The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 13 Nov 92]
| To my mind this is a very solid biography of Jimi that examines his life

| and his music without being either too reverent or too sensationalistic in

| its approach. Also it offers the most comprehensive discography this side

| of univibes (althought the damn thing keeps becoming obsolete - which is a

| good thing I think) and a very extensive set of appendices on everything

| from Jimi's family tree to a list of every guitar Jimi is reported to have

| owned. It is really a fine book and in no way an insult to his memory. My

| only quibble is that I wished they had spent a little more time on

| examining his live work, but considering the books considerable length I

| can't really complain.


| [ - 16 Feb 94]

It is rumoured that Shapiro and Glebbeeck have almost completed the 3rd

revision of 'Electric Gypsy'.

[Paul Hosken - 19 Jan 94]
Jimi Hendrix: The Forty Greatest (Hal Leonard songbook)
This book has, as you may have guessed, 40 songs, selected from AYE, A:BAL,

EL, BOG, COL and RB so you do get quite a good cross-section of his music.

However, don't expect anywhere near the same depth of detail as you get in

the other Hal Leonard books devoted to specific albums. I do not play in a

band, so just worked through the book on my own, and was pleased to be able

to learn the few songs that can be played on accoustic, like "The Wind

Cries Mary", "Little Wing" and "Angel". Even "Manic Depression" sounds

something like it should (OK, to a certain extent! ;).

But when it came to other stuff like "Machine Gun", "In from the Storm",

and other later CoL and Rainbow Bridge stuff I was a bit lost. You really

need more than one musician on these songs, due to tons of overdubs etc.

You are basically just given the chords and lyrics, and melody to the

songs. NO solos are annotated. Guitar tablature is given for 16 of the more

popular songs after the music for the forty. One of the interesting things

was actually discovering the complete lyrics to some songs I could never

quite figure out. Oh, and before the sheet music, there's about 15 pages or

so on the life of Jimi, plus a short discography. Nothing much new here,

except for quite a few B&W photos I've never seen before, like Jimi playing

with his teeth wearing this Cheetah-skin outfit while in the Squires - one

of the other band members is looking at him with a funny look on his face.

All in all it's worth getting if you don't have any other Hendrix songbooks.

Here anyway, it was also quite a bit cheaper than the other songbooks. One

thing I'll admit to never liking about it - the cover! It has this drawing

of Hendrix's face that I don't like. Reminds me of another cover drawing I

really don't like - the cover of "The Life of Jimi Hendrix", that book with

a purple/blue cover. He's drawn with this over-extended afro that I've

never seen him with.
[Mark - 7 Oct 93]
|Plug Your Ears - Kees de Lange & Ben Valkhoff


| (Also see section 'FAQs - Kees de Lange'.)


| This is a softcover A4 size (8x11") 80 page book of concert set lists and

| known Hendrix recordings [ISBN: 90-9005787-0]. I got my copy from JIMI for

| $22. I've also seen it listed in an ad by Music Machine in GOLDMINE for $28.

| Another source is direct from one of the authors (quoted from JIMI):


| Copies are available for $20 [Dutch Guilders 30, UK 10 Pounds, 30 German

| Marks, 100 French Francs] plus postage {not listed!...I'd estimate maybe

| $8 for air mail to the USA, half that for surface. Scott.} from:


| Up From the Skies Unlimited

| Kees de Lange

| P.O. Box 40161

| 6504 AD Nijmegen

| The Netherlands


| [Mr. Scott Hannon - 14 Feb 94]

'Scuse Me while I Kiss The Sky - David Henderson
| This is a revised version of the book _Voodoo Chile of the Aquarian Age_,

| which was originally published in 1978.

After finishing 80% of it I'm pretty disappointed. No real factual evidence,

too much time spent quoting lyrics and trying (and failing) to describe

concerts and gigs. It's full of contradictions. The attempted use of slang

is annoying. The author strikes me as brainless most of the time.

Exactly my thoughts...the thing I found most irritating was when the author

would say things like, "as Jimi looked out over the sea of humanity at the

Isle of Wight, he felt lost and decided to...blah...blah". How the hell

does this guy KNOW what was going on inside Jimi's head? Add to that all

the song lyrics the author uses to pad the chapters and you have a book

that's not a TOTAL waste of time reading...but must be taken with a grain

of salt (or maybe it contains a grain of truth :) )
Since the recent batch of books, this one is now not so important. It has

little info not in JHEG.

[Mr. Scott Hannon - 9 Jul 93]
| How many of you realize just how much the book was revised as it changed

| title into the paperback form? The original is so overblown with flower-

| power imagery and psychedelia that it is difficult to read. "Scuse Me" is a

| better read but is still rather inaccurate in spots. On the other hand, for

| years, until just recently, it was really all we had to go on.


| [Eric C. Shoaf - 9 Nov 94]

Setting The Record Straight
One book that did not impress me too much was the one with Eddie Kramer. I

think this had far too much emphasis on the record business and not enough

on Jimi's music/life. There was not enough of Eddie Kramer to make the

book worthwhile IMHO.

[Dave Heller - 9 Jul 93]
I disagree...I'd rank this as a necessary supplement to JHEG. It helps most

where JHEG is weakest. Disagreements in info between the two books I'd

generally decide in StRS's seems to be more carefully

constructed and less likely to fall for wild stories than JHEG. But as Dave

says, about half the book is about legal stuff.
[Mr. Scott Hannon

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