The Great Baths of Rome

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The Roman Baths
Go to this link to learn about “The Great Baths of Rome.”

  1. To the Romans, what was so important about their baths?

  1. How many baths were there in Rome by 300 AD?

  1. What were the names of 3 famous baths?

  1. What did some rich Romans do to gain popularity?

  1. How much did you have to pay to get into a bath? Were all people allowed to go into the bath?

  1. When did men bathe? When did women bathe?

  1. Describe the inside of a Roman bath.

  1. Describe what very rich Roman men and women would use to bathe.

  1. What did Emperor Nero’s wife use to bathe.

  1. How was the bath almost like a club? Describe the types of things that went on at the baths? Do you think it would be fun?

  1. How did the famous Roman senator, Seneca, feel about the baths? What did he say about them?

12. We can see the Romans also enjoyed swimming pools. Describe who had swimming pools in ancient Rome.

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