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Structures, institutional location

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Structures, institutional location

Orthodox Greeks in Turkey today are only a marginal minority. Yet they have institutions much larger than their size. The most important of these institutions is probably the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Patriarchate Constatinople of Phanar, the name depends on the side where we take place. He is primus inter pares of historical Patriarchates. The collapse of the Eastern Bloc in the early 1990s was followed by a religious revival and has propelled the Patriarchate at the forefront in the international arena.

The minority has its schools. These are; 15 primary schools, 4 colleges, 6 high schools and 1 marketing school. Although all these schools remain open on paper, for lack of students there are few that work in a real sense. The Halki Theological School which is a particular case is closed since 1971.

The Greek minority has also some pious foundations (vakιf). The vakιf can be divided into three categories: those which depend on a minority institution (such as Balıklı hospital) and others that depend only on a church and the other ones which depend on a minority school.

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