The Grand Duke Glossary Compiled by Tim Riley Pfennig Halbpfennig

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Waterbury watches. The Waterbury Watch Company, of Connecticut, used mass-production to manufacture inexpensive watches from 1880. In 1886 their watches were advertised in The Times at 10/6 (52½ pence in decimal terms, equal to a little over £40 in terms of current retail prices).

Gamboge in the gill. Yellow in the face.

Morris wall-papers. Wallpapers designed by William Morris were much sought-after by devotees of the late Victorian arts and crafts movement.

Jim-jams’. Nineteenth century slang for a condition anywhere between delirium tremens, jitteriness and a fit of depression.

To give this man his gruel. Administer punishment.

Plebeian. Lower-class.

Shoddy. Cheap cloth, i.e. poorly dressed.

Pillory. A method of punishment whereby offenders were secured by the wrists and neck, leaving them immobilised in a public place exposed to verbal and sometimes physical abuse.

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