The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 14 Oct 94]
"Woodstock (soundtrack)"
Jimi plays Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze (and the camera

occasionally [sarcasm] points at the stage). Instrumental Solo is played

at the very end (showing the grounds being cleaned after concert).
| Some of the sounds at Woodstock, including much of the storm and rain

| sequences, were overdubbed at Warner Bros request using sounds from, get

| this -- "Gone With the Wind". This information is supplied in a book I read

| last year edited by Joel Makower, and is a collection of reminiscences by

| people who were there and took part in the organisation. I think it was

| called "Woodstock Remembered" or something similar.


| When the original footage was being assembled Warner Bros decided that it

| needed more oooomph in the sound department to make it more spectacular so

| their sound department added the "GWTW" sounds. The producers went along

| with it because Warners had put up dollars to buy the film rights and at

| this stage Woodstock was in the red. The film was seen as a means of

| getting some of the lost money back.


|[Peter Lynden

- 3 Feb 95]
|Other videos thar Jimi appears in


|COMIN' HOME (file under Janis Joplin)

| In here we see Jimi tapping and handclapping to the set of Janis Joplin and

| Big Brothers at the Generation Club, NY, USA, 7-Apr-68 (few secs) before

| the song 'Down On Me'. I consider this only as a diehard Hendrix collector

| tape, or a obvious Jimi/Janis fan tape.



| Some Mike Wolf guy shows Hendrix licks. Of interest to us is the 1:07 min

| of 'Foxy Lady' from the Isle Of Wight Festival, 30-Aug-70. A nice

| collectors tape, with this song not available on the other official video

| release.


|Besides this there are some films circulating as bootleg tapes i.e. Videogram

|(from Maui, 30-Jul-70), Freedom (from Randalls, 17-Jul-70), Wake A Generation

|(Generation Club - Jimi Jams, 7-Apr-68), Keep On Rocking (complete Killin'

|Floor from Monterey, 18-Jun-67), >>forgot this<< (from Atwood Hall,

|15-Mar-67). Please let me know if they also are available officially.


|Then there is all the silent movies and the tv-shows....


|Recently I saw some more of Noel Reddings home 8 mm recordings, first time

|his rolls was aired was 1-Oct-89 in The Southbank Show, but on the first

|Sunday in August '94 the german channel RTL aired 'Streng Vertraulich'

|regarding the death of Jimi Hendrix. Here we saw some of Noels silent movies

|from 16-Jul-68 Lauro Verde, Mallorca, Spain.


|[Claus Rasmussen - 7 Sep 94]

|Which video is the best?


|>I want to purchase a good Hendrix video. I can get my hands on the following:


|>Jimi Plays Berkley

|>Rainbow Bridge

|>Jimi Hendrix (documentary put out by Warners)

|>At Monterey



|I've seen all of 'em, and I like the Warners documentary & the Monterey ones

|the best. In the Warners tape, you do see a good cross-section of concerts

|(Berkeley, Monterey, Isle of Wight, Woodstock), with the added bonus of

|interviews with key figures in the Jimi story (yes, even Alan Douglas is in

|it!). I saw this one in a theatre when it came out, and I remember audience

|members hollering at the projectionist to "turn it up!". Jimi at Monterey

|shows Hendrix & the band seriously kickin' ass in their first U.S. concert;

|sound and film quality is (mostly) good throughout that one, but at times the

|footage can be considered a bit "dated" with regard to camera angles and

|lighting. Rainbow Bridge is best avoided other than as a period piece,

|although what little is shown of the Maui concert is still great!


|[Colin Hartridge - 16 Jun 94]

|Jimi on laserdisc


|Here is the list of all the LD's featuring Jimi that I know about:


| - Live At Monterey

| - Jimi Plays Berkeley

| - Rainbow Bridge

| * Alive on Live (this appears to be a bootleg of the "musicial parts" of

| Rainbow Bridge)

| * At The Isle of Wight

| - Johnny B. Goode

| * Live at Woodstock

| * At The Atlanta Pop Festival


|Jimi is also featured on the Monterey Pop LD (Wild Thing only, but some

|different camera shots) and Woodstock LD. He does NOT appear on the Woodstock

|Lost Performances LD (boo!).


|The entries marked "*" are not available as US releases - you have to get

|Japanese imports. Note also (for those outside of US TV standards areas) that

|these are all NTSC disks - I have no idea what the situation is regarding the

|availability of PAL format disks.


|I also have a CD-V disk (5" LD) called Hey Joe. It is taken from a German TV

|show performance (circa 1967) and features Hey Joe and Purple Haze (I think).


|[Warren Brown - 24 Jun 94]


|I'll have a shot at rating these - please remember, tho' that these are my

|opinions only....:-)


|Live at Monterey - good video/audio (it was digitally mastered in 1986 or so.

| Contains the complete show except for one track (Foxey Lady?). Also has a

| short clip of Sgt Pepper being performed at a show in England. Running

| time is about 50 mins. Recommended - especially if you want to appreciate

| the impact of Jimi's "American debut".


|Jimi Plays Berkeley - same as the original film release. Sound is analog (CX

| encoded), Mono also I believe. The Berkeley shows are legendary, the film

| is less so. The film crew techniques are poor (too many close-ups, too

| many attempted gimics). The Machine Gun sequence also cuts to various

| incidents showing confrontations between students and the police. This is

| a frustrating film for me - I live in hope that it will be re-cut/etc.

| Average to good, depending on how loose I feel. Approx. 60 mins long.


|Rainbow Bridge - the film that can really disappoint. This is NOT a film

| featuring only Jimi & Co. It is an "alternative film", attempting to

| describe some esoteric philosophy (some would describe it as "hippy crap").

| Jimi comes in for the last 30 minutes or so, playing at the Mauii concert.

| The performances are cut up badly, often out of sync with the sound.

| Completists only. Running time is about 80-90 mins. Sound is mono/analog.


|Alive on Live - all the "musical parts" of Rainbow Bridge i.e. the concert,

| and various parts of the movie that featured Jimi's music in the

| background. Again, completists only.


|At The Isle of Wight - good picture, digital sound. Great performance (IMO).

| Running time is about 60 mins, I think. Essential. [BTW, this disk is the

| reason I own a laserdisk player. When I saw that it was available, I knew

| I just HAD to take up the offer a friend had made.


|Johnny B. Goode - this is really a mini-LD. It is about 20-30 mins long. It

| has 4? tracks, taken from Atlanta and somewhere else. One track is an Alan

| Douglas affair, in that it is some dancers working out to AYE? (I think).

| Poor to Average.


|Live at Woodstock - 60 mins of sheer joy! Digital sound, excellent video.

| Contains all of the final section (VC, SSB, PH, Improv, Instr. Solo). The

| non-core band members (ie Jerry Valez, Juma and Larry Lee) are mixed out

| for most of the show, and Larry's solos are often cut, but this is still a

| great show. There are lots of nice shots of Jimi (not like in the

| Woodstock movie itself).


|At The Atlanta Pop Festival - 60 mins, digital sound. Not quite as good as

| Woodstock (performance, video quality) but I still like this. Above

| average.


|Well, I think that is all. If I've committed any major boo boo's just forgive

|me - I did it all from memory!


|[Warren Brown - 28 Jun 94]


|The Atlanta Pop import Laserdisc was shot by Jean Pellerin/Jonathan Seay &

|produced by Alan Douglas. The song list is as follows.

| 1. Fire

| 2. Spanish Castle Magic

| 3. All Along The Watchtower

| 4. Foxy Lady

| 5. Purple Haze

| 6. Hey Joe

| 7. Red House

| 8. Stone Free

| 9. Star Spangled Banner

|10. Straight Ahead

|11. Voodoo Child


|The date of the show is July 4 1970 same as the CD from Stages. It is nicely

|shot. Not alot of closeups like the Woodstock video & and all the songs are

|complete unlike Berkeley. It's on BMG video number BVLP-77. It lasts an hour

|& is probably my favorite Hendrix video. I've had it about a year & I still

|watch it alot.


|[Robert - 20 Jun 94]

Mail order addresses
Here's the address for the Band of Gypsies Fillmore Concert video:
C. Middleman

1520 Mckinley

Philadelphia, PA 19149
Cost is $22, plus $2.50 shipping, add $2.00 for HG tape, $4 for SHG. Tape

length is about 60 mins. He also lists "Brussels 67 and Sweeden [sic] 69

B&W 40 min" taped from TV ($22), a compilation with "Monterey Pop and Dick

Cavett interview 1969" ($25, 70 min), "Beat Club promos and Interviews +

more" ($25, 90 min), "Southbank show documentary, 50m of super rare

interviews" ($22). He's got a bunch of audio boots on cassette, too. His

catalogue lists about a dozen SRV videos, Floyd, and many others (you'll get

it with your first order). I got the tape I ordered about a week after I

sent the order.
Someone on this list also posted the following info. Prices are higher, I

have no idea about quality or service.

Foster Video

1713 westheimer#6520

Houston,Texas 77098

[orders only]1-800-888-0848 ext.2037

[inquiries & orders]1-713-266-3229

#155 $39.95 alive on live Rainbow Bridge, color 45 min.

#156 $39.95 Band of Gypsies. B&W 60 min.

#157 $44.95 Hendrix video rarities, cavett, marquee club, more,58 min

#315 $44.95 hendrix live in stockholm, more. B&W, color 120 min
I have no connection with either of these, haven't even bought anything from

Foster Video, and in general don't advocate buying items whose legality is in


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


James Marshall Hendrix (27th. Nov. 42 - 18th. Sept. 1970).

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