The Great War Terms and Concepts

Eastern European self-determination

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Eastern European self-determination

the want of the Eastern European ethnic minorities to be able to be given the freedom to decide whether or not to become an individual nationalistic state

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary; assassinated in Sarajevo, triggering the events that led to war

Gavrilo Princip

assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, one of six assassins attempting to do so; a member of the Black Hand

Austrian demands

Sent out on July 23; responded to on July 25; caused Austria to declare war on Serbia on July 28

Central Powers

Germany, Austria-Hungry, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria; new name of the Triple Alliance


switched sides on April 29, 1915 in the Treaty of London in return for territorial concessions in Turkey and the Adriatic

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