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The Greek Orthodox minority in Turkey


The word of “Greek” in English is the only termination used to define the whole of Greeks living in the world. Yet, in Turkish like in greek, there is an important distinction between a Greek of Greece (Yunanlı, Eλληνας ) and a Greek of Turkey (Rum, Eλληνας). The word “Rum” is derived from Rumanian and refers to the Roman Empire. A distinction also exists between Rums and Greeks of Greece.

General information

Greeks of Turkey form a part of a minority group in a danger disappearance. After 1923, in Turkey, it was a matter of a community with over 100.000 members, today they are merely something of thousands of individuals. The Greeks of Turkey wherever they live such as in Athens, in Istanbul or even in New York or Sydney, committees still the same community. The feeling of belonging lives despite of the geological distance.

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