The Grand Duke Glossary Compiled by Tim Riley Pfennig Halbpfennig

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Louis Quatorze wig. Shoulder-length wig as worn by Louis XIV of France.

Citharae. Ancient musical stringed instruments.

Eloia. This word, evidently a cry of salutation, is not in Liddell and Scott’s Greek lexicon.

Opoponax. Sweet myrrh, a fragrant herb.

Hoydens. Tomboys.

A very good part in Gerolstein. Referring to Offenbach’s 1867 operetta La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein, which D’Oyly Carte revived at the Savoy the year after The Grand Duke.

Like turtle, her first love confessing. Referring to the turtle dove.

That it was ‘mock’. See mock-turtle, below.

Jade. Hussy.

Agitato. Musical term, meaning ‘in an agitated manner’.

Muckled. A verb unknown to the Oxford English Dictionary; presumably Gilbert’s elaboration of ‘much’ in the same line.

A stupid muff. Victorian word for a stupid, dilatory, inactive, and generally amiable young man.

Candle-snuff. The snuff or burnt wick of a candle.

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