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Historical Accounts of the Real 'Flood'

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Historical Accounts of the Real 'Flood'

When we look back in the geological record, we find that around 8,200 years ago (6400 BCE), global temperatures dropped drastically. Scientists believe this sudden drop in temperature occurred when Lake Agassiz - a vast, prehistoric glacial lake that covered much of North America - finally melted out of the glacial walls that contained it and poured into the world's oceans. Sea levels may have risen by as much as two meters.

Now, imagine you're farming in a fertile basin near the Black Sea. Miles to the west, the Mediterranean has been steadily rising. Suddenly, it tears a hole through the Bosporus and begins pouring into the Black Sea basin. Over the course of a week, the water level rises three meters, submerging millions of acres.

The entire world, as you know it, is suddenly under water. Hundreds of thousands of people who had settled to farm the area would be drowned. Those who survived would need to find new homes.

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