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The Great Depression – The Formative Years

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The Great Depression – The Formative Years

Such greatness does not just happen overnight. During the Great Depression from 1929 to 1939, seeds of character were being sown in the lives of teenagers who would later serve in World War II. It was a time where families had to unite, to work hard together just to survive. “Strong families hung together and grew closer; weak ones languished or fell apart (Davidson, p. 689).” They relied upon God to carry them through the difficult times. “Most Americans survived by cooperating with one another and scrimping to make ends meet (Davidson, p. 689).” People learned how to live on less and make do with what they had. “Homemakers watched household budgets with a closer eye than ever. They canned more food and substituted less expensive fish for meat (Davidson, p. 689).” Brokaw notes, “…the World War II generation, with its roots in the Great Depression, is almost a case study in how to succeed despite a childhood of deprivation (Brokaw, p. 319).”

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