The Growth of Advertising and Promotion

Reason for increased emphasis of sales promotion

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Reason for increased emphasis of sales promotion
- Declining brand loyalty
- Increased consumer sensitivity to promotional deals
5) Publicity: Nonpersonal communications not directly paid or run under sponsorship
High credibility, low cost
- ) Not always under the control of organization, Negative stories are damaging
6) Public Relations (PR)
Evaluates public attitudes Core value of PR is the public interest. Goal Establish and maintain a positive image among various publics rather than price specification
7) Personal Selling: Person-to-person communication where seller persuade buyers to purchase / act Involves immediate and precise feedback
IMC Involves Audience Contacts
Every opportunity a customer has to hear about a company or encounter it
IMC Touchpoints: Control vs. Impact
- Company created official webpage, container wrapper, shopping bag, etc. (High control, Low impact)
- Unexpected Review platforms (Low control, High impact)
IMC contact tools are extended version of promotion mix
Paid, Owned, Earned Media
- Paid: company pays to leverage the channel. E.g) TV, Radio, Mgazines, online banner ads, paid search
- Owned: Company controls the channel. E.g) Websites, mobile apps, Instagram, brochures
- Earned: Customers or media become the channel. E.g) word-of-mouth, online reviews, online communities
The IMC Process
Integrated marketing communication management
Planning, executing, evaluating, controlling the use of the promotional-mix elements to effectively communicate with target audiences
Step 1: Review of marketing plan
Marketing plan: Describes overall marketing strategy and programs for an organization Finding direction for marketing plans
- Internal analysis: Assessed the relevant areas involving the product offering
- External analysis: Customer analysis, Competitive analysis, Environmental analysis
Step 2: Analysis of Communication Process
Analyze receiver’s response process, source(model), message, channel factors(online/offline)
- Marketing objectives Determine what is to be accomplished by the overall marketing program
- Communication objectives Determine what the firm seeks to accomplish with its promotion
Nature of the message, communication effects to be achieved
Step 3: Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program (Pb Deciding the role and importance of each promotional-mix element
Aspects of an advertising program
- Creative strategy Determining the basic appeal and message to be conveyed to the target audience
- Media strategy Determining the communicational channels to use to deliver the message
The Basic Picture of Marketing Process
1. Understand the marketplace and consumer needs
2. (STP) Design a customer value-driven marketing strategy
3. (P) Construct an integrated marketing program (How will you approach to the customer)
4. (CRM) Engage customers, build profitable relationships, create customer delight

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