The great depression

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Work through the following activities on the Great Depression

a) Introduction to the Depression - Just read the basics.

b) Just read the bit next to the picture.


 c) Just read the beginning part next to the picture of the woman.
d) Look at the pictures at this Photo Essay on the effects of the Depression in America.

 e) Your Turn! But do ( a) – (d) above first!

Write The Causes of the Great Depression in the middle of a new double page. Around this heading make a mind map listing all of the causes of the depression. Use the above sites.

(If you type mind map in a Google Image search, you will see a variety of styles.)      

You could use autoshapes (View/Tools/Drawing - will get this option on the bottom left of your screen.)

 f) From the following site, list all of the social effects the Depression had on many Australians:

 g) Use Google image search to find some good pictures from the Depression to illustrate your work

 h) Read this web page carefully and then design a mind map in your book on a new page.

 Heading: The Great Depression Hits Australia.

(If you type mind map in a Google Image search, you will see a variety of styles.)

Explain the impact of the Great Depression on Australia. How did it affect the people’s lifestyle, including children. (Answer in full sentences.)

Download 5.78 Kb.

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