The Grand Duke Glossary Compiled by Tim Riley Pfennig Halbpfennig

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Doughty. Brave.

verbum sat. Abbreviation of verbum sat sapienti a word is enough for a wise man.

Give you ‘what for’. Give you punishment.

Spartan. The people of Ancient Sparta in Greece were famed for their endurance and austerity.

Grig. An extravagantly lively person.

Tollolish. Passable, fairly good.

Diergeticon. Another one that eluded Liddell and Scott.

Lesbian wine. The island of Lesbos was famous for its fine wine (known as Pramnian) (cf Homer, Odyssey, X.235.)

Cramming. Learning by rote for an examination.

Hyporchematic. From the Greek ὑπορχηματικος, ‘accompanied by dancing’. Relating to a choral hymn to Apollo, accompanied by dancing and pantomimic action.

Choreutae. Members of the chorus in Greek drama.

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