The Great War Terms and Concepts

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The Great War -- Terms and Concepts:

Modern Ideas

these new ideas challenged the old views of life and the universe (mostly based on the era of the Enlightenment and the Christian religion in Europe and North America). They included Einstein’s atomic theory, modern psychology from Freud, and evolution from Darwin

German Naval Buildup

a program to build up the German navy and improve naval weaponry; worsened relations between rivals Britain and Germany

Triple Alliance

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy; signed in 1882

Black Hand

a Serbian militant group, financed by Serbian government with aim to enlarge Serbian territory with Austrian lands

Dual Alliance

the alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary signed in 1879

Nicholas II

Tsar (emperor) of Russia, also played a part in beginning of World War I, and his decision to take field command helped bring on the revolution

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