The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 9 Jul 93]
Hal Leonard Publications (guitar transcriptions)
Are You Experienced?

Axis: Bold as Love

Electric Ladyland
Hal Leonard's "Recorded Versions" series includes all three JHE albums. The

books have not only the guitar parts (tabbed), but the bass and drum parts,

as well as the vocals. I'm not sure if Band of Gypsies is also available.

They're around $16 and are great.

| Hal Leonard Publishing also has tablatures of:


| Radio One

| The Jimi Hendrix Concerts


| and I've also heard a rumour that there is one for Live at Winterland,

| though I haven't come across it.


| [Colin Reed - 9 Aug 94]

|New Nona Hatay book


|This book will consist of about 100 of my photo artworks of Jimi in both

|color and b/w (experimental) most full page (it is being published by

|Pomagranite Art Books) with comments throughout the book both on Jimi and on

|my 25 year art project of visual interpretations and some quotes from

|interviews with Jimi. I also want to include a Hendrix Network chapter with

|some of the great Hendrix projects, groups and newsletters (like JIMI,

|Straight Ahead and Univibes) etc. I would love to include a piece on hey-joe

|internet group as I think it merges the technology of the 90's with the

|spirit of Jimi.


|[Nona Hatay - 9 Sep 94]

Video/Laserdisc Reviews

"A Band of Gypsies".
A hand held recording of the first show on 1/1/70. B&W. 60 min. they give

this a C rating, I would say a D but still worth the money. Buddy Miles, on

drums, Bill Cox on bass. This film bleeds, it is recommended for the hard

core Jimi fan.

"Alive on Live"
Rainbow Bridge. Color 45 min. Also available on Laserdisc.
"Atlanta Pop Festival"
It's not been out that long overseas, and hasn't been released here in the

USA yet. This is also available on Laserdisc. The video contains:

Fire (3:28)

Spanish Castle Magic (4:56)

*All Along the Watchtower (3:57) [was on the _Johnny B Goode_ video/CD]

Foxey Lady (4:10)

Purple Haze (3:50)

*Hey Joe (4:11)

*Red House (8:04)

Stone Free (5:27)

Star Spangled Banner (2:45)

Straight Ahead (4:28)

Voodoo Child (SR) (6:52)

where "*" means it's NOT on the _Stages_ CD. That leaves _Message of Love_,

_Freedom_, and _Hey Baby_ as the only unreleased songs from this July 4

(technically the 5th) 1970 show. I would much have prefered any of these

three to, say, _Fire_, _Foxey Lady_, or the dreadful _All Along the

Watchtower_. The songs included seem to be complete, unlike the terrible

hatchet job of the Berkeley video (and even Isle of Wight). This video,

along with Monterey (same old one), Isle of Wight, and Woodstock (unsure of

exact contents) are set for release here in the USA in late October.

Apparently it will be as a 4-pack, and not as individual tapes. Sort of a

rip-off to everyone who already has Monterey. The Woodstock tape will be

sold separately in Europe, as it's the only new release there.

[Mr. Scott Hannon - 17 Sep 92

+ Paul Hosken - 02 Nov 92]

This contains Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Hear My Train A Comin', and Wild

Thing. Also included are several seemingly random interview questions asked

by Mitch, Noel and Alexis Korner. Purple Haze and Wild Thing are from a

1967 performance in London. Foxy Lady is played as background music while a

lady scampers around a forest trying to look 'foxy'. The Hear My Train A

Comin' sequence is the same that is used in the "Jimi Hendrix" movie.

Interspersed with the interviews and narration are exerpts from Rainy Day

Dream Away, I Don't Live Today, House Burning Down, Voodoo Chile, Up From

The Skies, Castles Made Of Sand, Wait Until Tomorrow, Little Miss Lover,

May This Be Love, Bold As Love, and If 6 Was 9. This program was definitely

put together in the 60's (lots of psychedelic camera angles, bellbottom

pants, etc) but the copyright date is 1992. Total run time is about 33

[Ames, Tim - 1 Mar 93]
"(A) Film About Jimi Hendrix"
| 98 mins.
"Hear My Music Talking"
Recently re-released...includes that acoustic 12-string version of Hear My

Train A Comin'.

"Hendrix At Woodstock"
The video (also available on Laserdisc) is approx. 55 mins. long (ideal for

a CD!). The quality of the film/camera work is excellent, much better than

Atlanta, and one of the cameras much have been aimed on his hands the whole

time because there are some great shots of his finger work. The the sound

(after being Joe Gastwirt'ed) is EXCELLENT (another good reason why this

should be issued on CD) although I must admit that I saw the video in a

room where there was other noises going on so I can't say if it's hi-fi

quality or not. At Woodstock, Larry Lee takes a solo on almost every single

song, but the camera very rarely found its way to Larry, and I tried to

listen for a second guitar but found it very difficult to make one out. The

only time it was really obvious is at the start of the piece used for the

Woodstock soundtrack where Jimi says "You can leave if you want to, we're

just jammin' that's all". According to JHEG Larry did some vocals on

Mastermind & Gypsy Woman but these numbers are not included. JHEG also says

that Larry's only? solo was on _Voodoo Chile (SR)_ - I'm not sure if this

was cut out or not, I only know that the camera didn't show him do it. As

far as I can remember the songs were:
Message To Love

Getting My Heart Back Together Again

Lover Man


Jam Back At The House (aka Beginnings)

Voodoo Chile (SR)

Star Spangled Banner

Purple Haze

Spanish Solo

Villanova Juction (aka Instrumental Solo)

The amazing thing is that the last 6 songs here (i.e. Jam Back At The

House through Instrumental Solo) appeared to be a 35 min. long medley.

Each song ran into the next. We all know the Woodstock film soundtrack, and

are familiar with the badly edited join between Purple Haze and

Instrumental Solo. And, because this is one of my favourite Hendrix pieces I

was VERY interested to find out what was cut out, and how the complete set

went. Purple Haze continued upto the point where it ends on the soudtrack

and then what do you think? I just couldn't believe my ears & eyes! Jimi

launched into a solo where he played Spanish flamenco runs on his electric

guitar - it was absolutely brilliant, I was astounded. And then it flowed

into the dreamy Instumental Solo. The video ends straight after this, and

rightly so IMHO, because this climax to the 35 min. medley couldn't have

been followed by anything.
[Paul Hosken ]
The video runs 55 minutes, and has remixed (Mark L) sound and good picture

quality (although the camera work is not all that good). Jerry's and Juma's

percussion don't seem to have made it into the mix. I seem to recall they

were missing from the multi-track tapes. Anyone know? Larry's guitar is

generally unnoticeable. The only time I was really aware of him was during

"Jam Back At the House" [aka Beginnings].

"Message of Love": This song opens the video. I'm unsure if it is complete

or not, as this song is missing from the soundboard boots. Its OK, but not

great. It doesn't seem to be all there (compositionally or editted?). The

picute shows people wandering around while the song plays...not shots of

"Fire": The band is announced, and then they launch into Fire (this is not

the order in which Fire, or MoL, appeared at the show BTW). Not bad. The

camera shows Jimi [or short cuts to other band members or things] for the

rest of the video.

"Izabella": Not too bad. Jimi didn't do this one in concert too much. He

does his usual play-guitar-with-his-teeth trick, etc. Fun.

"Red House": A fairly nice version, but not great.
"Jam Back At the House": The band goes into a jamming version of Mitch's

jam song. Quite a mixed performance. Parts of it really drag, but other

parts are pretty good. Oh, and Jimi has a smoke.
"Voodoo Child (SR)": Another jamming version, this one again being a mixed

performance. Jimi tries some things that don't work.

"Star Spangled Banner": Jimi mostly by himself, with Billy and Mitch

occasionally trying to follow him. A classic.

"Purple Haze": a concert standard, and a fairly good version. The crowd

seems to like/understand it better than SSB [but the mixing of the crowd

noise is generally a bit annoying].
"Woodstock Instrumental" [aka Flamenco solo]: Jimi surprises everyone and

plays some weird flamenco influenced stuff. The band occasionally tries to

step in, but Jimi is making it up as he goes and it is just too

unpredictable for the others to follow. Some of it is good, some isn't.

"Villanova Junction" [aka Instrumental Solo]: Jimi realizes the others can

not follow him, so he launches into this predictable blues instrumental and

signals the others to jump in. Short, but very good.
That's it. While the credits roll, part of "Hear My Train A Comin" is

played, but only about a minute or two of it.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. I was surprised some of the other

songs like "Spanish Castle Magic", "Foxy Lady", and "Hey Joe" were missing,

but I suppose they wanted to keep the running time under 1 hour.
["Mr. Scott Hannon"

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