The hey-joe jimi hendrix faq (part 1) Extracts from hey-joe mail up to 15-Feb-95

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Extracts from HEY-JOE mail up to 15-Feb-95.

Compiled by Paul Hosken

Additions to this issue over the previous one

(from 31-Jan-94) have been been marked with a

'|' in the first column.


* The myth:

"Hendrix was a crazy black man who did funny things with

a guitar, had thousands of women, and eventually died of

drugs, which was a shame because he was a really good

guitarist and he could play it with his teeth, too."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sometimes you want to give up the guitar,

you'll hate the guitar.

But if you stick with it,

you're gonna be rewarded.
Jimi Hendrix.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Part 1:



Location of hey-joe archives

| Newsletters

Jimi's real name

Hendrix's American Indian roots

Jimi's death

Reopening the Jimi case

Jimi 'foretelling' his own death

| Jimi's grave

| Memorials

The Seance

Did Jimi's work deteriorated before his death?

The Hendrix's image

Did drugs help his music?

Stage antics

Greatest guitarist ever?

Phil Keaggy

| Guitarists influenced by Jimi

Jimi songs that Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) covered

Best drummer for Jimi?

Why did Mitch and Noel quit?

| Do Mitch & Noel have any rights over the music?

| Noel on lead & Jimi on bass?

| Jimi+Miles (Davis)

| Jimi+Clapton

| Jimi+McLaughlin

Who/Jimi at Monterey?

Jimi's greatest performances

The Monkees

| Jimi's set at Atlanta (4-Jul-70)

| Jimi's set at Berkeley (May-70)

| Jimi's set at Isle Of Wight Festival

| Jimi's set at Maui

| Jimi's set at Woodstock

Comments on Royal Albert Hall 2/24/69

| Madison Square Garden fiasco

| "3rd Stone from the Sun" live?

| Bill Graham's Fillmore anecdote

| Memorabilia auctions

| The Hendrix vaults

| Travelling Hendrix exhibition

| Hendrix museum

| Hendrix college course

Al Hendrix sues for catalog

| Hendrix's son

| Alan Douglas

| Edward Komara/Michael Fairchild/Alan Douglas

| Nona Hatay

| Leland Stein

| Kees de Lange

| Paul Caruso

| Hendrix movie

| Posters

| T-shirt project

Hendrix stamp

MCA Hendrix survey

| The future & rumoured releases

| Here's what *I'd like* to see those in charge do...

Quiz: (from the British magazine Q)
Book Reviews:

Are You Experienced - Noel Redding

| Cherokee Mist: The Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix - Bill Nitopi

| Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and Postwar Pop - Charles Shaar Murray

| (The) Illustrated Jimi Hendrix - Geoffrey Giuliano

| Inside The Experience - John Platt and Mitch Mitchell

| Jimi - Curtis Knight

| Jimi Hendrix - John Faralaco & Ken Voss

| Jimi Hendrix: A Visual Documentary (His Life, Loves & Music) - Tony Brown

| Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy - Caesar Glebbeek & Harry Shapiro

Jimi Hendrix: The Forty Greatest (Hal Leonard songbook)

| (Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile of the Aquarian Age - David Henderson - see

| "'Scuse Me while I Kiss The Sky")

| Plug Your Ears - Kees de Lange & Ben Valkhoff

| 'Scuse Me while I Kiss The Sky - David Henderson

Setting The Record Straight

| Hal Leonard Publications (guitar transcriptions)

| New Nona Hatay book

Video/Laserdisc Reviews:

"A Band of Gypsies"

"Alive on Live"

"Atlanta Pop Festival"

"Experiences" (Promo CD /w excepts from _Lifelines_)

| "Blues"

| "Broadcasts"

| "Cafe Au Go-Go Jam Session"

| "Calling Long Distance"

*"Canadian Club"

| "Cat's Squirrel"

| ("Cherokee" - see "Free Spirit")

"Cherokee Mist"

| "Collection"

| "(The) Collection" (by Curtis Knight & the Squires)

| "(The) Collection" (by Little Richard)

| "Come On"

| "(The) Complete Sessions" (by The Isley Brothers)

| "(The) Completer"

| "Crash Landing" (+ "Midnight Lightning")

| "Crosstown Conversation" (+ "Jimi Hendrix 1970") - interview CDs

| "Cry Of Love"

| "Day Tripper"

| "Drone Blues"

| "Early Classics"

| ("Early Jimi Hendrix Live" - see "Abtone Session")

| "Electric Guitarland"

| "Electric Gypsy"

| "Electric Hendrix 1"

| "Electric Hendrix 2"

| "Electric Jimi"

| ("Electric Jimi Hendrix" - see "Electric Ladyland")

| "Electric Ladyland"

| "Electric Ladyland Outtakes"

| "Enjoy"

| "(The) Essential Jimi Hendrix"

| "Every Way To Paradise"

| "Experience/More Experience"

| ("Experiences" - see "Gangster Of Love")

| "Exp Over Sweden"

| "Eyes And Imagination"


"Hear My Music Talking"

"Hendrix At Woodstock"

| "Hendrix At Woodstock" - laserdisc

"Hendrix live in Stockholm" + more rare clips.

"Hendrix Video Rarities"

| "Isle Of Wight"

| "Jimi Hendrix" - Warner Bros.

| "Jimi Hendrix Concerts"

| "Jimi Plays Berkley" - Warner/Reprise.

| "Jimi Plays Monterey" - HBO Home Video.

"Johnny B. Goode"

"(The) Last Experience" (Royal Albert Hall 2/24/69)

| "(The) Last Experience" (Royal Albert Hall 24-Feb-69)"

| (+ "Band of Gypsys at the Fillmore")

| "(The) Making Of Modern Music: Hendrix episode"

| "Rainbow Bridge"

| "Superstars In Concert"

| "Tribute Concert 1991"

| "Woodstock (soundtrack)"

| Other videos thar Jimi appears in

| Which video is the best?

| Jimi on laserdisc

Mail order addresses

Part 2a:

Recordings - general info:

Best studio album

Best live album

| Best bootleg album

Best live performance

| Best live song

| Recommended CDs

| Worst of Hendrix

Comments on the mixing of albums

Jimi Hendrix Reference Library

Electric Ladyland studios

Remastered CDs

'Chile' or 'Child'?

All-acoustic album

Jimi/Johnny Winter

| Jimi/Arthur Lee

| Jimi/Stephen Stills

Jimi's boots

| Source of CD boots

Isle of Wight

Gil Evans

Paul Rodgers & Company - 'The Jimi Hendrix Set'

Stone Free - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

| Did Mitch & Noel record new backing tracks for hendrix material?

| Eire Apparent/Fat Matress/Road/Ramatam/Redding Factor

| New Noel Redding album?

| Rocking Kings

| Timothy Leary album: 'You Can Be Anyone This Time Around'

| The Genuine Pig label

| BBC sessions

| Hendrix on Isley Brothers records?

| Maui 30-Jul-70

| Paul Gilberts Hendrix Tribute CD

| Henry Brown (Jimi's cousin)

| What is the oldest known JHE recording?

| Curtis Knight

| Phantom bootlegs

| Noel Redding & Shut Up Frank! (+ Noel interview)

| 12-disc German compilation

| Jimi's first appearance on vinyl

| Collectables

| Matrix numbers

| Jimi's liner notes to Buddy Miles _Expressway To Your Skull_

| Boot reviews

| Band of Gypsys: (sorting out the confusion)
Recordings - songs:

| '1983.../Moon Turn The Tides...'

'51st. Anniversary'

'All Along The Watchtower' - Dylan on Hendrix

'Belly Button Window'

| 'Come On'

'Day Tripper'

'Doriella Du Fontaine' by Lightnin' Rod

'Drivin' South' - Jimi at the Beeb

| 'Hear My Train A Comin'' - acoustic track

| 'Hooray For The Salvation Army Band' - B.Cosby

| 'Hush Now'

| 'I Don't Live Today' (San Diego '69)

'Instrumental Solo' - Woodstock number

| 'Machine Gun'

| 'Pali Gap'

'Red House' - studio versions

'Red House' - studio & live versions

| 'Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice'

| 'Stepping Stone'

| 'Takin' Care of No Business'

| 'Tax Free' (Hansson & Karlsson)

'Valleys of Neptune' - lyrics and transcript
Part 2b:

Recordings - album reviews:

"16 Greatest Classics"

| "1968 AD"

| "1968 AD, Part 2"

| "51st Anniversary - the story of life"

| "Abtone Session"

| "Acoustic Jams"

| "American Dream"

| "Anthology" (also see "Gold Collection")

| "April 25th, 1970"

| "Are You Experienced"

| "Atlanta Special"

| "Auld Lang Syne"

| "Axis: Bold As Love"

| "Axis Bold As Love: The Sotheby's Reels"

("Band Of Gypsys" - see "Footlights" & special section)

| "Band Of Gypsys" (On Stage)

| "Band Of Gypsys, vol.3" (also see "Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals" -Whoopy

| Kat)

| "Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals" (Beech Marten)

| "Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals" (Whoopy Kat)

| "(The) Berkeley Concerts"

| "(The) Berkeley Soundchecks"

| ("(The) Best And The Rest Of Jimi Hendrix" - see "Woke Up This Morning

| And Found Myself Dead")

| "(The) Best Of Hendrix"

| "Between The Lines"

Part 2c:

Recordings - album reviews: (cont.)

| "(The) Fillmore Concerts"

| ("Fire" (Starlite) - see "Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze")

"Fire" (Swingin' Pig)

| "(The) First Rays of the New Rising Sun"

| "First Rays Of The (New) Rising Sun"

| "First Rays: The Sessions"

| "First Time in Canada"

| "Flames"

| "Flaming Guitar"

"Footlights (4CD box set)"

| "Free Concert"

| "Free Spirit"

| "Freek Out Blues"

| "Gangster Of Love"

| "Get The Experience"

| "Gloria" - maxi-CD

| "Gold"

| "Gold Collection" (also see "Anthology")

| "Gone But Not Forgotten"

| "Good Die Young"

| "Good Feeling"

| ("Good Vibes" - see "Philharmonic Plus")

| "Greatest Classics"

| "(The) Guitar On Fire"

| "Gypsy Haze"

"Gypsy Suns, Moons, and Rainbows" (also see "Moons and Rainbows")

| "Happy Birthday Jimy (A Jimy Hendrix Tribute)"

| "Happy New Year Jimi"

| "Hendrix"

"Hendrix In The West"

| "Hendrix Volumes" (also see "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead")

("High, Live And Dirty" - see "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself


| "Historic Concert"

| "Historic Hendrix"

| "Historic Performances"

| "Hoochie Coochie Man"

| "I Don't Live Today, Maybe Tomorrow"

| "In Flame" (also see "Studio Haze")

| "In From The Storm"

| ("Inheritance" - see "Jewel Box")

| "Island Man"

| "Isle Of Ferham"

| "Isle Of Wight" (also see "Footlights")

| "(The) Isley Brothers Story Vol.1 Rockin Soul 1959-68"

"It All Comes To An End"

| "It Never Takes An End"

| "It's Only A Paper Moon"

"James Marshall Hendrix, Gypsy On Cloud Nine"

| "Jamming At The Scene Club, NYC" - see "Woke Up This Morning And Found

| Myself Dead")

| "Jewel Box"

| "Jimi At The Beeb"

| "Jimi Hendrix"

"Jimi Hendrix - 1/20/70- 'Apartment Jams' with Taj Mahal"

"Jimi Hendrix at his Best"

| "Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight"

| "(The) Jimi Hendrix Concerts"

"Jimi Hendrix Experience"

| "(The) Jimi Hendrix Experience With Ginger Baker"

"Jimi Hendrix - Flames (Act II)"

| "Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze"

| "(The) Jimi Hendrix Story"

| "Jimi In Denmark"

("Jimi Plays Monterey" - see "Footlights")

"Killing Floor"

| "King & Wonder Sessions"

| "(The) King's Jam"

"Ladyland in Flames"

| "Last American Concert vol.1"

| "Last American Concert vol.2"

| "(The) Last Experience Concert"

| "(The) Legendary Starclub Tapes"

| "Lifelines - The Jimi Hendrix Story "

| "Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix"

"Live & Unreleased...The Radio Show"

| "Live At The L.A. Forum 1970"

| ("Live At The Philharmonic Hall" - see "Philharmonic Plus")

| ("Live At The Scene Club NY, NY" - see "Woke Up This Morning And Found

| Myself Dead"

| "Live At Winterland" (box + 3" CD + T-shirt) also see "Footlights"

| "Live In London 1967"

"Live In Paris"

| "(The) Live Withdrawn"

| "Long Tall Sally" (by Little Richard)

"Loose Ends"

| "Los Angeles 1969"

| "(The) Lost Experience"

| "(The) Lost Winterland Tapes"

| "Love And Peace"

| "Lover Man"

"Masterpieces" (also see "Hendrix")

| "Master's Masters"

| "(The) McLaughlin Sessions"

| "Message from Nine to the Universe"

| "Message Of Love"

("Midnight Lightning" - see "Crash Landing")

| "Midnight Shines Down" (also see "Moons and Rainbows")

| "Moons And Rainbows"

| "More Electricity From Newport"

"Mr. Pitiful"

| "Multicoloured Blues: The Unreleased Sessions"

| "Musicorama"
Part 2d:

Recordings - album reviews: (cont.)

"Newport Folk & Jazz"

| "Night Life"

"Nine To The Universe"

"Not Just A Voodoo Chile"

| "Notes In Colour" (also see "Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals" -Whoopy Kat)

| "(The) Official Bootleg Album"

| "On A Public Saxophone"

| "On The Killing Floor"

| "Once Upon A Time"

| "Out of the Studio: Demos from 1967"

| ("Outakes & Studio Sessions" -see "In Flame"/"Studio Haze")

| "Paris 66/67"

| "Philharmonic Plus"

| "(The) Pre ZZ - American Blues"

| "(The) Psychedelic Voodoo Chile"

"Purple Haze"

"Purple Haze In Woodstock"

| "Purple Songs" (see "First Time in Canada")

| "Race With The Devil"

| "Radio One" (+ CD-3)

| "Rainbow Bridge"

| "Rare Masters Series Vol.3"

| ("Rarities" - see "On A Public Saxophone")

| ("Rarities on Compact Disc Vol.1" - see "Day Tripper")

| ("Rarities on Compact Disc Vol.3" - see "Jewel Box")

| "Riots in Berkeley"

| "Rip It Up"

| "Rock And Roll Special"

| "Sacred Sources 1 - Live Forever"

| "Screaming Eagle"

| ("Scrambled Eggs" - see "(The) Jimi Hendrix Experience /w Ginger Baker")

| "'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky" (Luna)

| "'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky" (Sonic Zoom)

| "(A) Session"

"Setting The Record Straight"

| "Shine On" (+ The Koin CD)

| "Shokan Sunrise"

| "(The) Singles Album"

| ("Sky High" - see "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead")

| "Smash Hits"

| "(The) Sotherby Auction Tapes"

| "Sotherby's Private Reels"

| "(The) Sotherby's Reels"

| "Spicy Essence - Apartment Jam 1970"

| "Stages 67 68 69 70"

| "Star Spangled Blues"

| "Stone Free"

| ("Strange Things" - see "(The) Collection" (by Curtis Knight & the

| Squires)

| "Studio Experience"

"Studio Haze (Studio outtakes 68-69)" (also see "In Flame")

| "Studio Recordings 1967-1968"

| "Symphony Of Experience: Ultra Rare Hendrix Volume 1"

"Talent & Feeling vol.2"

| "Things I Used To Do" (Early Years)

| "(The) Things I Used To Do" (Golden Memories) (also see "Band Of Gypsys

| Rehearsals" (Whoopy Kat))

| "This Guitar On Fire"

"This One's for You" (also see "Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals" -Whoopy Kat)

| "TTG Studios" ???

| ("(The) Ultimate BBC Collection 1967" - see "Jimi At The Beeb")

| "(The) Ultimate Live Collection"

| ("Ultra Rare Trax" - see "Freak Out Blues")

| "Unforgetable Experience"

| "Unsurpassed Studio Takes"

| "Variations on a Theme: Red House"

| "Voice In The Wind" (also see "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself

| Dead"

| "Voodoo Blues"

| "Voodoo Soup"

| "Welcome Home"

| "Welcome To The Electric Circus"

| "Welcome To The Electric Circus Vol.2"

| "Wild Man Of Pop Plays (vol.1 & 2)"

| "Wink Of An Eye"

| "Winterland Vol. 1, 2, 3"

| "(The) Winterland Days"

| "Wizards Vision"

| "Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead"

| "Woodstock"

| "Woodstock Nation"

"You Can't Use My Name"

| Other releases

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


To begin with I'd like to point out that this set of files (hj-faq1.txt,

hj-faq2.txt, hj-faq3.txt) isn't really a FAQ, but more a collection of facts,

rumours, reviews, or anything of interest that has been distributed on the

HEY-JOE mailing list since its creation. Maybe, someday someone will write a

proper FAQ file for this list, at which point I'll gladly give these files

another, more appropriate name. But until then here is the HEY-JOE FAQ:

Here is a list of abbrievietions commonly used throughout these files:

ABAL - Axis Bold As Love. The title of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's 2nd.


AYE - Are You Experienced? The title of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's 1st.


BOG - Band Of Gypsys.

COL - Cry Of Love. The title of the album that Jimi was working on just

before he died.

EL - Electric Ladyland. The title of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's 3rd.


JHEG - Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy. This is the title of the excellent book

by Glebbeek & Shapiro, that is generally accepted as the 'best'.

After each article the author and mailing date are included in '[]' brackets.

Sometimes you'll find '[Unknown]', this is because when I started to compile

these files it was basically just for my benefit. Only later when I decided

that others might also find them interesting I decided to include the author

and date, and blowed if I was going to wade through the archives again just

for that.



hey-joe has an archive available via anonymous ftp. In it you will

find past postings and many other neat things such as articles from

Goldmine, a Jimi Hendrix discography, these FAQ files, and more!
If WWW is more to your liking, a WWW server has been setup at
Or if you have problems with that try


|JimPress The most up to the minute reviews of CDs, Records,

|(c/o Steve Rodham Books and related Jimi items. Tape Swap Shop and

|) other fan related stuff. A magazine by and for

|108 Warrington Road fans. You will see and read about new bootlegs

|Penketh here first. Published 10 times per year.



|WA5 2JZ


|(Fax/phone/answerphone +44 925 723541)


|Univibes The original Hendrix archivist. Has offered two

|(Cesear Gleebeek) CDs to readers each containing truly rare and

|Coppen impossible to find items. Amazing pictures and

|Enniskeane, Cp. Cork very technical articles.

|Republic of Ireland

|Voice & Fax: +353-26-46109


|Straight Ahead Has several of Hendrix's old mates (not Noel or

|(Steve Roby) Mitch) on his staff. Very good interviews.

|P,O, Box 965

|Novato CA. 94948-0965

|Fax: (415) - 899 - 1055


|J.I.M.I (Jimi Hendrix Management Institute)

|(Ken Voss)

|Box 20361 Sells lots of Hendrix CDs, books, records, etc.

|Indianapolis, IN 46220


|[Craig Houck 3 May 94]


|Jimi's Friends A new one that publishes quarterlyboth in french

|BP2 and english, aimed at the collector with articles,

|04160 Chateau-Arnoux reprints from various music journals, a

|France complete(?) discography, both officials and boots,

| and sell/buy ads. Aside from bad printing and

| shaky design it's very good, especially the

| separate ad section. The price for a 4 issue

| subscripion is 170 F.F. (Europe), 180 F.F. (USA)

| and 200 F.F. (other countries). Payment: int.

| money order or cash in a registred letter.


|[Bjorn 1 Oct 94]

UniVibes bills itself as the "International Jimi Hendrix Magazine" and

attempts to cover "all matters Hendrix". It is put together by Caesar

Glebbeek, who is one of the authors of the excellent book "Jimi Hendrix:

Electric Gypsy". UniVibes comes out 4 or 5 times a year, and the current

issue (#11) is 44 pages. Typical issues include things like:

- latest bootlegs released

- equipment reviews

- in-depth concert reviews (eg Jimi at Woodstock)

- interviews with people who knew/played with Jimi.
Subscriptions: $US 40 for US customers (sorry, I don't have pricing for other

countries). You get 5 copies per subscription - I'm not sure whether this

covers 1 year or 1 1/4 years. It seems like 1 year since I originally

subscribed, I've received 5 copies, yet the magazine states that is is

"published quarterly".
Back Issues: Issues 1 - 5, 7 are sold out. A "best of 1 - 5" is available.

Other back issues are available. Cost for each of these is 1/5 of yearly

subscription rate.
UniVibes released a special, subscribers-only CD last year called "Calling

Long Distance". It has a number of unreleased tracks, and is excellent (IMHO).

It costs $US 22 (air mail included). This is a limited edition (they still

have some left) and is limited to one per subscriber. There are plans for

another CD later this year, but no details are available at this time.
[Warren Brown ]
|I write for JimPress so I like it quite a bit, but it really is a good

|Hendrix fanzine, and it is for the fans, about bootlegs and not to technical.


|[Craig Houck - 18 Feb 94]

>Is anybody sure of what Jimi's christened name is... I've seen numerous

>claims, one that says James Marshall Hendricks is his given name. This seems

>like it would be a promotion thing, Marshall amps and all.
His birthname was Johnny Allen [sp?] Hendrix, but his father had it changed

when he was 4 or 5 to James Marshall Hendrix. This is documented in many

biographical works.
>I heard somewhere (I think it was the JH movie) that one of Hendrix's

>grandparents was an American Indian. Which one was it, and which tribe was

>(s)he from?
His maternal (?) grand-mother was 1/4 (?) Cherokee (?).
[Mr. Scott Hannon

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