The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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- 3 Jan 94]
| A few years ago, I picked up a book entitled Cherokee Mist: The Lost

| Writings of Jimi Hendrix. It is a fantastic chronology of the writings of

| Jimi Hendrix, some of which were never played or recorded, containing

| facsimilies of the original writings in Jimi's own handwriting. Also in the

| book are hundreds of rare photos of Hendrix on stage, in private, etc.,

| most of which had never been seen, let alone published before. The entire

| collection comes from the private archives of Bill Nitopi, who worked for

| guitar magazine and is currently the world's biggest collector of Jimi

| paraphernalia outside of Al Hendrix himself. First of all, I would like to

| give a wholehearted recommendation of this book to everyone - pick it up

| now, for I believe it is essential reading in Hendrix 101.


| [Pablo - 10 Feb 94]


| RE: review from

| I don't understand this.....The book I have came out (I believe) late last

| year. It was 200 pages in length (or less), so I am at a loss to explain

| the "hundreds of photos" statement. Are we talking about the same book?

| Are there 2 versions?


| As for the version that I have, I feel (and this is just MY opinion) that

| the writing by Nitopi and the other "introducers" is, quite frankly,

| terrible. The parts that explain how the book is laid out are (sort of) OK,

| but most of the intros attempt to explain Jimi in "mystical" terms, and

| some rather mean-spirited comments are directed at other writers of Hendrix

| books. All in all, I felt that the concept of the book was fine, but the

| execution left a lot to be desired.


| [Warren Brown - 10 Feb 94]

Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and Postwar Pop - Charles Shaar Murray
This is just so well written, and really places Jimi in his correct place

within Black music.

I just finished reading this new Hendrix bio. I recommend it hightly.

Murray's stated purpose in the book is to debunk the Hendrix myth and

replace it with cogent analysis of Hendrix's rightful place in the history

of Great Black Music. After a brief overview of Hendrix' career, Murray

spends a chapter on each of these themes:

Why Hendrix had to be imported from England.

"I'm a Man" - cock-rock from Muddy Waters to Led Zep

"Never to Grow Old" - Robert Johnson, Charlie Christian and the death-at-

an-early-age phenomenon.

"Jimi as a blues man"

"The Power of Soul" - James Brown, Otis, Sly, P-Funk

"Hear My Trane a Comin'" - Hendrix, Ornette, Miles and modern jazz.

There's also a discussion of Jimi's "Hardware", a brief but well-done

discography, and a solid bibliography. It's new in hardback. I found a

copy at the library, though I'll probably buy it when it comes out in

paperback. It's worth re-reading.

I read "Crosstown Traffic" and Mitch Mitchell's bio ('Inside The

Experience') in the same evening. "Crosstown" tries to capture the

feelings and attitudes of the '60s and not so much Hendrix's life. It

strikes me as an overgrown essay by a rock critic. As such it's OK.

| This book has only a very short biographical section on jimi, the rest of

| it is a series of interlinking essays examining aspects of Jimi's music and

| attempts to trace Jimi's influence upon blues, rock, jazz/fusion and soul/

| funk. Murray is an intelligent astute fellow (even if he was wrong about

| the Isle of Wight concert) and it shows in the book. It is well worth the

| read.


| [ - 16 Feb 94]

|(The) Illustrated Jimi Hendrix - Geoffrey Giuliano


|I just received this book through UniVibes in Ireland. I've yet to read the

|text (Caesar warns of inaccuracies), but the pictures are fabulous.


|[Don M. West - 14 Jan 95]

|Inside the Experience - John Platt and Mitch Mitchell

(Harmony Books, $27.50)

This is the least sensationalized telling of the Experience story I've seen,

and I highly recommend it. He doesn't trivialize the dope and sex, but he

doesn't emphasize it either; the emphasis is on making music. Buy, beg,

borrow or steal a copy.

Focuses on Mitch's time with the Experience. Some interesting bits, but if

not for the nice pictures this could be a magazine article.

[Mr. Scott Hannon - 9 Jul 93]
| A great coffee table book with fantastic photos, but the writing is mostly

| just filler, although has good anecdotes.


| [David Hirning - 16 Feb 94]


| I'd heard about this book, but thought it was out of print. However, the

| one I've got says "This paperback edition published in 1994 by St. Martin's

| Press, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y." Price is $14.95 US/$19.99 Canada.


| The text doesn't contain too much that I haven't already read elsewhere,

| but there are TONS of photos I've never seen before -- not only of the JHE,

| but of other bands of the era. My favourite pic is one of the Mamas & Papas

| rehearsing at Hollywood Bowl, with Mama Cass's hair in curlers! .

| Actually, Mitch's own perspective on the whole "experience", so to speak,

| is quite insightful, especially his anecdotes of the early days.


| Not exactly what you'd call a good read (like JHEG), but enjoyable just the

| same.


| At the back of the book, Jimi's entire Tour Intinerary is listed, from Oct.

| 5/66 (Jimi, Mitch & Noel play together for the first time) up to Sept 6/70

| (Isle of Fehmarn, Germany). Actually, the final listings are for the last

| few days of his life until his burial in Seattle on Oct. 1/70. I haven't

| compared the other concert dates with JHEG, but the main ones are accurate

| (Berkeley, May 30/70; Atlanta, July 4/70; Vancouver Sept. 7/68, etc.).


| [Colin Hartridge - 7 Jun 94]

|Jimi - Curtis Knight


|I still have my original version of the Knight book, which I went through

|with a pen once and marked all the incorrect and/or highly questionable

|statements. A couple of my favorites...Knight says the Monterey Pop Festival

|took place 16-18 July 1967, when in fact it was June. He claims the Fillmore

|version of "Machine Gun" was heavily influenced by the shootings at Kent

|State...funny, since they took place 5 months after the gig! My absolute

|favorite is his quote from jazz saxophonist Eric Dolphy about Jimi's death:

|"His death really hit me hard, and Coltrane. I don't think the world treats

|artists the right way anyhow. I don't think they ever have." It's odd that

|Dolphy could *think* at all in 1970...he died in 1965. And I don't think

|Coltrane was too concerned, either...he died in '67.


|[James Hale - 11 Nov 94]

|Jimi Hendrix - John Faralaco & Ken Voss


| I saw a newish Hendrix book the other day, it's written by some guy with

| Ken Voss from JIMI. It's not very good, IMO, most of the photos are either

| in Mitch's autobio or Electric Gypsy, ie I've seen almost all of them

| before. There's no new info that no-one on this list wouldn't know already,

| and I was surprised to see a couple of obvious errors just glancing through.

| Eg. the caption to a photo of the RB LP says that the album contains the

| actual RD concert, plus one of the photos had Billy and Buddy mixed up.

| Seeing as Voss was involved in this project and is obviously a Hendrix

| freak, this is surprising.




| The only really good thing about the book was the discography in the back,

| but there were a lot of other things that annoyed me about it. For example,

| there were some really good pictures in the book (and as one person said,

| pictures that could be seen in any number of other books about Hendrix)

| that had unimaginitive captions that treat the reader like a complete dork

| (e.g. "Mitch, Noel and Jimi sporting the colorful fashions popular during

| the Summer of Love" and "The dawn of the 1970s found Jimi feeling listless

| and disconnected. It was the mood of a generation. The war that raged in

| Southeast Asia was mirrored by the war that raged on America's streets").

| Other than a few problems that I have with the author's stylistic license,

| there are quite a number of technical and factual errors like more than one

| of the photographs has the negative reversed, as well as mixing up Billy

| Cox and Buddy Miles.

| I would recommend skipping this purchase unless you were to get a great

| deal on it (I got mine for 2.99 from the Waldenbooks bargain bin) or if you

| just want to be able to cut out some pictures (which are the best thing

| about the book, especially the picture of Jimi and Cat Stevens, Gary Leeds

| and Engelbert Humperdink--- almost as good as the one with Jimi and Leonard

| Nimoy).


| [Tim M. King - 15 May 94]

|Jimi Hendrix: A Visual Documentary (His Life, Loves & Music) - Tony Brown


| This is a great diary/book of Jimi's life, and seems to be quite complete

| from my quick skim (I had to look right through it - you know what its like

| when you find something new!) Brown has written it like a diary with many

| days covered in Jimi's life. It starts in 1783 with Jimi's great, great

| grandparents and goes up to the day he died (obviously). Also many great

| photographs that I hadn't seen before. Brown says he started the book in

| 1975 and there's a big 'Thank You' list that reads like a who's who of

| Jimi's life. It also has a bibliography and a discography. Its 128 pages,

| softback and published by Omnibus Press, 1992.


| [Peter Lynden

- 2 Nov 94]
|Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy - Caesar Glebbeek & Harry Shapiro
I saw a new Hendrix book last night at Tower Records. It's a standard-sized

(but THICK) hardback, with: 500 pages of text, 16 color pages, 95 pages of

discography, 25 pages of equipment notes, a 50 page day-by-day chronology

(EVERY concert is listed, including warmup acts, etc), lots of B&W pics in

the text. This thing is awesome. The authors had access to the official

Jimi Hendrix Archives which means that the level of detail in the

discography is amazing: every song has its own entry with complete

personnel and comments (like "Hendrix got this sound by sliding his lighter

against the strings" or "the background voices in Third Stone were taken

from a Donald Duck cartoon called....".) Every album released worldwide

(boots too) is listed, with track IDs cross referenced. How much? 19.95

(cheap). Great cover too - purple-hughed closeup of Jimi smiling, exhaling

IMHO it is written very well, being a nice book to read and quite objective

in its approach to Jimi. I recommend it to everybody. And yes...the book is

definitely worth buying for its amazing discography only. There is just

everything you need to know about Jimi's recordings and a nice list of

bootlegs too !
JHEG contains a few errors (lyrics, song versions, etc.), but overall is

quite good. Better than Henderson's book (Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky).

Did you know Jimi had (probably) at least two offspring (boy and girl)? Or

that he went in the army to stay out of prison? Or that his relationships

with Kathy and Monica were much deeper than with Devon (but JHEG may be

wrong about that)? How about the mafia (maybe) kidnapping (maybe) of Jimi?

How about his occasional violent (UNCHARACTERISTIC!) rampages? Those are

the main "dirt"-type teasers I can think of, but the book really isn't that

type of book. Anway, get it (at least from the library).
Overall I thought the book was quite good. It does have a small number of


Captain Coconut = M.L.K. = Martin Luther King [jr] they insist. Wrong.

See the book _Setting the Record Straight_.

They insist the Brecker Brothers are not playing horns on South Saturn

Delta. Apparently wrong. I think someone on this list mentioned seeing

a photo taken during this jam.

They play Monika Danniman (sp?) up as a potential wife for Jimi. Few

others see her as being that deeply involved with Jimi [but who knows].

The stories/versions of the death of Jimi are not critically analyzed.

Some MUST be lies/delusions, and IMO a good guess can be made as to

which ones.

I recommend the following Hendrix books (in the following order):

Glebbeek and Shapiro : _Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy_

McDermond and Kramer : _(Jimi Hendrix:) Setting the Record Straight_

"Mitch" Mitchell and John Platt : _Inside the Experience_

[Scott Hannon

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