94]


|Greetings to all those Experienced in Hendrix,

|My name is Nona Hatay and I am Bold as Love but very unsteady for the first

|go round in this internet communication. My brother Mark made me aware of

|this great group and I think it's a wonderful way to connect. I am working on

|my second book (the first was Jimi Hendrix: the Spirit Lives On...) of my

|color and experimental phots of Jimi, taken at Madison Sq Garden, NYC May 18,

|1969. I am looking for interesting material for the text, unpublished quotes

|by Hendrix, stories about him or comments by people on him and his music. If

|you have any ideas, send to hey-joe or to me, or if you need to call or send

|material: Box 182, Montague, MA 01351 (413) 367-2116.

|I am sure I'll be making some new Hendrix Friends through hey-joe and I am

|really thankful for all the wonderful people I have met thru my photoart

|connection. If you have been touched by his magic, it is very special.

|The Spirit Lives On....Nona


|[Nona Hatay - 24 June 94]



|Some of you may have heard of me. I researched and wrote the liner notes for

|Ryko's _Radio One_. Currently, I'm director of research for a graphic novel

|called "Voodoo Chile: The Legend of Jimi Hendrix" to be published in the

|Spring of '95. At the risk of being overly commercial, let me just say that

|for my "real job" I'm the buyer and marketing director for Roundup Records.

|Amongst other things we sell plenty of LPs and have a bunch of out-of-print

|Hendrix vinyl including _Radio One_, and several of the Reprise LPs. If

|anyone's interested in these, let me know and I'll provide details.


|[Leland Stein - 23 May 94]



|Last year Ben Valkhoff and I published "PLUG YOUR EARS: a comprehensive guide

|to audio and video recordings of Jimi Hendrix". It's an 80-page book with

|detailed information on all audio and video tapes known to circulate (till

|June 1993), as well as song lists distilled from concert reviews, and a lot

|of rare photographs. For people who may be interested, I still have some

|copies left, so if you mail me ( I can give you more

|information. If you don't know the book, I should stress that especially for

|studio recordings, it's not really suitable as a reference guide for starting

|a collection, but might be of some help.


|TAPE COLLECTING - There is one general remark I would like to make: Stop

|buying the bootlegs and start collecting tapes! Over the past 14 years I was

|able to collect almost everything that is circulating among collectors in a

|quality far superior than most bootleg releases. And I really started from

|scratch in 1980. If you join the swap shop organized by Jimpress, you should

|be able to build up a collection much quicker than it took me. Also the

|quality of tapes and recording equipment has improved dramatically over the

|years, so the loss of audibility due to multiple copying is not really a

|problem anymore.


|[Kees de Lange - 26 May 94]



|>I have always known Paul Caruso only as the most peculiar looking gentleman

|>being interviewed on the dodgy subject of are there or are there not flying

|>suacers, or uh, UFOs. Who was this guy? Is there any interesting

|>significance behind the bit at the beginning of ABAL that I should know



|I remember reading that Paul Caruso was a Greenwich village friend, and that

|his name was used on ABAL as an in-joke.


|[Colin Hartridge - 17 Apr 94]



|>Wasn't Phil Lynott (sic) of Thin Lizzy fame working on a Hendrix movie

|>project just before he died? (Phil that is)


|That's right, and Phil died of cancer before the project started. I can't

|imagine hearing Jimi with an Irish accent, though! And yes, it was supposed

|to be Larry Fishburne in the new movie "Scuse Me...".


|[Colin Hartridge - 2 Mar 94]



|I've gotten posters, T-shirts etc, from this company in San Fran. called

|Artrock. They have some rare posters as well as ones that a college student

|can afford. They also have some cool Hendrix T-shirts. You can find their

|address in the classifieds in every Rolling Stone Mag. under the category

|"Posters" (I think).


|[Kev <> - 16 Feb 94]



|Someone had an idea to do a tee shirt for the "group". I think that would be

|great and I would be willing to donate one of my photographs to use for it...

|as long as it is limited edition it can be done without any legal hassels. I

|have done one tee shirt with a 3/4 profile of Jimi in white on the fron and

|'JIMI HENDRIX THE SPIRIT LIVES ON' on the back. I only have a couple dozen

|printed about once a year and have different colors and styles each time. The

|last time was a long sleeve black cotton tee. Winterland doesn't care as it

|is so few. I think I'll have a few sweatshirts printed for the winter. I'm

|not sure what the legal situation will be as the estate goes through the

|changes but up to now anything with Hendrix's image on it has to be done by

|Winterland or they have to give permission and be paid royalties. I can't

|even do a calender of my photographs which I took in 1969 and own copywrite

|with out their comment!!! Anyways if anyone wants to

|coordinate a limited edition shirt, I will send zeroxes of photos which could

|be used to choose from.


|[Nona Hatay - 9 Sep 94]

...Lick This Stamp! Guitar World reported in it's November 1992 issue:
"A drive to immortalize Jimi Hendrix with his own US postage stamp is being

spearheaded by David Nicholson of Divide By Zero, a Washington DC-based

advocacy group. The group is lobbying the Post-Master General to include

Hendrix in an upcoming Rock and Roll stamp series that is scheduled to be

unveiled in 1993. For information on how to join the lobbying effort on

behalf of a Hendrix stamp, individuals may write Divide By Zero, 317 Aspen

St.NW, Washington, DC 20012, or call (202) 722-4033.
[Jason Carter - 3 Nov 92]
I was asked to post the information about the MCA Hendrix Survey, so here are

the details.


MCA Records


1225 E. Artesia Blvd.

Carson, CA 90746-9946


The full text of the survey follows:
The Experience Doesn't Stop Here


We'd like to know more about the fans of Jimi Hendrix, so please help us by

filling out and mailing this questionaire. In return, you'll receive periodic

updates regarding Hendrix reissues and related matters. We appreciate your




Which Jimi Hendrix album did you purchase?_____________________________
How did you hear about this album?

Friend/Relative_____ Advertisement______

Article/Review______ Record Store_______

Radio_______________ Other______________

Approximately how many albums do you purchase each month?__________
Where do you usually purchase music?

Mail-Order__________ Store (please name favourite record store)________

What are your three favourite radio stations?

1.____________ 2._________ 3._____________

What are your three favourite magazines?

1.____________ 2._________ 3._____________

Including this album, how many Hendrix albums do you own?______________
How would you rate this album compared to other Hendrix albums? (1 = worse,

3 = the same, 5 = superior)

Sound Quality: 1 2 3 4 5

Package Design: 1 2 3 4 5

If MCA were to release the following Hendrix products, which would you

purchase? (Check all that apply)

Box Set___________ Concert Video__________ Rockumentary Video_______

Concert Album________ An Album of Unfinished Work__________

Please rank these features in order of most importance to you:

Digital Remastering_________

Biographical/Explanatory Liner Notes____________

Rare Photographs_________

Original Artwork_________

Live Recordings__________

Rare Recordings__________

Extra Songs per Album_________


Hendrix's Own Words___________

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Well folks, that's it. It sounds like MCA are trying to gauge what we (the

market) want, so here is our chance to provide some input. May I (politely)

suggest that those of you who go to the trouble of writing to them keep your

comments concise and polite - raving against certain people in control of the

catalog will lessen the value of your input (IMHO).
[Warren Brown - 15 Oct 93]
- Mauii: The tapes were "found" again and have been re-mastered. They

are supposed to be ready to release.

- Band of Gypsys: There was a lot of talk last year about a US release of an

expanded BOG package (Video also?). Now, this one might be

harder to pull off, given that it would probably have to

come out on Capital, due to the legal problems associated

with the original BOG album.
- Atlanta Pop: The VHS and LD are available in Japan and Europe. Although

some people consider this a poor concert, it would seem that

this material may surface somehow in the US.
- Berkeley: I've heard that the Berkeley concert film has been

re-edited and is ready for release.

- Rainbow Bridge: I've heard that MCA wants to release the Rainbow Bridge

album on CD.

As regards Video-style releases, I've seen Alan Douglas quoted where he seems

to imply that he likes the idea of Video/CD packages. Now, putting these out

together might seem silly (ie why have a CD of the music when it's already on

the VHS/LD media), but it seems that a lot of the concert footage is in less

than pristine condition (or some parts were not filmed at all), so I'll

hazard a guess and say that I would expect these packages to have a 1 hr.

video, and a CD of all/almost-all of the concert.
Remember, these are rumours.
[Warren Brown - 15 Oct 93]
Alan Douglas said in a recent guitar magazine that he had found some more

music from the Band of Gypsys concert, and that he was thinking about

releasing a CD from that. There are two nice new bootlegs of this material

(one single, one double).

[Bill Benoit - 12 Nov 92]
The latest ICE has an interview with Alan Douglas, and a quick summary of his

comments are:

- he mentioned that the Video's of Woodstock/Atlanta/Isle of Wight may now

be released in the US - he is apparently thinking about putting together

CD/Video packages of each of these concerts.
Another item of interest in ICE was that a bootleg (currently untitled) is

coming out with "33 minutes of material from a previously unknown studio

session in 1968". Quality is supposed to be excellent.
[Warren Brown - 14 Apr 93]
The JIMI newsletter mentions:
- In the non-immediate future, Alan Douglas is considering doing a "Best of

the Boots". In those cases where master tapes exist I'd hope he'd use those

rather than dub direct from bootlegs (for things like studio jams,

alternate takes, demos, rehearsals, etc). I'd also like to see a "boot"

series featuring things for which high quality master tapes don't exist

(like sound-board only concerts like LA 70, or radio broadcasts like Ottawa

- With the change of the Hendrix music catalog to MCA, expect the posthumous

albums to be scrapped and redone...this apparently even includes _Cry of

Love_, which is going to be combined with most of the studio tracks on

_Rainbow Bridge_ (and a few other songs) and released as _First Rays Of The

Rising Sun_ "with track listing as Jimi had originally intended". Hmmm.

Seeing as Jimi kept changing the track list and included things he never

finished (such as "Valleys of Neptune" and "Heaven has No Tomorrow") I

suppose Alan has a lot of leeway in track selection. Anyway, I'm glad to

hear that they are going to try and straighten out the posthumous releases

mess. BTW, this includes the live albums as well.

[Scott Hannon

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