The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 9 Dec 92]


|Here's the lowdown on the Madison Sqare Garden Fiasco. First, there is a

|fairly descent audience tape of the performance. Whether Buddy Miles was

|spiked on acid before the show or not, Jimi, Buddy and Bill Cox only played 2

|songs. Jimi opens up with "Who Knows", its a rambling fairly long version of

|the song, with no real direction, but some actual nice guitar licks.

|Afterwards, the band launches into "Earth Blues" , which also lacks gusto,

|but still holds together. At the end of the song, howvever, Jimi suddenly

|says, "That's what happens when earth fucks with space." Then some silence, a

|few guitar sounds, and Buddy announces into the mike, "Please, gives us some

|time, its been hard, and we'll see if we can get something together."

|Unfortunately, they never do, and that's the end of the strange performance.


|[Byron Gordon - 29 Nov 94]

>Did Hendrix ever do "3rd Stone from the Sun" live?
Good question. One would think he must have played it live at some point,

particularly in the early London club days, when the Experience's repertoire

was more limited. But I can't think of any of the many live bootlegged shows

that includes it. I DO have a fuzzy recollection of him inserting some parts

of it (the basic melody) in the middle of a long solo or jam somewhere, but

that may have been during one of the late night Record Plant studio jams.

|This was done at least once. At the back of Mitch's bio it's listed as part

|of a set at Blaises (21-Dec-66).


|[Mr Mark Thomas Davies - 13 May 94]


|According to _Plug Your Ears_ a tape does NOT exist.


|[Mr. Scott Hannon - 13 May 94]



|Sorry, but that familiar anecdote (about the '69/'70 Band of Gypsys shows at

|the Fillmore East) has been wholly discredited - that's another one of those

|persistant Hendrix myths that keep being retold because it makes a colorful

|story. But don't you believe it!


|[Joel J. Brattin - 30 Jan 95]


|Whether or not Bill Graham exaggerated his story, I don't know, but he did

|relate it to me personally some years back. The added part not mentioned thus

|far is that after Bill telling Jimi his set was poor and Jimi then going out

|standing near still and performing a flawless blazing set, Jimi came off

|stage looked at Graham and said, "How was that, MOTHERFUCKER??!!!" Then he

|went out did his encore.


|[Don M. West - 30 Jan 95]

Did everybody hear about the upcoming auction of the guitar Jimi used at

Woodstock (of Star Bangled Banner fame)? Estimates place the sales price at

$100,000. Need a slightly used guitar? ;-)
I heard on the radio today that JH's Woodstock guitar recently went for

~$295,000 to an undisclosed buyer at a London auction. Too bad for all you

folks that were saving your pennies for this... (26 Apr 90)
Noel Redding the original bassist for the Jimi Hendrix Experience who left

the band in 1969 will have a new book out before the 1st of the year.

Reddings autobiography 'Are You Experienced?' will also add more to the

Hendrix mystique. I read he was realy pissed that Mitch Mitchell

former Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer auctioned off Hendrix's prized white

Stratocaster, for $280,000 at Southbys in London last April. Mitch had told

Noel he did not have the Strat. Noel felt the money should go to Jimi's

father and I do to.

Taken from the Herald-Leader (local paper), Aug 24, 1991:

Bits of a guitar smashed onstage by Jimi Hendrix fetched $50,200 at a London

auction of rock'n'roll and film memorabilia. Auctioneers Sotheby's said an

anonymous bidder on behalf of a collector in Seattle made the winning bid

Thursday. The fragments are from a Fender Stratocaster that Hendrix shattered

onstage at a London concert in 1967...

There were many lots of Jimi's items (lyrics, sketches, drawings, memoes, etc)

recently sold at Sotheby's Auction between June 18 and 22 (1991). The most

expensive lot was #599: Handwritten lyrics for "Room Full of Mirrors" at

US$ 35,200. It contained:

1968-1970, the first draft on green psychedelic paper inscribed in blue

marker, written by Jimi Hendrix, with musical instructions, (2 pages);

the second draft on Scene Club pink cards with complete lyrics (3 cards),

the final draft on Londonderry Hotel stationery with numbered verses and

revisions (2 pages stapled).
Other news...Sothebys' of London is auctioning off some more Hendrix

memorabilia. Among the things are four of the missing never-recorded songs

from his song book. Not to mention his Pan-Am flight bag. They claim it

hasn't been touched. Imagine, you could get his toothbrush and toenail

clippers. Anyone got a few spare thousand? :-)
Glancing through the Sunday paper today (The Pittsburgh Press) I came across

a small item that said that on Tuesday Sotheby's will auction off some

Hendrix memorabilia, including a notebook(s) with 13 unreleased songs in

Jimi's own handwriting.

I just read the following in the January 27, 1992 issue of JET magazine:

"Memorabilia belonging to legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix may be

physically admired by more than those who actually bought it since many of

the treasured objects sold at a recent New York auction were bought by

establishments who will put them on public display. New York's Hard Rock

Cafe coughed up $9,000 for AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE lyrics, while The Rock And

Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio spent $17,600 for the late performer's

handwritten lyrics to Purple Haze. The unknown seller of the prized

musician's possessions raked in $176,000 after auctioning off 60 lots of

Hendrix's drawings, writings, and clothing. Red Roni, the Italian collector

who paid a whopping $295,000 last April for Hendrix's guitar, also bought

a psychedelic drawing this go round for the reported cost of $6,875."

Apparently, the individuals involved will be displaying the items at places

and during dates to be announced. Look out for it, as I will, and keep us all

|Here's one for you collectors out there with a few extra thousand bucks to

|kick around. On the 25th anniversary of Woodstock, one of the most impressive

|Jimi Hendrix collections of all thime will be auctioned off in London. The

|collection, which is valued at $150,000, formerly belonged to Jimi's ex-

|manager, Mike Jeffrey and consists mostly of guitars and clothing. Among the

|items are six custom made psychadelic jackets, which are expected to bring in

|$8,000 per. The cream of the crop is Jimi's vintage cherry red Gibson Flying

|V guitar, which is expected to go for as much as 40,000. The auction will

|take place on August 18, at Bonham's in London."


|[Cyber Sleaze (via Colin Hartridge ) - 14 Jul 94]


|Remember that question I popped a while ago about the most expensive guitar

|in the world (Jimi's white Woodstock Strat.) Well, Paul Allen of Microsoft

|owns it! The Guardian newspaper did an article a couple of weeks ago, giving

|sketchy plans for Paul's Hendrix museum etc. He bought it off Richard

|Pugilesi (sp?) the Italian TV dude a while back for a 'reputed' $100,000.

|Not quite the astronomical 198K UK pounds that Richy payed... :)

|So, Paul has Jimi's strat., and Mitch Mitchell still owns Jimi's Martin D45 -

|an extraordinary beast.


|[The Akond Of Swot.. - 10 Aug 94]


|...also, a collector paid $79,820 for a collection of singles and albums of

|Hendrix's music wednesday at Sotheby's in London. The collector, whose

|identity was kept secret by the auction house, also bought the remains of a

|Fender Stratocaster guitar smashed up on stage in London by Hendrix in 1969.

|He paid $14,400 for what was left.


|[Vu Nguyen - 18 Sep 94]



|Regarding how much is in the vaults, I have a guitar Player magazine that was

|produced about 1975 that was entirely devoted to Hendrix with interviews he

|did & stuff, but one of the most intresting articles was about how much tape

|recordings where left after his death. The article showed an Armored car with

|two security guards standing by with shotguns, while another loaded several

|tape boxes into the back. The article claimed that there was over 500 hours

|of material being moved from this stuido to some vault somewhere for

|safekeeping. They never did mention which studio has all this tape or where

|they were taking it.


|[Robert - 8 Aug 94]



|Just wanted to mention that I had the opportunity to visit the travelling

|Jimi Hendrix Exhibition. Currently the brightly colored semi truck-trailer

|with MCA artwork (sic) is making the rounds of all the Tower Record stores

|here in San Diego. I found it to be somewhat 'light' in it's informative

|content and more of a promotional vehicle (pun intended). Inside the truck

|the walls are lined with blown up pictures of Jimi most of which we have all

|seen before. What little written material was posted *did* include a lengthly

|quote by Bob Dylan which is a fitting tribute from one legend to another.

|There were also a few hard to read letters and lyrics on one of the posters

|inside the truck. The "Electric Church" at the far end inside the truck had

|light sensors at the top of a series of pipes each of which plays a short

|(repeating) snippet of Jimi's well know music passages. By moving one's hand

|(or any body part) over the sensors, you could recreate overlapping and

|juxtaposed music collages of Jimi's work. Fun for a minute but actually sort

|of gimicky. I did buy an Exhibition program for $5 since it was damaged that

|normally sold for $10. Also picked up a pack of prints for $10 that are

|suitable for framing. T-shirts and the Woodstock video were both also

|available for $20. I chatted briefly with the guy behind the portable counter

|but found him to be somewhat lacking in his general knowledge of Jimi's

|released goods. These days I guess it's fluff over food.


|[Stephen Laub - 29 Jan 95]



|Here's an article from the Seattle Times on june 28th about the proposed

|Hendrix museum.




| Seattle- Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's team is on the verge of selecting

|one of three Seattle locations for his proposed Jimi Hendrix Museum. The

|guitar-playing software magnate, who wants to create a computerized multi-

|media shrine to the Seattle rock legend and other famed NW musicians,

|including the late Kurt Cobain, is looking at the Seattle Center, the

|International District area and a site adjacent to the Seattle Art Museum.

|The Seattle Center site is close to the Pacific Science Center. Two

|International District-area sites are being considered, including the old

|Union Street Station. One of two sites under consideration near the downtown

|Seattle Art Museum housed the pawnshop where Hendrix's father bought his

|son's first guitar.

| "We can't be more specific (about the sites) because negotiations are still

|going on,", said Susan Pierson, communications director for the project.

|Allen, in Japan, was unavailable for comment. Pierson said specifications

|call for 100,000 square feet of exhibit space and a first floor of at least

|25,000 square feet. The building could go several stories high. City

|councilman Tom Weeks told fellow council members yesterday that Allen was

|expected to decide by the end of the month. Pierson said it would not be that

|soon but an announcement would be made by summer's end.

| First proposed in fall 1992, the museum will house Hendrix memorabilia,

|including gold records, original lyric sheets, his Woodstock contract and

|guitar fragments from his 1967 Monterey Pop performance. More than 200,000

|fans annually are expected.

| Allen, 41, a fan of the left-handed rock virtuoso since childhood, has said

|Hendrix represents "the pinnacle of creativity in his ability to play guitar".

|Part of the museum will be devoted to demonstrating how Hendrix produced his

|distinctive wail. A wing of the museum will feature NW groups, including the

|Kingsmen, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. "We've been collecting

|memorabilia for quite a while," said Pierson. Allen hopes to open the museum

|in 1997.


|[Craig Olson - 1 Jul 94]


|I recently got my hands on the latest issue of PUGET SOUND, a magazine solely

|devoted to happenings in the Seattle area. On the cover was Paul Allen's

|sister holding a Strat which rests on a

|pedestal. The cover story is about the upcoming hendrix museum. Allen's

|sister seems to be the person in charge of the whole project. They have two

|curators for the museum. 5000 artifacts are in the currect collection locked

|safely in a vault. They said the two curators try to solicit items from

|everyone from Jimi's old bandmates to Al himself. The article had a picture

|of Jimi's white Stratocaster...of Woodstock fame. The white Stratocaster on

|the cover is a different one since it has a maple neck while the pictured

|Woodstock Strat has a rosewood neck. I guess they have two white Strats which

|used to belong to Jimi. The article mentioned quite a few of the experts on

|the team. They've pulled out all the stops. They have been to several major

|museums across the nation, including the Holocaust Museum in DC. That

|particular museum sparked the most interest in Paul Allen. He liked the

|features it had which pulls the visitor into the experience. Supposedly, a

|visitor picks the name of a child who was involved in the holocaust and then

|follows the child's path to his/her death...pretty intense! With all this in

|mind, the team has herculean plans for the museum. It will redefine what a

|museum should be, employing the highest-tech possible. Many of the exhibits

|will use multi-media. Right now they have about 9 exhibits on the drawing

|board. One of them will allow the visitor to "experience" the Seattle scene

|where Jimi grew up, listening to the music which influenced him. There will

|be a museum musical history bank which will be online, allowing everyone to

|access it via modem (and i hope telnet).


|The team stresses this museum is dedicated to the innovative spirit of

|Hendrix, but Hendrix is just the jump off point. It's exhibits are aimed at

|showing how innovation is sparked. It's not meant to be a shrine to Hendrix

|...not a house of worship, but a display of human creativity. Thus, many

|other seattle bands will be featured since they will represent how Hendrix in

|turn changed the sound of rock, jazz, and fusion. The museum will open

|sometime in 1997. The city of seattle is very excited. The location of the

|museum has not been decided. They are choosing from three cites: Seattle

|Center (where the sonics play and where the Space Needle is), the

|International District, and a third site which i've forgotten.


|[Vu Nguyen - 14 Sep 94]


|A friend emailed me this without giving the source:


|Nov-27 - Billionaire Paul Allen's plans for a Jimi Hendrix Museum are much

|bigger than previously believed - now on the scale of the downtown Seattle

|Art Museum - but a legal cloud hangs over the proposed memorial to the dead

|rock legend from Seattle. Allen is spending up to $5 million to back a

|lawsuit filed in federal court here by Jimi's father to secure the rights to

|Jimi Hendrix's music. Susan Pierson, a spokeswoman for Allen and the museum,

|says the plans will go forward despite the outcome of the lawsuit. It was

|filed last year by Al Hendrix against his longtime lawyer and others,

|alleging that they cheated him out of millions of dollars. But the defendants

|say that if they win, Allen will need their cooperation to use the music for

|any new films or interactive exhibits - key features of the museum. They may

|not give that permission, a lawyer for the defendants said.

|The museum started out as an idea in 1992 for a relatively modest display of

|10,000 square feet at the Seattle Center, costing $400,000 or so. But the

|size and cost grew dramatically as it became a celebration of creativity and

|the history of rock music in the Northwest. According to the federal-court

|file, Allen - a Microsoft co-founder who has idolized Jimi Hendrix since high

|school - is spending $80 million to build the museum, scheduled to open in

|1997. That cost is more than triple the most recent estimate. The museum

|staff declines to confirm the figure. The museum - at a site yet to be

|selected - would occupy 100,000 square feet and feature 5,000 pieces of

|memorabilia, interactive exhibits, virtual-reality presentations and

|creativity rooms. By comparison, the downtown Seattle Art Museum is 150,000

|square feet and cost $60.5 million.

|Pierson said that if the lawsuit is lost, it "may affect some of the things

|we want to do." But, she added: "There's a lot more to The Jimi Hendrix

|Museum than the Jimi Hendrix portion."


|[Bond - 30 Nov 94]



|(Quoted from Aug. 22/94 issue of Maclean's (Canada's weekly newsmagazine))




|Twenty five years after Woodstock secured his place in rock n roll heaven,

|the legacy of Jimi Hendrix remains very much alive. According to 75-year-old

|Al Hendrix, the guitar idol's father, people are constantly asking about Jimi,

|who died of a drug overdose in 1970 at age 27. Recently, the senior Hendrix,

|who lives in Seattle, was invited to the University of Victoria's school of

|music. His mission: to speak to a classroom of 45 undergraduate students and

|guests about his son. Taught by Bob Priest, "Electric Gypsy: The Life and

|Music of Jimi Hendrix" is an intensive three-week course -- worth 1 1/2

|credits -- featuring lectures, films, exams and term papers. It is the first

|course in the world devoted exclusively to the guitarist's short-lived career.

|"Within his work, you can find the entire history of the blues," says Priest,

|43, a doctoral candidate in music who saw Hendrix perform four times between

|1966 and 1969. Beyond that, Priest claims that Hendrix's life and work --

|espousing peace, free love and pyschedelic drug use -- embodied the social

|and political currents of the 1960s and 1970s. Al Hendrix says he is touched

|by the continued interest in his son's music. "It makes me very proud," he

|told Macleans. "Most of these kids weren't even born when Jimi was playing."

|But some of those students discovered that they have more in common with the

|Hendrix family than they could have imagined. Al Hendrix was born and grew up

|in Vancouver, and lived for two months in Victoria before moving to Seattle

|in 1940. And in 1949, Jimi briefly attended Vancouver's Dawson Annex

|Elementary School while staying with a relative. Groovy, eh?"


|[Colin Hartridge - 19 Aug 94]

My wife told me last night that she saw a CNN report that Al Hendrix has

now launched a law-suit to "regain" control of Jimi's Catalog! It seems that

Al claims that his rights to the Catalog were sold some time ago by his

attorney "without his consent", and he now wishes to regain control. Did

anyone else hear this report? Are my basic facts correct? I wonder how much

this ties into the departure of the Catalog from Warner/Reprise?

[Warren Brown - 19 Apr 93]
I read in GUITAR WORLD or some such magazine that the publishing

(royalties) for Jimi's music was being offered for sale a few months ago...

$30 million or so was the number I think they mentioned. Given the recent

change in record company as well, I assume the estate was after money [eh,

more than usual]. The attorneys probably figure they've pretty much used Jimi

for all he's worth, and that they might be smart to get what money they can

and go on to a new job/client. I doubt much will become of Al's suit. "Power

of Attorney" means that Al in effect sold the catalog himself (from a legal

viewpoint). Unless he can prove the attorneys broke the law (as opposed to

just not keeping Al fully informed), I don't think he has a chance. But I'm

not a lawyer.
[Mr. Scott Hannon

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