The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 15 Dec 92]
One thing I'd agree with is the inconsistency factor. I think this largely due

to Jimi throwing his guitar out of tune after the first number(s).

>Berkeley 1970: 1st: inconsistent, painful-to-excellent (mostly fair).
I'd upgrade this. "Hear My Train" contains Jimi's playing at his best, IMO.
> 2nd: inconsistent, fair-to-excellent (mostly good).
I'll have to re-listen, but I remember thinking that the first show was way

>Isle of Wight 1970: inconsistent, poor/fair-to-good/excellent (mostly

> fair)
What from this show rates excellent? I'd give it a 'mostly poor'.
>San Diego 1969 [stages]: mostly consistent fair-to-good.
I'd upgrade this to good-to-excellent.
[Mark Charalambous - 15 Dec 92]
I just listened to the Berkeley 1970 1st & 2nd shows again last week. The

version of Machine Gun in the 1st show is kind of weird. Jimi plays it rather

fast and seems to sing some different lyrics. It doesn't really work too well,

so Jimi plays much more like the BOG version in the 2nd show. I think the

Voodoo Child SR in the 1st is weaker than in the 2nd too. The Red House is

surprisingly blah...I wonder if Jimi was thrown off by the tuning problems.

Ezy Rider has Jimi leaving the stage mid-song for awhile (maybe to replace a

string?). Freedom is the "painful" song I mentioned...tuning problems so bad

the song should have been stopped.
But the first show has some EXCELLENT performances too....its not all blah or

problem plagued. Like Mark, I'd agree Hear My Train A Comin is amoung Jimi's

very best playing EVER! I'm sure a good-to-excellent 70 min album could be

pulled from the two performances like they did with Winterland. I filled a 90

min tape with stuff that was at least average, so I'm sure cutting 2-3 songs

and adding Blue Suede Shoes from rehearsals would result in a really good on par with Monterey and Winterland. I think its needed since In

The West and Rainbow Bridge MPST are both unavailable in the USA on CD.

From Isle of Weight 1970 I quite like the Red House...its one of my all time

favorites. It is a bit inconsistent, but it has some amazing playing...much

like Bleeding Heart at RAH. Thats the song I had in mind with the "good/

excellent" part of the rating. The Machine Gun also has its moments, but on

the whole is vastly inferior to the BOG versions. I think a couple of other

songs are above average too. So thats about 1/3 the show (in time) at least

slightly above average. I don't think much of the show was actually "poor", as

only a few songs were actually screwed up....most are just blah (fair). From

the video, its clear Jimi was NOT enjoying this show. I think he even chews

gum thru half the show...apparently he wasn't too interested in doing his

best (bad attitude). I suspect this is part of the problem...the concert

looks and feels a bit uneasy.

Hmmm, I too like the San Diego 1969 concert, but I reserve "excellent" for

best-ever versions of songs, and I don't think this show had any. Thats why I

rated it like LA '69...another almost all better than average show, but with

few standout songs. Most of these songs were standards played 1000 times

before, so they have LOTS of competition for the title of "best-ever version".
[Mr. Scott Hannon - 15 Dec 92]
>A question for you folks... The liner notes indicate that in 1967 JH toured

>the U.S. and was the opening act for The Monkees! Is this really true? I

>realize that in an infinite universe anything is possible, but somehow I

>just can't image listening to The Last Train to Clarksville after a Hendrix

Yep. Jimi opened for the Monkees. He only ended up doing a few shows. The

pre-adolescent Monkees fans didn't quite know what to make of Jimi's electric

orgasmic blues, and tended to boo and such. I think at one point he just

stopped, said "fuck this" or such, and walked offstage. They parted ways

realizing that it was never meant to be.
Yes, it's most definitely true that some "enterprising" promoter actually put

the Jimi Hendrix Experience on a tour package with the Monkees in 1967. I've

forgotten the exact reason, but there was some behind-the-scenes connection

(a promotions company, or a concert booking agency, or something). It's also

true that Mighty Mickey Dolenz was one of those in the front rows at the

Hendrix debut at Monterey a few months before, so he was all ecstatic about

bringing Hendrix along for the tour. A disastrous combination, to be sure, as

the Experience was often booed off the stage by offended or thoroughly

confused teens. In fact, when I saw Hendrix' return to my hometown (Charlotte

NC) in '69, he made a comment to the audience: "Sure is different than last



|From what I've been able to piece together, the Atlanta set was something

|like this:


| Fire Room Full of Mirrors

| Lover Man Voodoo Child (sr)

| Spanish Castle Magic Red House

| Foxy Lady Message to Love

| Purple Haze All Along the Watchtower

| Hear My Train A Comin' Hey Joe

| Stone Free Freedom

| Star Spangled Banner Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

| Straight Ahead


|[Colin Hartridge - 13 Dec 94]



|According to Mitch Mitchell's book _Inside the Experience_, the two Berkeley

|sets were:


|1st Show: 2nd Show:

| Fire Straight Ahead (Pass It On)

| Johnny B. Goode Hey Baby

| Hear My Train A Comin' Lover Man

| Foxy Lady Stone Free

| Machine Gun Hey Joe

| Freedom I Don't Live Today

| Message to Love Machine Gun

| Red House Foxy Lady

| Ezy Rider Star Spangled Banner

| Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze

| Purple Haze Voodoo Child (sr)

| Voodoo Child (sr)


|[Colin Hartridge - 13 Dec 94]



|Isle Of Wight Festival, England, 30 August 1970.


|This is the songlist according to Electric Gypsy (in order):


| Intro: Jeff Dexter

| God Save The Queen [L123] b/e/f/l/o

| Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [L124] b/e/l/o

| Spanish Castle Magic [L692] b/k/l/o

| All Along the Watchtower [L105] b/f

| Machine Gun [L698] b/d/g/i/n/o

| Lover Man [L103] f/g/i/p

| Freedom [L104] b/f/i

| Red House [L146] b/d/g/i/n/o

| Dolly Dagger [L110] b/c/g/h

| Midnight Lightnin' [L101] a/f

| Foxy Lady [L102] a/f/j/m

| Message to Love [L107] a/g

| Hey Baby (The Land of the New Rising Sun) [L693] g/j/k/o

| Ezy Ryder [L694] j/k

| Hey Joe [L695] k/o

| Purple Haze [L696] k/o

| Voodoo Child (sr) [L697] b/g/j/k/m/o

| In From the Storm [L106] b/d/f/g/j/n/o



| a - The First Great Pop Festivals Of The Seventies (LP)

| Jam The Night (LP)

| Isle Of Wight/Atlanta (bootleg CD of the above)

| b - Jimi Hendrix At The Isle of Wight (CD; QWSD-9603 Jap)

| c - Rare Tracks (LP)

| d - Soundtrack From A Film About Jimi Hendrix (LP)

| e - Hendrix In The West (LP/CD)

| f - Isle Of Wight (LP/CD)

| g - Live Isle Of Wight (CD)

| h - Live & Unreleased/Lifelines (CD)

| i - Live, Isle Of Wight, 30-8-70 Vol.1 (LP)

| Isle Of Wight Vol.1 (LP)

| j - Live, Isle Of Wight, 30-8-70 Vol.2 (LP)

| Isle Of Wight Vol.2 (LP)

| k - Last British Concert (LP)

| Last British Concert Isle Of Wright 3/8/70 Last American Maui (LP)

| Inside The Rainbow (LP)

| l - Kralingen Isle Of Wight (LP)

| m - The Best Of Jimi Hendrix (LP)

| n - Turn 'Er On (LP)

| o - Incident At Rainbow Bridge/Isle Of Wight Festival

| p - Steal This Disc II (Rykodisc sampler CD)


|[Colin Reed - 12 Sep 94]

|+ [Steve Rodham <> - 12 Feb 95]

|+ [Joel J. Brattin - 13 Feb 95]


|People should be aware that most of the sources mentioned above that include

|"Machine Gun" only offer one *edited* version or another, and that source 'a'

|(the _First Great Rock Festivals_ LP set, and associated boots) gives only

|incomplete versions of "Midnight Lightning" and "Foxy Lady."


|[Joel J. Brattin - 13 Feb 95]


|31-Aug-70 was the date of the Isle of Wight festival. Jimi played in the

|middle of the night after having been up for days and flying in from the

|opening party at Electric Lady in New York. Certainly not one of his best

|gigs, but I'm not sure I call it soulful. Maybe a little rambling (still

|better than any Barry Manilow concert *:)


|[ - 6 Dec 94]



|1st Show: 2nd Show:

| Spanish Castle Magic Dolly Dagger

| Lover Man Instrumental

| Hey Baby/In From the Storm Ezy Rider

| Message to Love Red House

| Foxy lady Freedom

| Hear My Train Midnight

| Voodoo Chile (SR) Straight Ahead

| Fire Maui Sunset

| Purple Haze Stone Free


|[Byron Gordon - 24 Dec 94]

>Does anyone have a complete set list of Hendrix' performance at Woodstock?

>I know there was an old bootleg that purported to contain the whole set, but

>I've never heard it.
|From the entries in JHEG for "Lord of the Strings" and "Woodstock Nation",

|and Mitch Mitchell's comments we get (in order):


| Message to Love

| Lover Man

| Getting My Heart Back Together Again (aka Hear My Train a Comin')

| Spanish Castle Magic

| Red House

| Mastermind (by Larry Lee)

| Foxy Lady

| Jam Back At The House (aka Beginning) (by Mitch M)

| Izabella

| Gypsy Woman (by Curtis Mayfield, sung by Larry)

| Fire

| Voodoo Child (SR)

| Voodoo Child Jam w/Stepping Stone

| Voodoo Child (SR) Reprise

| Star Spangled Banner

| Purple Haze

| Jam In A Minor

| Instumental Solo (aka Villanova Junction Blues)


| Hey Joe


|Band: Band of Gypsys, Suns & Rainbows

| Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals

| Mitch Mitchell - drums

| Billy Cox - bass

| Larry Lee - guitar, vocals

| Juma Sultan - percussion

| Jerry Velez - percussion

| (Larry did two of his songs and sang lead vocals on them. The rest

| of the material was Hendrix's).


|[Peter Lynden

- 11 Aug 94]
I have a tape of the whole Woodstock performance of Hendrix (I think..) and

it has both "Mastermind" and "Gypsy Woman." Whoever said that they wished

these were on their CD/tape/album, shouldn't feel too bad. To put it quite

simply, THESE SUCKED. If that's Larry Lee singing, he should stick to guitar

& forget the vocals.
[Steve Greer - 22 Jan 93]
|OK Dennis (who was actually at Woodstock in '69), I don't suppose you

|remember what tunes came after "Hey Joe", do you? Long, long ago when the

|soundboard first came 'out' on the tape traders circle I talked to someone

|who had heard the tape from the 'first' person to get it (a certain Bob Terry

|here in the DC area). This person claimed that the last 2 numbers performed

|at Woodstock were "Stone Free" and "Wild Thing"! I've since that time met a

|few people that were at the festival, but none can remember exactly what went

|down during Jimi's performance. I REFUSE to believe that "Hey Joe" was the

|last number played. Listening to the soundboard tape *after* "Hey Joe" has

|finished I don't hear ANY crowd sounds that would indicate that Jimi was

|walking off the stage! I suppose that "Message to Love" *could* have been

|played after "Hey Joe", but looking at the laser disk of Woodstock the sun

|seems to be pretty low on the horizon (like it had recently risen) during the

|last part of "Message to Love" when you get to see the crowd reacting to the

|music. (This observation is based on many years of outdoor photography). So I

|think "Message to Love" was played fairly early on in the set. But exactly

|WHEN I don't know.


|So, to sum up - the 2 great unanswered questions about the Woodstock set:

| 1) When was "Message to Love" performed?

| 2) What came after Hey Joe?


|[Kevin Bond - 7 Fev 95]

On this list someone criticized this show. I just got past the point in JHEG

where the authors also criticze it (forget their exact remarks but something

in the order of 'lackluster'...)
Okay people: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!??!!??
This show is incredible! The version of Little Wing is perfection itself, the

version of Voodoo Chile is my absolute favorite, Jimi's playing is

transcendatlly diabolical.
I've yet to see the unreleased movie, but consider that it is an incredible

stroke of good fortune that this performance was recorded, and when it

finally gets out will probably become a benchmark for Jimi's filmed

performances. Jimi's comment at the end "Does anyone else want to play here

because I'm finished" {something like that} just cracks me up.
[Mark Charalambous - 9 Dec 92]
The show has a handful of amazing performances, including the two you just

mention. However, it also has some real dogs, and a fair amount of so-so

performances (like maybe Bleeding Heart and Room Full of Mirrors...both are

brilliant in spots, but IMO ocassionally they wander and get dull). Someone

said they liked the version of Sunshine of Your, next someone

will say they like Wild Thing and Smashing of the Amps! :^)

The show includes 3-4 brilliant songs (maybe best-ever live versions), a

lot of average stuff, and some junk. To me that rates a mixed show, but an

important one...the great songs are not to be ignored!
[Mr. Scott Hannon

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