The Grand Duke Glossary Compiled by Tim Riley Pfennig Halbpfennig

Gibbet. Gallows. The code of the duello

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Gibbet. Gallows.

The code of the duello. The established code of duellists.

Falchions. Originally broad, curved swords; later a sword of any kind.

Orthography. Conventional spelling.

Revising Barrister. Official charged with revising the lists of people qualified to vote in parliamentary elections.

King’s evidence. (Or Queen’s evidence.) Formerly, a common law system by which a defendant could plead guilty and offer evidence against co-defendants in return for a lenient sentence.

Fortune’s rubs. Obstacles.

Tuppence-ha’penny. Twopence halfpenny: 2½ pence (equivalent to 1p in decimal currency).

Gingerbierheim and Currantweinmilch. Mock-German words for beverages.

Jujube. Hard fruit-flavoured sweet.

Charlemagne. Charles, King of the Franks (b. 742, d. 814) ruler of a large part of Western Europe.

Mock-turtle. A cheap soup, meant to resemble green turtle soup, made from calves’ heads and offal.

Two-and-six. Two shillings and sixpence (12½ pence in decimal currency, equivalent of just under £10 in terms of current retail prices).

Half-a-crown. A coin with the value of two shillings and sixpence.

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