The Great Gatsby Essay Assignment

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The Great Gatsby Essay Assignment
Per your notes in class a Definition Essay was slated as defining a word, term, or concept in depth by providing a personal commentary on what the specific subject means. Your assignment is to do just that, and relate your definition to Fitzgerald’s tale and provide supporting evidence from the novel to back your philosophy. Your assignment is as follows:

1. Choose one of the following terms and form your own definition of what it is.

a. Desire

b. Class

c. Morality

d. Truth

e. Acceptance

f. Misconception

g. Stereotype
2. Write a well developed essay in which you not only define your word, but

provide specific examples and supporting evidence from the novel that prove

your definition.
3. Your essay must be logically organized and must include quoted material from

the novel in order to further emphasize your definition. Your quotes must

follow MLA format. Failure to include proper documented quotations will

result in an automatic “F”!!!!!!!!!

4. As usual, your Definition Essay must include an introductory paragraph that

introduces your definition and contains a thesis that supports your definition

by referring to specific elements of the novel. Failure to include either of these

requirements will result in an automatic “F”!!!!!!!!!

5. You must have body paragraphs that are well developed and support your

thesis and definition!!!!!!!!

6. Finally, you must include a concluding paragraph that is philosophical in nature

and does not re-summarize what you have previously written.

7. Your essay must be types, double spaced, 12”font, 3 pages max!
DUE: ____________________________

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