The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 16 Jul 93]]
"Hendrix At Woodstock" - laserdisc
Has anyone checked out the new "Hendrix at Woodstock" laserdisc (Japanese

Import). I hear that it is 119 min. in length (the videotape is about an hour

long). I love the videotape, and am very interested to hear comments about

the laserdisc.

[ - 22 Feb 93]
...I read it was the whole Hendrix set, but figured it was a mistake. Just

saw some ads for it. It goes for about $50...not bad. That's how much the 2CD

bootlegs go for.
[Mr. Scott Hannon 23 Feb 93]
|I saw a Hendrix laser video disk in the music store (MCA Music Video

|#MCAV/L 111 07). The title, I think, was _Chapter_. Anyway, it appears to

|have the complete Woodstock performance.


|[Rick Trankle - 9 Feb 95]

"Hendrix live in Stockholm" + more rare clips.
B&W & Color, 120 min. A-/B+. This is a very good film, there is footage

from two concerts, one has Cox on bass, this part of the film is poor. The

film bleeds. The second concert is excellent. This is with Noel Redding &

Mitch Mitchel. Jimi does Killing Floor live on stage in Stockholm.

"Hendrix Video Rarities"
...includes first & second Dick Cavett show appearances 1/19/67,9/8/69. BBC

TV, Marshall Amp promos, Lulu show, Beat Beat Beat show, West German TV

5/18/67. B&W & Color, 58 min. B/C-
"Isle Of Wight"
Alan Douglas made a complete and utter mess out of this and the CD. What

really killed me was the way he edited the solo in the video of Machine Gun

differently to the way he edited it on the CD release. What a FUCKWIT.

Thankfully it is unedited on the soundtrack to a Film About JH. The whole

Isle of Wight video is a mess. Here are a few things I remember:
Message of Love - is used only as backing music for the opening stuff.

There isn't footage of Jimi playing it!

God Save the Queen

Sgt. Peppers - edited down.

Spanish Castle Magic - uncut.

All Along the watchtower - uncut.

Voodoo Chile - stops after the first solo.

Freedom - has about 90 secs. edited out (badly) during the ending section.

Machine Gun - has about 15 mins. edited out. What there is is hacked to

pieces (eg the "security personel, security personel" bits, the solo,

the ending etc., argh!)

Dolly Dagger - virtually ungrecognizable. About 2/3 of it is gone.

Red House - uncut.

In From the Storm - drum solo missing, but that's OK.

So basically don't buy this video if you can copy it off someone. You're

not ripping anyone off here. The band gets nothing for these releases so

don't worry.


| It's about an hour long and isn't too bad really. I think between the two

| CD releases & the Laser you can get most of the show.


| [Robert - 14 Feb 95]

"Jimi Hendrix" - Warner Bros.
A documentary on Jimi, including many concert clips (most partial, and

available elsewhere).

| Just what it says a document. Much like the rocumentary MTV style. I like

| it, even with the BS raps from some of Jimi's 'friends'. Others are quite

| sincere in their remberances of Jimi.


| [Craig Houck - 16 Jun 94]

|"Jimi Hendrix Concerts"


| 27 mins. I don't know this one, EG list it as a '78 release with well known

| material - maybe a US only release?


| [Claus Rasmussen - 7 Sep 94]

"Jimi Plays Berkley" - Warner/Reprise.
A heavily edited concert film. Most songs are partial. It retails for $20,

runs an hour and has these songs:

Johnny B. Goode

Hear My Train a Comin'

Star Spangled Banner

Purple Haze

I Don't Live Today

Hey Baby

Lover Man

Machine Gun

Voodoo Child
| Not a great piece of cinematography but You get some nice shots of Jimi

| playing. There are songs the footage is very odd for extrame close ups of

| Jimi's nose or elbow. Shaking the camera for some very poor psychedelic

| bit.


| [Craig Houck - 16 Jun 94]

"Jimi Plays Monterey" - HBO Home Video.
This is Jimi's entire show at the Monterey Pop Festival and is about 48 min.

long. I had a HARD time finding it, but finally located it at Strawberries.

A dynamite video. Hendrix at his best. The audience literally seems

mesmirized (I'm sure it was the music & not chemically induced :-) )

Anyway, a MUST have video for any Hendrix fan/vcr owner.
| Quite a show in its nearly complete form (something was'n't filmed because

| the camera man was reloading I believe. Hendrix is excellent. I think in

| this case the film work is also very good. Decent angles and edits.


| [Craig Houck - 16 Jun 94]

"Johnny B. Goode"
A short video of about six songs from two or three shows. 26 mins.
|"(The) Last Experience" (Royal Albert Hall 24-Feb-69)" (+ "Band of Gypsys at

| the Fillmore")

I saw the following advertisement in GOLDMINE and thought the contents

would be of interest:

Jimi Hendrix: The Last Experience (Albert Hall 2/24/69). This show

appears for the first time. At last, you can watch a vision of Jimi's

show at the top. Dave Mason and Chris Wood appear in "Room Full Of

Mirrors". Includes "Lover Man", "Bleeding Heart", "Fire", "Foxy Lady",

"Little Wing" (last performance ever) and more. Great picture sleeve!

Limited edition of 1000 copies. Goes on sale April 2nd.

--Japanese address given in ad --
Of course, this is most likely a bootleg video, but since I've never seen

this long lost film for sale at record shows or in ads before, I thought

posting this might alert some of you to be on the lookout (please excuse

this post if this is film has been bootlegged ad nauseum).

[Paul Ramey ( - 16 Mar 93]
Over the weekend (9/4/93) I went to a record show and happened to see the

Royal Albert Hall 2/24/69 video. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this; the

quality is only so-so. The main problem is that the picture is very washed

out, with little contrast. It's a little blurry but not too bad. The sound

through a small speaker was surprisingly good. Although this tape

supposedly came from Japan, it is not a legit release like the Isle of

Wight, etc., videos.

Interestingly the dealer told me that someone working for Alan Douglas was

going to be paid $5000 (!!) to make a dub of a great print of the film, but

apparently someone found out what was about to happen and fired them to

prevent it. If you must have this video I suggest you watch it at a record

show before buying.

[Dave Heller - 10 Sep 93]
| I recently picked up a video of the Royal Albert Hall 1969 concert. It was a

| very frustrating experience. The camera work is distractingly full of

| 'special' effects typical of the period. Some idiot thinks I'd rather watch

| a sparkler going off in front of the camera than see Jimi's solo in "Voodoo

| Child (slight return)" or that I'd rather watch ocean waves than Jimi's

| solo in "Little Wing"! Grrrrrr! Nevertheless this film is the only place I

| know to see Jimi doing "I Don't Live Today" and "Little Wing". And the

| annoying camera work subsides during the closing numbers, "Room Full of

| Mirrors" (slow version with Dave Mason, Chris Wood and Rocky Kwakuba), and

| the encore "Foxy Lady/Wild Thing". During "Wild Thing" Jimi smashes his

| guitar and incites a riot (those English kids love violence don't they!)

| Jimi is seen visibly disturbed backstage afterwards and then its over...

| or is it?...


| ...Because the tape unexpectedly picks up again with a surprise unbilled

| Band of Gypsies at the Fillmore. Now, I'd already seen and purchased a

| black & white BoG Fillmore video. It was from the same source as the b&w

| footage of "Machine Gun" that appears in _A Film About Jimi Hendrix_. I

| believed the source to be a b&w video camera that Bill Graham used to shoot

| most of his Fillmore concerts for his personal collection. That b&w video

| was also marred by an idiot cameraman who spent as much time shooting the

| light show as he did shooting Jimi. So I was absolutely FLOORED by this

| COLOR footage of BoG New Years Eve at the Fillmore! There are only two

| songs on the end of my video before the tape runs out, "Stepping Stone" and

| "Fire". There is a brief opening credit which states:


| Anomoly Films


| New Years Eve 1969-70

| Fillmore East, New York

| Performance Filmed by

| Amalie R. Rothschild


| I don't believe this is the same footage as the b&w video I already own.

| The camera angles look better, the picture is much cleaner, and it really

| looks filmed as opposed to 'videoed', whereas the old b&w footage is blurry

| with lots of video bleed. Does anyone know more about this footage? Is the

| whole concert available in color?


| [ - 7 Nov 94]

|"(The) Making Of Modern Music: Hendrix episode"


| The overall producer was (wait for it) - Alan Douglas. The Hendrix episode

| takes edited bits from the films of:

| - D.A. Pennebaker's "Jimi Plays Monterey" Monterey Pop Festival, 18-Jun-67.

| Track featured is "The Wind Cries Mary"

| - Peter Neal's "Jimi Hendrix Experience", Blackpool Opera House, 25-Nov-67.

| Track featured is "Purple Haze"

| - Peter Pilafian's "Jimi Plays Berkeley", Berkeley Community Theatre,

| 30-May-70. Track featured is "Johnny B. Goode" (also Voodoo Chile???)

| - Jean Pellerin/John Seay. Haven't got a handle on this one but the only

| uncredited track is "Red House".


| Producer was Christopher Mould, and director was Mark Neale.

| Sound mastering by Joe Gastwirt. Sound was remixed (to insert interviews)

| by Graeme Pleeth and Final Touch Productions.

| The series is copyright Gravity Ltd 1992 and is listed as a Gravity/Initial

| /Screen Ventures production


| Tracks featured:

| Purple Haze

| Johnny B. Goode

| Red House

| The Wind Cries Mary

| Voodoo Chile

| Wild Thing


| All tracks are edited, start off in slow motion black and white and then

| fade to colour. Interviews are imposed over the top of the music and the

| track fades out for more comments from interviewees. As an introduction to

| the man and his music IMHO this is absolute rubbish. None of the music is

| allowed to develop and the interviewees are not identified until the end.

| Very few, if any of them, have anything to do with the era or the music.


| List of interviewees:

| Keith Le Blanc (drummer Pop Will Eat Itself)

| Jaz Coleman (jazz instrumentalist)

| PP Arnold

| Barry Martin (from The Hamsters - a Hendrix cover band - BTW they put out

| a great CD of Hendrix covers called _Electric Hamsterland_. Seriously!

| Saw a review of this once many years ago and picked it up cheap. Great

| album - search it out - unfortunately my copy is now gone!)

| Tony Griffiths (The Real People)

| N'Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies)

| Konda Mason

| Afrika Bambaata

| Melanie Williams (Temper Temper)

| Michael Toles (guitarist)

| Charles Shaar Murray (author of Crosstown Traffic book)

| Keziah Jones

| Kris Needs

| John Edwards (from Status Quo)

| John Platt (co-author of the Mitch Mitchell book)

| Peter Lee


| As you can see with all these interviewees and six Hendrix tracks in 30

| minutes there's not much music happening!


| The "Voodoo Chile" track has Jimi dressed all in flowing light blue, with a

| dark scarf armband on his right elbow and a multicoloured one on his left.

| He's wearing a headband and, most strikingly, has little or no pencil

| moustache. Is this Berkeley? The "Johnny B. Goode" track from Berkeley has

| Jimi dressed in the same clothes as the cover of the LP/CD.


| [Peter Lynden

- 14 Oct 94]
"Rainbow Bridge"
A comically bad semi-concert film, with about 30 min. of Jimi's July '70

Maui concert.

I think this is being too harsh. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a good

film, but it has some good scenes, including some which are intentionally

very funny. I would describe it as a "psychedelic" film, in both the good

and bad senses of that word.

[Dennis Himes - 21 Jan 94]
| There is a concert only release called "Alive on Live" that is identical to

| the concert portion of this video release. A rather sad effort from a

| critical film examination.


| [Craig Houck - 16 Jun 94]

|"Superstars In Concert" - Various artists


| (AKA "Rock City" or "The Sound Of The City")


| After 45 minutes we meet Hendrix in this video, first with a colour and lip

| synced version of HEY JOE from THE SAVILLE THEATRE, LONDON, ENGLAND, 31st.

| January 1967 (1:04 min). We have a short break in the song and then it

| continues this time from a BELGIUM TV SPECIAL 7th. March 1967 (2:18) this

| is also in colour and lipsynced, Jimi smokes - runs to the stage - plays on

| the stage - runs into a car - autographs some 7". Then follows a live and

| colour version of WILD THING from MUSICORAMA, OLYMPIA, PARIS, FRANCE 9th.

| October 1967 (4:02 min). At last we gets into FREEDOM (live vocal from IOW)

| (3:16 min). Freedom is combined from several sources the first 0:49 min is

| from NEWPORT POP FESTIVAL 20th. June 1969 and from the IOW Festival 30th.

| August 1970, these two recordings can easily be distinguished, ALL the

| close shots are from IOW the rest, taken far from the stage, is NEWPORT

| stuff. After these 49 secs, follows some silent movies (with dubbed IOW


| (0:45 min). After this we get some more NEWPORT and IOW footage. This is

| 10:44 min, but everything considered I like this bit a lot, besides this

| there are some SATANIC promos from Stones, some UMMA GUMMA songs from Pink

| Floyd, some Faces, Eric Burden, Cat Stevens, Ike & Tina Turner etc..


| [Claus Rasmussen - 7 Sep 94]

|"Tribute Concert 1991"


| List of musicians...the most important ones:

| Simon Philips (dr, he played on maybe half the songs)

| Jack Bruce (b on some of the tunes)

| Randy Hanson (awfull Jimi imitation. The imitation/impersonation act is

| hopeless, but to be fair, guitar/music-wise the act is great!)

| Uli Jon Roth (gt, one of the highlights of the show. Main organizer of

| the show. His brother Zeno also played guitar on a few songs. Uli was

| with the Scorpions 1974-1978 (the RCA years, back when the Scorpions

| were good). Think neo-classical played Hendrix style. He had his own

| band, Electric Sun, 1979-1984, wich released 3 albums (all are again

| available on CD in Europe and/or Japan). Last year he did another TV

| project, a guitar-symphony thing)

| Julie Neigel (vc, a German singer. Did an interesting job with "Castles

| Made of Sand")

| Peter Bursch (gt, nobody knows him abroad)

| John Wetton (vc & b on 1 or 2 songs)


| One thing I'd like to mention and that's the problem with all those people

| who perform Hendrix tunes. Most of them have at least two guitars on stage

| (except for SRV, RIP). They aren't able to play a Hendrix tune with just

| one guitar.


| The original broadcast openned with Randy, bass, and drums doing "Hey Joe".

| Randy did a few other songs with just bass & drums, and very well IMO.


| Also, the setlist contained many songs Jimi never played in concert. For

| many of these, 2 guitars are a necessity...not that the arrangements used

| in this show (apart from Randy's stuff) followed the originals.


| I've also seen this video listed as available on video laser disc. I'm glad

| to see the show finally got an official release.


| [Mr. Scott Hannon

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