The great depression and the new deal aj ch. 25 p. 724-731 Due Thursday 12/10

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AJ CH. 25
p. 724-731

Due Thursday 12/10
1. Read pp. 724-top of 726. What do the stories on p. 724 reveal about the realty of American life during the Great Depression?

2. List the causes of the Great Depression

3. BRIEFLY describe how the depression affected each of the following groups of people:

farmers, urban immigrants, women, families, African-Americans, Hispanics

Vocabulary: Great Depression, New Deal, Hoovervilles


Due Friday 12/11
1. Why did President Hoover believe that private relief for people suffering from the depression was preferable to relief from the federal government?

2. What were the limits of volunteerism?

3. Was Hoover indifferent to the suffering of the American people? (give evidence for your response)

4. What was the Bonus Army?

5. How did the government react to the Bonus Army’s march on Washington? How did it affect the 1932 election?

6. Democratic presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt promised the American people a “new deal”. Although he did not outline what this new deal might look like, why did he win a landslide election against Herbert Hoover?

7. Describe the banking crisis of February 1933.

Due Monday 12/14 Use Ch. 25 of the text to help you fill out this chart.
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First New Deal Legislation (FDR’s First Hundred Days)

Name of Legislation/Program


Impact? Result? Response? Controversy?

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC)

Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)

Agricultural Adjustment Act


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

National Recovery Administration (NRA)

Public Works Administration (PWA)

Legislation of the Second New Deal

Name of Legislation/Program


Impact? Result? Response? Controversy?

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Social Security Act

Wagner Act

(National Labor Relations Act)

Fair Labor Standards Act

United States Housing Authority (USHA)

Federal Art Project

Read the section titled “Critics Right and Left” (p. 736-7) Make a list of groups/individuals who criticized the New Deal (as either doing too much or too little). Explain their reasons for their criticism.

Due Tuesday 12/15: 2nd Quarter Essays

Thursday 12/17 1920’s and Great Depression Exam

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